No Lies and No Cries

Don't lie - key needs for life. It is like a token to play the game of life.
There is a planet of possibilities in your dream,
Hoping that you'll be there,
Speak the truth and you'll be beamed,
All the way up to its care.

When your mouth decides to tell truth,
The joy in your heart begins its growth,
The happiness of truth in your heart has begun its journey,
Keep on going because you're still learning.

The truth is what that counts,
It is not a lot of struggle as it sounds,
Times are tough; times are easy,,
But there are times when the truth gets greasy.

You'll live in truth; you'll live in grace,
Soon you'll go to a new, incredible place,
Just remember, never lie to have pride,
Speak the truth, and you'll have pride by your side!
Published: 8/16/2013
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