No Longer Do We Care

Read this not for my pleasure, but so you can open your eyes and see the real horror we are surrounded by.
Tears brushed aside
To face the fear, the pain I see everyday
Children dying, people screaming
Dying on the street
And while most people walk past with a blind eye
While others, just stop and stare
Like they are there for their amusement.
Is this how we see each other?
Not there, or not caring
Are we truly dead inside?
Numbed by the violence we see everyday
And blinded by the media
We no longer care for the human heart
Just for the amount of pain we can inflict on another
And see how long it takes for us to go dead or numb inside
Once we were all human inside and longed for happiness
Now all we long for is war and famine
And the suffering of other people
We see adds on TV, calling out for help
For innocents who half to die everyday
So we can live in our fancy homes
And eat food and waste, what we no longer want
A simple meal could save a life.
A call or money could save thousands
Yet we turn and shut our hearts and end up killing thousands
Is this how we want to be remembered, not as people but killers?
Everyday we kill somebody. Not because we don’t care.
Because no longer can we feel what other people feel inside.
We have no heart, we have no soul, and we no longer have what it takes to be human.
We no longer breathe among those who do.
We are no better than the creatures that dwell in the dark waiting for somebody to die. We have taken form from shadow to soul, to the flesh of mortal man we are.
Published: 4/30/2008
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