No Mistake

:) Maybe just maybe she's the one? :) All I know is I'm happy and for once in my life it doesn't feel like it's gonna crash and burn on me.
There's no mistake baby every breath I take is for you this love inst a fake. The way feel is 100% real.
Waking to you everyday reminds me that our love is true!
I don't know what to say baby so just maybe I'll show you how I feel instead Actions speak louder than words.
I was a broken heart...a torn apart soul with no control but baby I still managed to fall for you and you gave it your all just to catch me so here I am now.. arms around waist and yours around mine holding each other as we fall for each other I won't let go even when we hit rock bottom cuz baby tick tock our time is running out so don't cry and pout I'll hold on tight and with all my might baby I'll fight for your smile 'cause I don't wanna go a day without you. I'm yours to hold baby so don't let me go cuz I promise you I never will.
Published: 12/20/2010
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