No More Of Me

About my boyfriend...
He no longer speaks the truth
no more black and white for me
the cold is all I need
no more feelings no more needs
no more of anything

Lies is all he tells
now that he has me
he no longer wants me

All I need is the cold
it has never forsaken me
never forgotten me
has always been there

One day I shall embrace the cold
and let death into my heart
and finally find eternal peace
no more words no more lies
no more of this uneasy feelings
the heart is a fickle thing
but trust is what breaks

I was strong
I was brave
I was me, I meant something
But no longer am I that person I was
I let him in

Now every night
I cry myself to sleep
out of fear, out of love
out of despair or pain.
Published: 7/8/2008
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