No More Than A Dream

A little bit of romantic prose.
If you are no more than a dream,
Then pray I sleep forever,
For how can I cope with reality,
If we can't be together?

If you are merely an illusion,
With which my mind torments my heart,
Then I'd rather sleep with the notion,
That I've been pierced by Cupid's dart.

For sometimes when reality,
Makes it hard to go unloved,
That's when we need a dream to cling to,
And it's you I always dream of.

If you are no more than a figment,
Of my own imagination,
Then let said imagination flow,
For that be my instigation.

If you're a mere romantic interlude,
Then you're welcome one at that,
For you bring sunshine to the darkest days,
And a true pounding to my heart.

If it turns out wishful thinking,
On my part, all along,
Then leave me with said wishful thinking,
For I could never cope alone.

Published: 10/23/2019
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