No Title - Chapter 2 Scene 1

A group of friends find themselves in a perilous, heart pounding, adventure of terror.
Joe was sitting against the wall with his hood up. He glanced at his phone. "No service." He let out a deep sigh. He'd been here for fifteen minutes. Nothing interesting had happened. The screams had stopped a couple of minutes after his friends went on ahead, after he'd yelled at them to "shut the fuck up or come out to play."

"Figures," Joe muttered wiggling his feet back and forth. "I stay behind and the damn things disappear. I know I'm considered a scary person but having five creeping voices just leave because you yell at them is ridiculous." He glanced at his phone, checking the time again. "Oh well."

Joe got up and started walking in the direction his friends had taken. He mysteriously wandered into the same large room his friends had rested at. He looked around suspiciously. "This looks like...a cafeteria," he thought out loud. Joe dashed towards the metal counters on the right side of the room and dived over the top of them. He slammed on the floor.

"Ow," Joe muttered pulling himself up. Then he raised his arms, rolled his fingers a couple of times as his eyes darted back and forth across the metal shelves. He started opening cupboards, his eyes dashing across them. Suddenly he stopped, his hand frozen reaching for a new door. He straightened, dropping his arms to his side. "This place has been abandoned for years," he told himself. "There's no way there's any food." He walked out from behind the large shelves, kicking a cupboard door on the way. "Damn."

Joe went over to the nearest table and rested his head in his hand; his other hand lay on the table. His fingers drummed occasionally, as he debated what to do next in his head.


Damn, Joe thought. He whipped around. What's there?

He got up and moved back behind the metal shelves. A cupboard on ground level hung open. Double damn.

Joe slowly scanned the area. He moved cautiously through the room to the center. He slowly began to spin, looking for whatever opened that cupboard. His hands were raised, in a way that people often do when searching for something.

Joe heard movement. He turned around.


Joe's arms dropped to his sides as he sighed. "Am I going crazy?" he asked himself. He chuckled and rubbed his forehead, "I've been there for years."

More scurrying.

Joe whipped around. "Alright," he said to himself. "I'm insane. Let's go find my little imaginary friend."
Joe's disposition completely changed. He looked angry. "Where are you?" he bellowed at the room. "Show yourself!"

The room was very still; even more so than it was upon his entering. Whatever was there was intrigued at the change in its target.

"Come to me," Joe seethed maliciously. Joe heard footsteps. He turned his ear towards it and listened intently. They stopped in same row that Joe stood. Joe turned. Slowly. Menacingly.

It was a child. A child wearing a blue blazer, blue shorts, with messy blond hair, and pure white eyes. A small, innocent smile played on the child's lips. The child's pupil's adjusted like a camera lens trying to focus in.

Joe smiled and bowed to the little thing, his menacing aura didn't disappear. "Hello, little friend," he said to the now-exposed being.

The little being tilted its head in curiosity. Then it smiled largely, revealing slimy, black, metallic teeth. "Hello, mister," it replied in a voice that remind Joe of an old-fashioned doll that talked when you pulled the string on its back. Joe smiled wider.

"So what are you here for?" asked Joe.

The creature tilted its head again. "That's what I wanted to ask you," came the reply in the same childlike voice.

"I was looking for my friends," answered Joe, slowly approaching the creature. "I was separated from them earlier, and so I went to find out where they went."

The child chuckled. "That's not what I meant, silly. I meant why'd you come to this factory?"

"Oh," said Joe scratching his chin. He was still slowly moving up to the child. "Actually, we were just walking through the woods behind a friend's house when we found the factory. None of us knew it was here, but since we found it we were curious. So we came inside to explore."

"Really?" questioned the child looking up at Joe, now three feet away.

Joe nodded, "Really. Why do you ask?"

The child contemplated for a little while. "I wondered if you had been sent here."

Joe narrowed his eyes. If this is my imagination, he thought to himself, then what the hell am I thinking? "I'm a teenager. Who would've sent me?"

The child smiled. "I suppose you have a point," it stated crossing its arms. "So what are your plans now that you're here?"

Joe knelt down in front of the mysterious thing. "To escape."

The child giggled. "Sorry. Can't let you do that."

Joe tilted his head to the side. "Lemme ask you something. Are you a machine? Or have I lost it to the point where even I no longer know what I'm thinking?"

The child giggled again. It seemed to enjoy talking to Joe. "I suppose you would call me a machine. You're not crazy," it said placing a small hand on Joe's shoulder. "Not yet."

Joe nodded. The machine's eyes adjusted again, trying to see what the human before it was thinking. "Are you still going to try to escape?" asked the tiny being.

"Yup," stated Joe brightly.

The child frowned for the first time. "Too bad."
What do you think of the little guy and Joe?
The kid's creepy, and Joe's a goof.
Joe's creepy, and the kid is sweet.
They're both creepy.
They're both silly.
I'm too intoxicated to know whether or not I'm an octupus.
Published: 11/1/2009
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