Non Profit Organization Fundraising

Funds are extremely important for any organization. Be it from profits or from surplus, it is the single most motivating factor governing any business. Most organizations run on profits, how about the non-profit ones. Lets know more about non-profit fundraising!
"StudentSector was a student run, non profit organization. It was a forum that brought students from all fields, together. They had several social events and learning programs for their members. However, SS did not take any membership fees from its members. So, they used to have events etc. to raise funds for the simple running and maintenance of the organization and remuneration to its members."

How did StudentSector go about raising enough funds for its requirements and needs? Let us see a few non profit organization fundraising methods and techniques.

Fundraising Techniques for Non Profit Organizations

Technique # 1
Depending on the nature of the organization, one can have awareness creating events. For example, in case of StudentSector, the members used to have one event every week. It used to be a seminar, or a gathering of students. The main aim of the event was to create awareness on some socially relevant topic. In respect of fundraising, they used to take a measly entry fee for each participant, or a participation fee from them.

Technique # 2
One of the best methods for fundraising for non profit organizations is sponsorships. With respect to the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and Charity, most organizations, these days, prefer to be involved in social activities. This is where your organization can step in and help them out. They can sponsor your organization in various ways. Be it on a per event basis, or a monthly basis, or they could simply take over a certain expenditure over the period of a year. So, it is always advisable to approach organizations that are in the relevant field. Like in the case of SS, for their events, they required a lot of stationery, hence, they approached stationery dealers and manufacturers, they provided sponsorship in kind.

Technique # 3
Branding is a requirement for any organization. Being in the social sector, a non profit organization has the pulse of the consumers in their hands. As such, you, the non profit organization can offer to be brand ambassadors for the sponsoring or partnering organization. For example, SS used to have several posters of the sponsoring organization, on the basis of the amount sponsored. In case, an organization sponsored an entire event, they had massive posters of the brand throughout the venue. Often, they used to have someone from the organization take a session in a seminar, to promote the organization further.

Technique # 4
Often a method that is taken up by many non profit organizations in creating and selling of certain products (sometimes services as well). This not only helps in fundraising, but in branding as well. So, you can have t-shirts or bags made for certain specific events. For example, if it is world cup season, you can have classy t-shirts made in support of your country and have a small logo of your organization at the bottom right corner of the t-shirt, or on the sleeve. You could even have socially relevant slogans on the t-shirts. The preparation cost of such items is quite low, and you could earn a surplus on the sales. The sales could be promoted via social networking sites and blogs. Again, no investment per se.

Technique # 5
In case of services, you could offer to do data entry or promotion campaign planning, or even event management for certain corporates in exchange for a fee that is lesser than market price. This way, the surplus that you earn out of the work can be a great way to raise funds and create a good work experience for the members. So, be it the strategic planning related to a certain product promotion, or implementing it, the organization gets funds and the members will get the market exposure, which will be an added advantage to them, individually. In fact, many non profit organizations take up corporate conference planning and seminars for corporate houses, to earn surplus and funds. This makes them, more popular in the corporate sector, hence, having more ease at raising funds, in general.

Fundraising, is an art. It is not very difficult if the right amount of creativity, passion and zeal are put together to distinguish yourself form all others in the market. Do the right things and you will for sure, reap the right benefits. This is where I sign off! Happy fundraising!!
By Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: 1/18/2012
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