Not Going to Give Up Just Yet

It's about all the rubbish I have gone through 9/3/17.
Why do I bother?

I just keep failing,
It's hard to pass,
Everything is getting too much,
Time is the weakness.

The tears fall down.

I wish you could see,
I'm not as strong as I may seem,
My blood is simmering to fire,
Sometimes it's best to admire.

Fight the pain again.

How can you put me down,
When I have nothing left,
You should know I can report you as a pest,
You're just making me stressed.

Where was the smile?

Sometimes I sit and think,
It's best to just blink,
I wish this would end,
There is nothing left to spend.

I am determined!

I'm fighting the worst,
It's best you don't judge,
Everything is not as it seems,
So don't give up today.

Tomorrow the sun will shine,
The power will be mine!
Published: 3/9/2017
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