Not I

Hope you like my poem.
Not I,
Tis' not I who dies,
Welcome, beach waves crash, children playing,
It brings my hair to a feel,
I beg for nothing and see all that is free.

Not I,
I am ok with me, I have sinned,
Still sinning but realize it is too late,
Realizing sinning to be bad,
So glad I know the truth and now I shall see,
I am not asking you to understand,
Just accept like you one day myself,
Faced death with life,
And now I truly am blessed with the ease of the tells of the times,
I leave. Peacefully I claim my humble grab to the godly cloth.

Not I,
I no longer fold, bend, or blend the truth,
I am gone, there is your truth,
As a light, as day and night,
As death, as life,
We have lived and fought the fight,
May all take it in the words I share,
Neither, I belong to you, you, you,
Or even here where I am taken is blessed,
And, Not I' will fear where I go,
I am a thought in God's Mind surely never alone.
Published: 10/3/2015
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