Not Mine!

I like a guy... who I really shouldn't! After all, he's pretty out of my reach... and sort of blind to me... I'm sort of the nerd in the corner. Anyway, hope you like it!
I never felt so lost,
So incomplete,
It seems life has once again
Knocked me off my feet.

You are oblivious,
It's quite obvious you're blind to me,
After all,
We're just not meant to be.

How can you do this to me?
Must you be this way?
Leaving me like this,
Like I can't live another day?

But yet I can't keep but come back,
Thinking it's different this time,
But I know,
You just aren't meant to be mine...

I don't know what I see,
To keep coming back,
Only to see you silently telling me
It's better if I leave and pack.

I guess I just can't understand
Where the line between 'hands off' and 'free' is
After all,
I'm still deluded I can make you mine.
Is it sad to like a guy who doesn't see me?
Well, I'm sort of the same so... no?
Um, it sort of is, but we can't help it.
Yes! Make the guy see you! That's what I'd do!
No, well, yes... It's sort of sad the guy can't see you for you.
The guy's obviously at fault here! Is he blind or stupid!? I vote for stupid!
Published: 9/12/2011
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