Not My Territory - Chapter 10

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"What the hell do you mean you took her?!?!"

"They can’t just break the rules! Who do they think they a-"

"They’re the freaking Hunt’s! The oldest and most powerful pack in the entire East! You idiot!"

"Well obviously not powerful enough to protect their precious sape cargo over there!"

There’s a crash and my eyes are frightened into opening.I look around and realize I’m in a closet. The door is closet and the ground is wet and frigid. I try to stand to my feet but soon realize my arms are bound behind me and my mouth is taped shut. The room starts closing in and I begin to panic. Where’s Emerson? What’s going on? I try to wiggle free of my bound wrists and end up causing something to fall behind me, making a really loud noise. The yelling that was happening beyond the door ceased and heavy footsteps began walking closer.

My breathing became irregular and tears streamed down my face.

"Wait a freaking second!" The angry voice from earlier yelled, "She’s here?!?!"

"I had to put her somewher-"

There’s another crash and I feel myself yelp as more tears fell down. The door opens and the light that fills my small space is too much for me to embrace happily. I look down at the feet of where is around and he speaks evilly, "Look who’s awake,"

"Man this isn’t right," Another voice walks over, trapping some of the light that was entering my space, darkening my atmosphere, "The Hunt’s are all business, remember what they did for that Justine chick? Imagine how much further they’ll go now that you’ve taken their son’s mate?!"

The other walks over stopping the last rays of light that were escaping their world to enter mine. I was surrounded by darkness again.

"She’s a little heavier than what I’d think he normally goes for don’t you think?" The one who was causing all this trouble commented.

I remained quiet. I’ve been in hostile situations enough to know that when the fire is burning it’s best not to add oil. I didn’t speak but the tears rolled down my face non stop.

"She is quite gorgeous though," The obnoxious one said again, "I could see what that prick sees in her."

"You know it’s more than what he ‘sees’" The other comments.

There’s a long sigh by the last guy who walked over, "We have to find a way to return her without-"

"Return her?!" The main one yelled, "Why’d we do that?!"

"Don’t you see what’s going on you idiot! This is war!"

There’s silence and someone walks over to me, I begin to back away still not looking up at their faces. I whimper, shaking my head, hoping he wouldn’t touch me.

"Relax," He says quietly, "I’m just helping you up." He does this by supporting my elbow. Standing was difficult and I was barely able to keep my balance at first and fell to the side. The man caught me.

"Easy," He encouraged. I pulled my body from touching him even if it meant I’d have to fall to the ground. He led me over to the small living room and offered me a seat but I refused it. Remaining on my pulsing feet.

"What are we going to do now?" The most revolting of them all asks.

"I already called them," One says, "They’re on their way. Should be here in a couple of minutes."

A relief like none other filled my being.

"So that’s it?" The one behind me asked loudly, "No ransom money?! No negotiations?" His temper boiled.

"Scarfe this is why we don’t put you in charge of the company." The one who freed me from that horrible room spoke, "You’re hotheaded and irrational. What was this supposed to do huh? You kidnapped the girl for what?!"

"To get them to realize they’re not as high and mighty and they feel," He says closing in on me now, "She must be worth something to have so much talk in the Commons like that."

"Look at her!" The one who supposedly called Emmerson yells and my body jumps, "She’s TERRIFIED!"

I looked up at him and couldn’t hold back the gasp that sounded. His eyes shimmered an unearthly gold and I witnessed as his muscles grew exceptionally larger than any human body could ever grow right before my widened eyes.

My breathing became uneven and more tears trickled down my face. What were these men?! Did I just see that? Maybe it’s my head injury. But it kept happening he hadn’t stopped getting larger and larger, not until they all became erect for some reason. Time seemed to stand perfectly still. Their heads tilted back slightly as though they were...smelling the air?

"They’re here," One of them says walking over to me. I step back from him and bumped into Scarfe. I looked up at his face for the first time and was terrified at what I saw. Those eyes! I remember those eyes! From the woods, when I was hallucinating. I thought I was hallucinating. My body trembled and my vision shifted throwing my balance off.

This can’t be real! I have to be dreaming! Nothing's making sense.

"I’ll go talk them out of ripping us to shreds before we return her." One of them leaves the home and my skin grows uncomfortable. I was so confused.

The guy returned with a solemn look, "They want to speak to alpha," He says this as monotone and lifeless as I’ve heard for as long as I’ve been here.

The other guy gets up to leave, leaving me with Scarfe, I begin to step towards him but Scarfe holds so tightly to my bonded hands that I barely move and they both leave without ever looking back.

"I was wondering when we’d get some alone time. Now let me get rid of that horrible tape for you," He rips the tape from my lips and I begin to shriek loudly but immediately his dirty hand covers my lips, "No no no," He shushes me and my skin crawls in utter disgust.

His hand smelled like raw soil and trees, as if he’d been hiking. "What’s so special about you huh?" He whispers looking over me, head to toe. My hair was a mess and the blood on my head was probably all dried up, tangled with some loose strands of my hair. I didn’t care how I looked in his eyes, he disgusted and scared me.

"What makes you oh so special?" He circles me, "Mate? More like prized pig." He chuckles at his own, joke and though I didn’t want it to affect me, I felt the tears streaming down my face, "OH sh, sh, sh," He hushes me and makes a step forward. I try to step back but he pulls me in. I struggle beneath him, refusing to submit in the way that I probably would’ve done a couple weeks ago. I push and kick and shake, all attempts to get loose of him but nothing worked. In fact all it did was get him angrier.

"Calm down!" He yells but I barely process it as I wiggle free from his arms, screaming at the top of my lungs as soon as I’m able to, "Bitch!" He mutters and I turn around to receive a huge slap across the face.

My vision blurs and the room spins even more frantically, there are more footsteps, "What the hell did you do?" I recognize the voice of one of my captors.

I stumble backwards holding my face, tears falling as I try to gain balance, but the world couldn’t stop spinning.

"I told you not to lay a finger on my mate!" Emerson’s voice shook the room and soon Scarfe was tackled and being pounded on mercilessly. I held on to the table that was now behind me and tried to find stability. To the left an unconscious Scarfe laid, bloody in the face, Emerson rose from his body and while breathing heavily made eye contact with me. Did he just kill Scarfe?

My breath was being taken away just at the thought. Emerson’s knuckles are bloody as they reach for me and I jump back from him. He looks at me confused but my eyes won’t leave Scarfe’s body.

"He’s not dead I promise," Emerson says quickly, "Just unconscious."

That didn’t make matters any better. I never thought Emerson would... could… Tears filled my eyes and the image of Scarfe fogged up for a minute.

"Adira, let’s go." Emerson’s voice sounds so far away.

My legs agree with him and we walk out of the cabin. Emerson merely nods at the men and we proceed outside. My body shivered beneath my coat and it wasn’t because of the weather. I followed Emerson not uttering a word as he led us effortlessly through the forest.

He tried to start conversation but soon realized I was not interested in speaking to him. How could I? What did he just do? How did he move that fast? Were those men even humans? How could they not be? Everyone’s human. Right?

"Are you going to talk to me?" He asks now.

"Talk to you?" I give a short laugh, "About what? Isn’t it normal for me to have been kidnapped and stored in a cabin by a couple strange men?" The sarcasm oozes from my lips, "I mean that’s if they are men. One of them started…" My voice slides away as I remember seeing him change from human something else. Something horrible.

"They started what?" He asks.

He wouldn’t believe be but that didn’t seem to stop my lips from saying, "Changing his physical body. His form."

I noticed Emerson’s body stiffened and he became more aware of what was happening around him, distracted.

"You don’t seem surprised." I say.

"I’m not," He sighs and runs a hand down his face, "He’s a wolf. So am I."

I froze and allowed the words to try to make sense.

"That doesn’t make any sense," I say shaking my head, "You’re human. People don’t just transform into wolves. It’s not a thing."

"I know this must be hard to accept, and I was planning on telling you but I was afraid of your reaction. It’s not something we tell humans."

Humans? I stopped walking in my tracks and noticed that the house was just a stone’s throw away so I decided to test his theory. He stopped walking when I did and turned to face me. His eyes looked down to the ground and his feet shuffled nervously.

"Prove it," Was all I said.

He looked up at me immediately, a spark in his eyes as they landed on mine, he took a step towards me and I took a step back, "This doesn’t mean I forgive you or that I’m not upset. I don’t believe you but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt."

He lowers his head slightly again and walks a bit further away from me, "Please don’t run once I do change." He said. I didn’t give him an answer and so he began.

My stomach curled and eyes bulged as I watched him go on all fours and with the quick shake of his body his limbs lengthened. His back made a cracking sound and his head raised up and slowly his nose pulled forward and became more like those of a dog’s. His jeans and t-shirt ripped from his body but seemed to make no sound. He was… a huge dog. Just when I expected him to stop growing he kept getting larger and though we were in an open space, I felt suffocated.

When he finished what stood before me was nothing short of monstrous. He stood at least 8 feet tall and even longer from head to tail. His posture was erect and held much power and stance. He began moving toward me and I took one back. This continued until I was backed against a tree. The giant sniffed my feet and the rest of my body up until my hair. I trembled against the bark of the tree and took staggered breaths. He made another step forward and lowered his head and pressed it against mine. His half-blue, half-gold eyes made contact with mine and though I should’ve been terrified I wasn’t and that in itself was terrifying enough.

His fur was soft and thick, just as it looked and it shined brightly even though the sun would be going down soon. This can’t be real. Tears filled my eyes and I pulled away from him to release the contents of whatever has managed to sit in my stomach for this long. I puked endlessly behind the tree and soon felt Emerson’s hands pulling my hair back.

His human hands. I jerked away from him just as I finished.

He isn’t happy with my response but complies.

"What the hell was that?!" I yelled.

"My wolf. Me." He says looking me straight in the eyes.

"That’s not possible. Y-you w-w-were just a-" All my thoughts jumble and seemed to suffocate my brain. I can’t do this. I can’t, "Let’s go home." Was all I could say.

I saw the disagreement in his eyes but he didn’t say anything. We walk in silence for a couple more minutes before he speaks, "Adira, I know I have some explaining to do but-"

"SOME!?!" I blow, "I don’t even know w-w-what just happened? You became something that wasn’t human nor animal right before my face and you have ALL the explanation in the freaking world to do?!"

"I know but I can explain-" I didn’t care I was upset.

"Not to mention I got kidnapped and held for Lord knows how long then you beat the guy until he was unconscious!"

"He hit you," He looks at me as if I were the crazy one.

"So that’s your reaction?!" I yell as we approach the front of the house. He holds me by my elbow and forces me to face him.

"Of course that’s my reaction," He says this without a second thought, "What did you expect me to do Adira? Watch him slap you around like your-" He stops himself.

My eyes widen, "Like what?" I pull my elbow from his grasp, "Like my father used to?"

He sighs, "I’m sorry," He runs his hand down his face, "I shouldn’t have gone there."

"You think?" I hear my voice crack and feel the hot tears rolling down my chin.

He sighs and thinks carefully before he speaks this time, "Listen, I know I have explaining to do, but baby I promise it will all make sense if you just let me-" He reaches forward to take me in his arms.

"No Emerson," I say quietly, "Regardless of what just happened, y-you’ve been lying to me this whole time," The hand he was reaching forward fell and me looked at me hurt, "Hiding this part of you from me, how can I trust you?"

"I couldn’t tell you, you’re human we’re not supposed to do that."

Listening to him refer to me as human made this even more real for me. I was human. He wasn’t.

"Do your parents know about this?" I can’t help but ask. He looks away, "They do?" So they didn’t tell me either!

"They’re wolves as well… everyone is."

The world spun around me. I held on to the railings of the porch steps for support. Emerson gauged my reactions questionably. I looked at the snow behind him, at how it settled and stayed there. I’ve been lied to this whole time. No wonder they were so perfect! It was all a lie! For what?

"I’m going inside," I say to him, "T-this is too much."

"I can explain." He tries.


I limp up the porch steps and through the door. Emerson made a frustrated sound threw something in the wind. Inside I see everyone sitting around the TV, some people in the kitchen.

"Oh darling!" Chelsea says rushing over to me with open arms, "You’re okay." She tries to hug me but I take a step back. It’s an action that everyone seems to notice at once, all eyes on either of us.

Chelsea? She looked hurt as if the simple act had broken her, "Sweetie what’s wrong?" She’s concerned, "Did those men hurt you?" Her eyes lit aflame. Did they always do that?

I ignored her and proceeded up the stairs, taking it step by step, limp by limp until I reached the top. I walked over to my room and inside I found Chester. He stands erect as soon as I enter the room, but I can’t look at him. He’s a dog, Emerson is a dog, this whole family are dogs. And not cute cuddly ones like Chester but rather huge monstrous ones.

I lead him out the door as if I were taking him on a walk but once he reaches out, I close the door. He whimpers and puts his paws against the door over and over but I can’t look at him. Not now.


Emerson’s POV

"What happened?" My father walked out to the porch steps where I was sitting.

"Well, I went to get her, but one of those idiots slapped her across the face and I lost it," I sigh with my head in my palms.

"Is he dead?" He asks unphazed.

"No, She looked over and saw it all go down. I couldn’t do that in front of her."

He nods. "What else happened?"

"He shifted while she was there, but only partially and I told her about us. The pack. Me."

"How’d she take it?"

"Well she didn’t run," I say.

"Oh?" My dad was surprised.

"She puked after I transformed though," I sigh again, "She called me a liar, said she couldn’t trust me again and asked if you guys knew about this. I told her we’re all wolves and she just shut down." I sigh again, "You should’ve seen her face dad, I really hurt her."

"Well Em there was no easy way to do any of this. One way or another someone would end up hurt."He sits next to me and we look out at the white snow completely unphazed, "One day you’re going to be Alpha of the pack. Whether it’s tomorrow or 20 years from now, it’s going to be a difficult position." His dark-colored skin glowed in the sunlight and I envied it completely, "But with Adira by your side it will be worth it. I promise you that."

"What if she doesn’t want to be by my side?" I ask genuinely. I looked down at my knuckles and they were already healed, just the dried blood hinted that I had hurt anyone.

"She’s upset son. She’s from an abusive past and fell in love with someone who wasn’t completely honest to her despite what she may have thought before. Those are facts, but there are still missing puzzle pieces for her. She doesn’t know the full story and she’s a brilliant girl, she’ll ask for answers soon enough, just give her time."

I sigh, "Okay," We both stand and head inside and he gives me an encouraging side hug. We walk inside and I sit in front of the TV next to Gavin.

"Sooooo how are you?’ He asks in a sing song voice. I glare at him, "That bad huh?"

"What’s going on?" Justine’s voice rang from further away. I was still extremely upset at her for the way she spoke to Adira and I made it known every time we came in contact.

"Emmerson told Adira about us and him and she’s ran upstairs to her tower, refusing to see anyone," Anthony fills her in, "Not even the mutt is in the room."

"He’s not?" That was an interesting decision to make.

"Nope she locked him out as soon as she went up there," Charice says, "He’s waiting though."

"So trouble in paradise?" Justinie smiles happily falling in the space between Gavin and I. I moved closer to the end away from her and though she didn’t say it, she saw the action.

"Aw my poor baby," Mom walks over and starts kissing my face everywhere.

"Mom!" I complain with a smile.

"I’m telling you, you baby them too much," My dad jokes sitting in his chair.

"Oh please! As if Charice isn’t spoiled rotten." My mom shoots back.

"That is not true!" Charice defends herself, "I’m not spoiled right daddy?"

"Exactly princess you’re not."

My mom rolls her eyes and everyone laughs. I try to but I can’t. Night falls and Gavin and I are playing video games when mom calls for dinner.

"Emerson, honey, do you want to check if Adira wants to come eat with us?" She asks me.

I nod and begin walking up the stairs. At the top I look over and see Chester still laying in front of the closed door. I walk over and he became alert. I knocked on her door and there was no answer, "Adira I just want to know if you would like to have dinner." There’s silence, "Well we’re downstairs if you need anything."

I went back down and mom smiles at me encouragingly when she realized I was alone. We sit down for dinner and begin eating just when she walks down.

"Chance can I talk to you please?" She asks not once looking over at me. I was hurt by it.

Chance is caught off guard and looks over at me as though for approval, I nod and he goes upstairs with her. To her room. My fork snaps in half.


Adira’s POV

"So what’s up Adira?" Chance asks me carefully.

"Are you a wolf too?" I ask immediately.

"Yes I am." He says confidently.

"How?" I know my question is stupid, but none of this makes sense, "How can your body change to something else? Something so huge? It doesn’t make sense."

So he began telling me all about the anatomy, the biology the chemistry, the psychological effects. Everything seemed to make more sense.

"Emerson can explain all this better," Chance says a bit uncomfortable now.

"I don’t want to speak to him," I say immediately.

"Why not?"

"He’s been lying to me this whole time, how can I trust him?" The words left before I could put a filter in front of my lips. I look away from Chance.

"Let him explain," He touches my knee, "This is much, much, much, bigger than you could possibly think, and no one else can explain it but him."

I take a deep breath, "Okay, you can head back down to eat. Sorry for disturbing you,"

He smiles softly, "You did no such thing," He rubs my shoulder and gets up to leave, "Should I tell Emerson to come up?"

I think about it for a moment, "No, I need to think this through alone for a moment."

"That’s going to be difficult when he has all the answers to your questions," With that Chance left.

I knew that was the only way to get the answers I needed, but I felt so betrayed. How could I allow him to hurt me like this? Suddenly an anger started to build within me and swell so intensely, that it forced me to march out my door and down the stairs -with ease- until i saw Emerson in the kitchen.

"She doesn’t look happy," Gavin said just as Emerson turned around and something overtook me and my hand reach ahead of me to slap Emerson’s cheek.

I gasped not at the contact my palm made with the ruffle of hair on his face, but rather the sharp sound it made in the air. I didn’t hear or see anyone around even though the sound of the slap echoed in my mind and Charice was right behind me.

"Okay I deserved that one," Was all he said without even touching his face, but looking straight at me.

Now that I was here, my anger sizzling down to a nothingness, I stared him in the eyes and felt my heart jump into my throat and my eyes filled up a bit. The light in Emerson’s eyes dulled.

"W-why didn’t you just say something?" The tear I was trying to hold back fell easily from my eye.

Emerson took a step closer to me and I stepped back. He tried again and this time I didn’t move and allowed him to pull me in his embrace. Was this okay? To allow the same person that is hurting me, to console me? Is that the right way to deal with this?

"Let me explain?" He asks pulling away to look me in the eyes.

I took a deep breath, "Not tonight, please. My head hurts and I feel dizzy." I spoke my ailments to the cause of the pain in my chest.

"You’ve been through a lot," He says calmly, "But I need to explain something really quickly. We’re all wolves. We all have the ability to transform into wolves. Does that make sense?"

"Not physically, but I believe you." I say slowly.

"We also will make it our responsibility to use our abilities to keep you safe." Gavin says seriously coming around the corner.

"Back at the car we were all put at a momentary physical disadvantage," Charice speaks up.

"It won’t happen again," Anthony affirms

"We’re sorry we couldn’t be straight-forward with you at first honey, and you have all reason to be upset with us as much as Emerson," Chelsea begins, "But know that we do honestly care for you and have your best interest at heart." She reaches forward and kisses my forehead. I know she’s telling the truth. They all are.

"Okay," I say to everyone, "I believe you and I’m still confused about everything but… I trust you."

"We’re honored to have your trust, and outside the super-complicated aspects," Victor begins, "Feel free to ask us anything."

"How will I know if something is super complicated?" I ask as I sit around the table, where Chelsea placed a heavy plate of food.

"If it’s too complicated we’ll say Emerson’s name," Cody jokes.

"Sounds good to me," Chance laughs.

"Okay, so anything?" I ask as I eat the steamed broccoli.

"Yep," Charice smiles timidly at me from across the table.

"Is there a reason why I was targeted today?" I ask scared for the answer.

"Emerson," Chance says before anyone can answer.

"Okay," I think harder, "One of the guys who kidnapped me said that you guys were the oldest and most powerful pack on the East? I think…. What does that mean?"

"Ou I want to answer this!" Charice chirps, "See as wolves we reside in packs. Packs are determined based on mating and all theses other complications that Emerson will explain. Dad’s familial pack has been around since the 1600’s and is one of the oldest in the Western Hemisphere."

My eyes grew as I cut into the steak, "That’s really long." I look at Emerson behind me, without making eye contact, "Are packs only familial?"

"Familial and through mating which is kind of the symbolic equivalent of human marriage." He says looking directly at me.

Marriage? I gulp.

I nod, "So you’re all wolves?" The words were still strange coming from my lips, "How did that happen? Like Why am I not a Wolf?"

"Yes. Emerson and Emerson." Cody laughs.

"Are all wolves part human?"

"Emerson," Gavin laughs.

"How do you choose your mate?"

"Oh that’s Emerson all over," Anthony laughs.

I groan and look at Charice ahead of me. I then think back to a couple weeks before when I had gone unconscious when I heard a wolf howl outside the house. I had fainted... I think…. and woke up somewhere unusual, Emerson had a beard, when i touched his face and there were people around speaking another language.

"Do wolves have a… language... that’s not English?" I ask eating some mashed potatoes nervously.

"We speak Divinum," Chelsea says a bit unsure, "It’s an ancient Latin that not even humans are able to recover."

"Divinum?" The word made my tongue tingle in an unusual way, "Like Divine?"

"Yes, it directly translates to godlike," Victor speaks finally, "What made you think we’d have another language?"

A wind stops in my throat as I’m about to speak again, I drink some water, "W-when I fainted that one time, after hearing that wolf howl. remember this really weird scene, that probably didn’t even happen-"

"What do you remember?" Chance asks instantly.

I look up at him and his eyes were electric, "I remember being in a chair… I think. You were there and so was Emerson and some other people that I don’t think I know. And w-when I was speaking to Emerson, he had a beard and was comforting me, but...but the people beyond us were speaking in another language. I don’t remember what anything looked like, it was kind of foggy, but that’s what I remember."

I sigh and look around at all the stunned faces looking back at me. Did I say something wrong?

"It’s interesting that you remember that," Charice says softly.

"So it happened?"

"Emerson," Everyone says in unison.

I smile lightly and go back to my food, a couple of minutes of silence pass before a random question pops up, "Do wolves experience the same biological things that humans do?"


"Wait," Chance stops Gavin, "In what sense?"

"Like illness, addiction, sickness?"

"Well we heal at a faster rate than humans, but can be affected by illness like HIV and Cancer in the same way as humans do," Victor says to me, "Though we are weaker in the dog phase."

"Dog phase?"

"Before puberty, wolves are referred to as dogs or pups," Gavin explains, "Once puberty hits we’re officially wolves."

"And the dog phase is when we’re weakest and most likely to contract these illnesses, though even then and after we are more likely to survive them than humans are." Victor finishes.

"That’s pretty cool," I comment, "And this dog phase is similar to puberty you said?"

"Yeah, by then the real need to be a wolf hasn’t risen yet, so things like eating habits, hormonal levels and other biological functions are at a minimum until the wolf phase kicks in," Chance explains.

I nod, "Like puberty," I look up at Charice, "Do you get a period?"

"Up until your mated you do," Charice laughs.

"Woah! Wait! Hold the phone." I drop my fork, " You’re telling me that once you’re mated, your period stops?"

"Officially mated yes?" Chelsea laughs.

"Are you serious?" I almost start tearing up at the thought, "But you can still have children and stuff?"

"Yep," Chance laughs.

"Really?!" That sounded amazing.

"That chirped you up really quickly," Anthony laughs.

"My period is the very bane of my existence. It’s a horrible, heinous, terrifyingly powerful thing to experience." I could rant about this horrid curse for hours.

Chance laughs, "When’s your cycle start?" He asks casually.
"I think...this week. Aw crap!"

There’s laughter all around.

"What are we to expect?"

"I’m super emotional and I get cramps worse than death itself. Do you have a heating pad I can use?" I look at Chelsea.

"And Ice packs, ibuprofen and even stronger," She winks.

I feel my eyes welling up from gratitude.

"Wait," I say out loud instead of in my head like I planned it out, "Chance you’re a doctor?"

"Yes," He laughs as if it was obvious.

"But you’re young…"

"Yeah… 21."

"There isn’t like a youth think I should be worried about right?"

"Youth thing?" Cody asks for more information.

"Like do humans and wolves age at the same rate? Does a 21 year old human and wolf look the same?"

"Well wolves tend to look younger, but not significantly," Victor smiles.

"Plus when you mate with a wolf you share the same qualities." Chelsea smiles.

This mating thing wasn’t sounding like such a bad deal after all.

"Interesting," I say to myself. So if Emerson and I mated-

I needed to stop these thoughts. I was learning more about him, and about what was going on, but that doesn’t cover up the fact that he hid it all from me, from the beginning. I had to remember that I was upset at him even if I didn’t want to be. Just then I remembered that night he and I fell asleep in the basement, and I had sneaked away to pee, and overheard a conversation. I swallowed my last piece of steak and took a risk.

"What’s a sape?"

"It’s how fellow wolves refer to humans in Divinum." Victor says carefully.

"Where did you hear that?" Emerson asks.

I had to think quickly, "The men that kidnapped me said it." They did. I think.

"Okay," Justine says suddenly walking in the living room, "Since all this is in the air and I was granted the blessing of asking one question,"

"Play your cards right," Anthony says threateningly.

Justine snaps at him in what I’ll assume is Divinum, she walks over to the opposite end of the table and looks straight at me, "Why were you at Stone Death Cliff that night? No bull."


"No Victor, we just shared something with her that is not only illegal, but something your family hasn’t done in centuries. We deserve the truth."

They did deserve the truth.
Published: 1/23/2017
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