Not My Territory - Chapter 12

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"I have a question," I stare in the meadow of his eyes.

"Let's hear it," a scent of fresh pine cones and cinnamon fills my atmosphere as he leans forward.

"I'm upset with you," I speak bluntly, and his eyes darken by just a hint, "Everything you've hidden from me, lied about and the secrets you've kept.... ugh they make my blood boil," His shoulders tense as he shrinks back ever so slightly. Shame fills his demeanor and guilt flashes across his eyes, "I am angry." The assertion is more for my reassurance than anything else, "Yet I can't help..." Pine comes. A wave of speechlessness is always a side effect of being drowned in his atmosphere.

"What?" His voice is a whisper Laden in honey. My skin lights aflame and I feel the urge to have him closer.

I gulp to ease the dryness in my throat, "I-I" To no avail, "I want you near, want experience more of you... so much." I stare down at his chest moving up till my gaze landed on his. The speckled blue on his hazel eyes made my chest tighten. His lips curve upward as he stalks closer.

"That's natural," His boyish smile pulls me closer to him, "After knowing I was mated to you I started my research on human-were mating. One of the most interesting findings involved the feeling you just described. Do you remember what I mentioned previously regarding how humans and were's experience things?"

I nodded still staring at his lips, "Y-you have overall more intense experiences."

"Precisely, so think about this," he holds both his hands out. "Imagine my right hand is a human and my left is a werewolf and they've recently mated with each other," I nod following as his fingers intertwined with one another, "Now that the human has exposure to what there were counterpart can make them feel, the urge to continue experiencing this feeling increases with more interaction they have with one another. Essentially the transitory stage where we are separated," He unravels his fingers and separate his hands, "Is difficult to cope with because of the intensity of what you experience when I'm around."

"So how or when does it stop?" I press, hating that I barely focused on his words as carnal images flashed continuously across my mind.

He shrugs mischievously, "I didn't read that far."

My glare could melt the polar ice caps but as soon as they land on his pupils, the cushiony hazel makes my insides warm, they soften to jello, "You infuriate me." I push weakly.

"I also excite you," his confidence builds and in a flash, my back is pressed against the wall, his hands on my waist, "I make you feel things you never knew existed," he smells my neck and the goose bumps spread all over. I try to focus on something else- anything else. His voice rumbles at the crook of my neck, "and for that reason you become more infuriated I suppose," I squeeze my eyes shut biting hard on my lip hoping his words, his actions will do nothing, "But that's okay, because you're just as cute when you're mad."

I process his words and my glare reaches him this time. His smile is filled with humored lust that makes me want to... No! "You know your ears wiggle when you're upset?" He laughs and I slap his chest pushing him away from me.

"I hate you," I grumble underneath my breath. A weak insult that held not a strand of truth to it.

Suddenly I'm pressed deeper into the wall, his body now touching every inch.... every glorious inch.... of mine. My head falls back and I bite my lip to stop any sound from slithering past.

"What did you just say?" He asks with a whisper hot at my ear with a deep voice that sent shivers up and down my spine. Now, awestruck by his beauty I drank him up like the poison he was. The distinctness in his jaw and sharp incision of his nose, his light brown hair curly atop his head but shaved lightly at the sides. His beard is trimmed and well shaped along his jaw and chin, the smokiness of his hazel eyes served the dual purpose of providing clarity whenever he came too close, much like he was now.

I try to swallow the lump in my throat, but it didn't move, "I said I hate you," The shaky assertion is as good as it would get.

"You do huh?" He smiles and his hands slide down past my hips to the back of my thighs where he gripped tightly lifting me off my feet with ease. My legs wrapped around his body with a shameless speed that I hope he didn't notice.

"I do," I look down at him, his head now positioned at my neck, "You're a jerk," I push further.

"Ou that one hurt," He leans to my neck, biting it tenderly. I should back away but my eyes already rolled to the back of my head.

"I'm serious," I say despite my chest pushing further to him.

He walks us over to the couch and sits easily with me in his lap now facing him. The curve of his pink lips made me drink each word he forms, "I don't think I believe you."

"Well you should," I cross my hands over my chest determined, "because I do."

"Yeah?" His smile is evil filled with wants we both shared, but more. I saw the struggle for him to contain his primal instincts but I don't want it to be controlled. I am swiftly laid back in the couch, Emerson right above me, laying comfortably between my legs, his lips by my ear as he whispers, "Say it one more time just so I'll believe you."

He kisses my neck tracing his luscious bite up to my ear, my voice comes out weak "I.... hate... you." Each word came out as a gasp and unreliable ones at that. Just then he nibbles my earlobe and the sigh that leaves my lips is nothing short of lewd.

"Doesn't sound that way," Humor in his voice snaps me back to reality.

"Get off," I say sharply.

"One second," he smiles.

"Emerson I said-," His lips land perfectly on mine. I reach down to his chest to push him away but they melt into his shirt and soon they ball the fabric of his shirt in my fists as I pull his close. His hands grip my waist and a bestial sound vibrates my bones as if by his command my hips jerk forward and he bites my lip.

The door blows open followed by an icy gust of wind. Emerson and I pause in our moment, me trying to regulate my breathing but his eyes glowed with anger, that he had no plan of soothing. I look at the door and Gavin, Anthony and Cody walk in, knocking the snow from the bottom of their boots before walking inside.

"Woah, sorry to interrupt," Gavin's smirk filled with jeering humor after noticing our current position.

"What else is new?" Emerson growls, climbing from above me. My face grows red and I fix my hair, embarrassed that we were caught, but more so that I wanted him back.

"I have more questions," I say facing Emerson.

"Okay shoot," his eyes light up as he takes my feet in his lap rubbing my ankles tenderly. His hands were warm and I had mentioned a couple of days ago that my feet were always cold even with socks. It was an act that was simple but my heart fluttered at the feel.

"Last night when I remembered that scene from after I fainted, why was everyone so surprised?"

He looks at the ceiling, thinking, "Okay, there are two types of worlds we can experience on Earth," I nod even though that made absolutely no sense, "One is the human world and wolves, along with other half animal beings, have our own world."

"You do?!"

"Yeah, you can't enter with without permission from someone who is of that world and you can't see or hear anything unless granted by our government for clearance, normally through mating. When you fainted we didn't have enough resources in this world to bring you back and I panicked, so we brought you to a friend of my father's in the other world and he and his wife helped us."

"Why was my memory of it surprising then?"

"Because you weren't supposed to be able to remember anything, you haven't had clearance. We haven't done the official mating ceremony so as a human entering that world nothing should've been retained. Especially this long after it is happened."

"Wait so what does that mean? What's the reason for my memory?"

"We're not sure yet," he sighs running a hand through his hair, "Chance wanted to run some tests but- I don't know what's going to happen." He was truthful at least. Why would I remember that? Maybe there was a loophole or something that we were all missing?

As if sensing my panic Emerson pulls me back to reality with a light squeeze to my ankle, "Whatever the reason is we'll find it out and do what needs to be done together okay?"

I nod and try to take it in. He watches me in silence, concern swelling his gaze.

"I know it's a lot and that wasn't really much of it at all, so feel free to tell me when to stop." He says rubbing my feet.

Another blast of inappropriate images flash past my mind and after a shake of the head I tried to focus on the other million questions I had just seconds ago, "Ou you want me bad," He jokes creeping closer.

I bite my lip not able to deny his statement, "It's not as bad as how much I want you though," He whispers to my neck, "A valiant effort though, I suppose."

I laugh ever so lightly, pushing him away slightly before leaning in for a quick soothing to my urges. It begins to build and I had to grab all self-control to stop myself.

"I have another question," I say with a smile, he nods encouragingly, "so your father's line goes really far back and that ancestry gives you power?" I ask.

"Yes. In our world, many bloodlines diverge but my father's is very strong."

"Why is that significant?"

"Well in the ancient times, before our first war, mating was a much different process that was essential for procreating. It was such a brutal conquest that wolves would fight to the death for the mate they believed they deserved with or without their approval," my eyes widened, "having the right mate was key for ensuring the quality and rank of your children in society."


"But as evolution acted on wolf-shifters the genetic trait developed and fighting became unnecessary, however, having a mate did still ensure healthy young and therefore a longer bloodline and more respect."


"Yeah there are still caged matches for wolves but it's not to the death or anything."

"Oh still sounds intense," I take another minute to process.

In the meanwhile, I hear Victor and Chelsea's greetings as they shuffle down the stairs, "How do tacos sound for lunch everyone?"

We all agree that they're perfect, "Is Justine a member of your pack?"

"And the difficult conversations begin," Gavin sings settling in the chair opposite to where Emerson and I settled.

"Well technically to be a part of a pack you have to be mated in, but there also exists such a thing as an off-pack. This consists of people like Cody, Gavin, and Chance who aren't officially members of the pack but share the values and relationships necessary to be in the pack anyways. Justine is like that."

"And the story behind why she thought you were mates?"

His body went still, "You're killing me here babe," he runs his hand through his hair with a sigh, "Well remember a couple months ago when we would appear in each other's dreams and communicated that way?"

I nod not realizing how long ago that seemed, "Well when that happened my eyes started to transform and turn blue. My genetic trait was activated and considering Justine's presence being the only one that would make sense considering I wasn't interested in any of the guys," I looked over at Cody and he winked and blew a kiss in Emerson's direction mockingly. I laughed, "So we thought that she was my mate for like 4 months."

My mouth went dry and I felt my eye twitch, "4 what?!" I pulled my feet from his lap, "You went out with Justine for 4 months?!"

"We thought we were mated," He defends himself, "It meant nothing."

Just then Justine walks through the front door. No doubt she heard that entire conversation. I look over at her and for the first time since I met her, I felt as though I understood her. She's also been hurt by all this. No wonder the girl hates my guts, I'd hate me too.

"To you maybe," I say under my breath, shocking everyone, "Okay, what else about mating is there for me to know?" I rub my eyes and pull my knees to my chest, an anger brewing inside.

"Hm," He doesn't comment on the gap that I now built between us, though I knew he was angered by it, "Oh Scents!"


"Yea, like smelling. As wolves, our sense of smell is a prevalent part of how we survive as a species. It dictates how we mark our territory and respect the boundaries of other wolves." I nod because for once something made sense, "One of the things that is a priority to mark is your mate."

"Mark?" I made a face.

He smiled, "When both mates are wolves, it's just basically interacting with each other in the wolf form. But when it's a human and a wolf, it's a bit more complicated."


"Okay, before I tell you this, I don't want you to get mad." He warns.

"Well you crossed that bridge when you brought Justine up," Cody correctly informs him.

Emerson glares at him but he takes it with a smile,"Okay," He's unsure, "When there's a wolf and a human the main way to produce a scent is one of two ways. Like with two wolves you can interact with your mate in their wolf form or the wolf can provide... a means of... satisfaction to their mate that generates a physical and hormonal response."

"Woah! How did you make that sound.... not like an asshole?" Gavin said genuinely impressed.

"An actual talent," Chane agrees walking in.

"I'm confused," but I begin to think it over. A physical and hormonal response? Sexual perhaps?

"Oops, she's getting mad," Cody smiles sipping some orange juice.

Everything connected in my head with a click. He has to.... in order to mark me as his mate!

"So before lunch the other day when we.... that was just..." My eyes went wide and my jaw dropped.

"No no no," He begins, "I would've done that regardless, it was as much for me as it was for you." He tried to make up for it.

I raise an eyebrow glaring at his weak explanation. The fury overflows from my being.

"She's not buying it!" Gavin coughs, "Abort mission! Abort!"

"Tell her she's pretty!" Cody joins.

"Are you mad?" Emerson asks with his breath-taking smile.

"Of course I'm mad," I snap at him, "You only did that because you wanted to mark me like I'm cattle," Or a prized pig- my thoughts roamed to what one of the kidnappers said yesterday. My wrist begins to shake but I ignore it, "Not to mention previously discussed the information you failed to bring up," Justine.

"It's not marking you like cattle," He says seriously, defending himself, "It's a way to protect you from other wolves or animal shifts. See the scent tells them that you're a member of my family's pack. A powerful one that shouldn't be messed with. And that you're mine specifically."

"And what if they don't know this relation?" I ask.

"Well then if something happens to you as a result of their careless actions then the correct procedures can take place. Essentially it gives you a voice in our world's judicial system."

I think it over, "Well, at least now I can interact with you in wolf form instead of going through the excessive hassle that other one caused." I glare at him hoping he picks up on the hint.

"And you my friend," Gavin begins as he bites into a banana, "Just got exiled from the land called 'Doing It With Your Mate'," He used his hands to gesture a big sign in the air.

"Sounds about right." I smile

He opens his mouth to defend himself but just then Chelsea yells, "Food is ready!"

"Perfect timing."

I pulled his sheets back from my side of the bed that night. He was still in the bathroom brushing his teeth, we spent the remainder of the day going through more lessons, but with a change of scenery. We retired to the family library and sat at a desk we shared, I wasn't going to let him get away easily not to mention that proximity fogged my focus.

"So how angry are you really?" He asks throwing his shirt to the side.

"Put it back on, please." I insist before climbing under the covers.

"Answer me first," he speaks gently but crossed his arms over his chest. The effortless ripple his muscles caused my mouth to water.

"I'm really angry," I say truthfully.

"Is it the Justine thing?" He pushes.

"No, it's the scents, the mating process, the whole other world!" My voice got louder without me intending it to, "The truth Emerson!"

"Well, what did you want me to do Adira?" He sighs running his fingers through his drying hair, "Just tell you all this at once?! Come out in the open when I had just met you, bleeding out on top of that cliff?!" His question stops me in my tracks, He sighs lowering his voice, "I admit that continuing to hide this from you was wrong, and it must've hurt but what was I to do? Give me an alternative and I'll shut up about all this."

I think for a second and the truth settles in. What was he to do? I sigh with my head hung. Would it have been better if I knew from the get-go? Or maybe if-

"I don't want this to be something that neither of us can move forward from. And I didn't say it with the intention of getting you upset or-"

"You can't do that." I stand, "you can't make me feel guilty for being upset."

"That's not why-"

"I think I'll go to my room tonight," I say softly.

"Adira," he begs walking closer to me, "we're going to have to talk about this at some point."

"I don't want to tonight," my voice cracks so I take a breath before continuing, "I need to think about all this."

"All what?"

"All you've told me," I look down at my fuzzy socks and a chill runs through me so I wrap my arms around my shoulders, feeling all too revealed.

"What about your nightmares?" He was trying all he had.

"I'm a big girl." I try to joke.

"This doesn't feel right, just be mad at me here. I won't even talk or sleep in the bed just don't lea-"

"We'll talk tomorrow," I force a smile up at him but without allowing another word to pass I leave the room. I close the door quietly and take a deep breath as I walk back to my room, flipping the light on before settling in bed.

Chester senses my anguish and rushed over sitting in my lap.

"I'm not sure what to do bud," I say in his hair, "You'll protect me though right?"

He makes a sound of agreement and I smile in his fur. A couple of minutes pass and so does my tiredness. I find myself wide awake looking down at a sleeping Chester with a smile. He tried.

1:25. I find myself slipping into my fuzzy socks and grabbing my robe as I leave my room and step into the lonely hallway. With the moonlight cast brilliantly along the hall through the large windows on one side, I felt an eerie midst among me but pushed myself toward the instrument room- to the piano.

In moments like these, where I was more confused and unsure than normal, I needed to play something. So I walk down the twists and turns of this home and finally find myself facing the huge mahogany door that sealed the treasure of instruments inside.

At the heart of it all, I see the huge piano yet again. My chest became light and for an instant what I felt was nothing short of divine mediation, my breath left my body and my knees went weak. My palms got sweaty and all I could find myself wanting to do is drown. Drown in this black and White Sea, reveal my secrets to this unknown, never ending power.

So I did. I was sure to lock the door behind me and after remembering that Victor once mentioned the area being soundproof I realized I had no reason to hold back. So I played. And played. Reciting all I knew by heart. And things I didn't know I knew. It all came back in a tsunami of ecstasy, a numbness filled my bones and soon words spilled from my lips. I hummed and sang along with the melodies closing my eyes to let the waves drift by and take me higher, to let them reveal the truth behind what I didn't know.

My fingers ached but I pushed forward. My head was light but I dug deeper.


Another world.




The last word took my breath away and pushed tears to my eyes. He was my mate and I was his, but that meant so much considering I was human. Did it mean too much then?

Suddenly my fingers stopped their movement and my body ran still for a second.

It wasn't too much.

Emerson would reveal so many layers of myself that I didn't know about through our mating. It's already been 3 weeks and looks and what his influence has done. Imagine the possibilities. Now it was just moving forward.

I sigh resting my head on the top of the piano glancing over at the window next to where I sat, the sun was coming up. I decide to go down and watch the sunrise. After descending the stairs, I think about the weather and the fact that I still wore my t-shirt and fuzzy pants and socks, so grabbed a large blanket in the closet and stepped out onto the porch.

The wind was soft and the snow rigid atop the trees and ground. Everything was at peace. I close my eyes breathing in softly, for a minute I consider bringing out a cup of coffee and turn to do that when I notice a shuffling in the trees. I stare out waiting and that's when they all emerged- 5 giant wolves all surfaced from the camouflage of the forest. I should've been afraid, but for some reason I knew it was safe so I just waited. I tightened the blanket over my body as the largest one moves toward me, I recognized him instantly. Emerson.

I had so much to say, yet nothing came out despite the fact that I was on the porch that elevated a couple feet from the ground he still towered over me. It was comforting. He sticks his head in and nudges me back before pointing his nose to a corner where a duffel bag rested. I got the hint and handed it to him. He took it in his mouth- with teeth larger than my hands- and soon everyone disappeared to the side where the cars were parked.

I continued to look out into the forest and for a brief second a sense of deja vu washed over me. I saw a small girl seated on a fresh batch of pine leaves, she was about a year old, still unstable on her feet as she tried to waddle towards something else, a huge grin on her round baby face. She tripped ever so slightly on an overextended branch but something reached out and caught her, it was a nose? The nose of a wolf, a large wolf with brown and black speckled fur. The baby laughed entertained clapping her tiny hands, and the wolf snuggled up to her placing its forehead on hers.

"What are you doing outside?" Chance asks me now coming from the corner. A sharp pain radiated in my head but I hid it as best as I could and within a matter of seconds it disappeared.

"I was watching the sunrise," I speak truthfully, something I hoped to continue doing from now on. My gaze lands on him with a gentle smile. Gavin and Cody are also with him, now back to their human form. They wore no shirts but had on short pants, "What were you guys doing?"

"Went out for a run," Cody said stretching a bit.
Soon Anthony appears from the corner with Emerson by his side. Everyone gets silent when our eyes meet, or at least that's what seemed to happen.

"Are you okay?" He avoided my eyes- upset.

I nod, "Yeah, just looking at the sunrise," I look past him to the forest and finally up to the sky where the sun is beginning its ascent.

"How long have you been out here?" Gavin asks settling on the stairs.

"I'm not sure," The trees swayed with a bit more life as the sun's rays pierced the dark purple sky with their amber gold, "But not long."

With an empty duffel now in hand Emerson attempts to jog up the stairs past me to return it. I stop him by taking hold of his upper arm and he looks at me questioningly. I left him last night without much to go on, and that was unfair. Standing now a step below me, I was able to look at him straight in the eyes, as I said all that I had to.

"I'm sorry about last night," I begin, "I wasn't sure what I was feeling and didn't think it would be fair to either of us if I kept all my anger and confusion bottled up. I shouldn't have left the way I did but I was freaking myself out."

He doesn't say anything for a minute and considering I genuinely couldn't help myself I took a step closer, then another until finally, I rested my forehead on his. His eyes closed and I used the opportunity to lean into his lips. I cupped his face gently, the blanket falling from my shoulders.

I pull away slowly, "I'm really sorry," I say with closed eyes and my forehead on his.

More silence. And that is an answer in itself. I may have pushed him a bit too far this time, disappointment swells within me, tightening my throat as I step away. It was fair for him to be upset, he begged me not to leave and I did, without considering what he had to say. If the tables were turned I'd be giving me the cold shoulder too.

"Sorry," I apologize one more time with my head hung low. I bite my bottom lip to stop what would have been tears as I went back to my spot in the corner of the porch. At least I could finish watching the sunrise.

He takes my elbow tenderly, "Wait," his voice is soft and he sighs letting his hand fall.

"It's okay," I smile as much as I can, "I've been upset with you for days it's fair for you to not want to talk about this at like 5 in the morning." I try to joke but the clogging developing in my throat made me nervous.

"No we've been arguing too much," he pulls me close, "we've done that already and I never enjoyed it." I flashback to two weeks ago when I thought it would be best of I wasn't around Emerson or his family and told him to stay away, "But you can't just leave when you're mad or frustrated-"

"But that's what I do," I try to explain, "I need to be by myself to organize my thoughts."

"We have to work through those things together though," He pushes

"I'll be back to yell at you once I know what I feel, I'm not leaving forever," I force him to look me in the eyes, "When I was around my dad, around all those other guys I told you about, I could only truly trust myself. Without having that time to understand how I felt I could have been so easily influenced by them all. I know that's a bad reason, but it's what I've grown accustomed to and I can work on-."

Suddenly his lips cover mine in a sweet embrace, "Awwww," the guys coo behind us.

Emerson growls at them and they all shuffle inside, Gavin's hands raised defensively. I smile and he gazes down at me, "Okay I understand now," his voice is gentle, "but you have to promise to try to let me in that process even a little at some point."

I nod relieved, "Okay, I will." My arms circle his waist, "I love you."

"I love you more," he squeezes me close, "wait so does your apology mean that I'm forgiven for all my wrong-doings?"

"Yes it does," I smile softly, "I'll excuse that you had a whole world back there and that you're not entirely human," I rest my head on his chest.

"And Justine?" His voice is unsure.

I think about it, "I'll do my best?" He laughs but says he respects my honesty.

"I'll take what I can get," he pulls away and picks up the blanket from the ground, "let's get you inside. You're freezing."

"You're the one without the shirt," I comment as we walk through the doors.

"Well, my body runs at a higher temperature than yours," he mentions.


"Yeah that's why I'm so hot all the time," he winks.

I laugh, "That was a crappy joke."

"Got you to smile though didn't it?"

"It did," I yawn as I settle in the couch. The guys walked in behind us and scattered across the living room and kitchen.

"How long have you been up?" Chance asks me with a cup of coffee in hand.

"I haven't gone to sleep," I admit as my eyelids get heavy.

"What did you just say?" The anger in Emerson's voice lulls me to sleep.

The 3 months that follow involves a large breadth of reading and investigating. Through Emerson and loads of books from the family library, I became well-informed on mating. It's seemingly elementary introduction took me for a loss when I began to explore the complexity of what it meant to mate. Through this, I am able to accept my role as Emerson's mate and his role as mine. I knew what I had to do.

Though I absorbed a lot there are a few instances and circumstances that for some reason have burned themselves in my memory, which such photographic detail it was as if I were reading directly from a book. One of these involves impregnation outside the mating:

Due to the dominance of the werewolf gene every individual who becomes pregnant from or impregnates another who is a werewolf bears a child that is full wolf, however if this child was produced out of barehood- a non-mated relationship- the... were portion of the relationship must be their advocate and raise this child on their own and continue their pursuit of their true mate. The human portion would undergo tests that would result in complete removal of memory of a child and altering mental images so that the werewolf would be unrecognizable.

This was done to protect the secret capital and kingdom that existed within this world.

"So what about the baby?" I remember asking Emerson seating on the carpeted floor of the family library.

"What do you mean?" His looks down at me in confusion as he reaches for another book.

"Will they just not know about the human portion of their family then?"

"I guess so," he looks down at me, "at the end of the day when their parent finds their mate that mate will fill the role of parent."

I nod understanding but still thinking it was a bit harsh. Luckily instances like these are rare and few.

Other discoveries involved the mating ceremony, where I would ask the government to accept me as Emerson's mate after being interviewed by them separately.

"Everyone gets through though because it's obvious when a couple is mated, for them to see that and deny it would be denying a wolf of their natural right to find a mate." Emerson encouraged.

"Okay." I sang wearily.

"It's not like we need to worry about that for another couple years anyway," he teases hugging me from behind, "Unless you just really want to marry me."

"Ew bye," Though the thought made my inside warm and my skin buzz in delight, I shrugged him off as we continued to the car.

He laughs and settles behind the wheel as we had head out to lunch.

Even now, there was still so much to learn but as I became exposed to it, it all made sense. We were moving on to nurturing and childhood, so learning about werewolf development from gestation till adulthood.

I was reading a book on pregnancies and were development and was sipping my tea.

Chapter 1: The beginning of it all
Much like in other species the-

"What you got there?" Charice asks settling next to me easily.

Over the month our friendship and sisterhood had only strengthened to the point where going a day without her was unfulfilling.

I hold up the cover of the book and she makes a face.

"I hated learning about that stuff in school," she sighs.

Werewolves had separate institutions where they would have to attend until they were about 10 and they could be assigned human schools. Or they could continue there, it didn't matter.

Emerson and Charice finished high school in a were institution and Emerson went on to attain his bachelor's and master's in an accelerated program finishing just last year. Charice was still taking online courses but enjoyed studying from home.

Victor, I learned, was the CEO of a major corporation in the werewolf world and other supernatural worlds. He built the business all on his own and now owned branches globally. Chelsea was a professor at a law school but recently took her vacation time to catch up on the family.

"I was becoming so sucked into it that I forgot what it was like to not work," she had mentioned as we shared hot cocoa on the porch.

"Why are you reading that?" Charice winks at me now.

"To learn about your species," I glare at her. She laughs and settles her feet in my lap comfortably, "So that when you and Anthony are expecting I'll know what to look for in my little niece slash nephew."

She makes a face and I laugh.

"How's the job hunt going?"

Last week I mentioned that I felt useless around the house, Chelsea and Victor offered to pay for my online college courses but that was too much in addition to everything they're taking care of. So I decided to look for a part-time job and go to school at the same time.

"I have an interview tomorrow," I smiled excitedly.

"Ou where?"

"BookWorm Cafe it's on fifth," I say with a shrug, "Nothing big."

"And doesn't have to be flashy," Charice encourages, "As long as you're getting that money." I laugh.

"Yeah, the pay isn't that bad either," I smile.

"Pay for what?" Anthony asks walking in with Cody right behind.

"Adira's new job."

"Possible new job," I correct her.

"Where?" Cody asks heading to the kitchen.

"BookWorm Cafe,"

"On fifth?" Gavin asks jogging down the stairs, I nod, "Victor has a building right next to that Emerson works at."

"Oh yeah!" Charice realizes now, "So at least you'll get a ride very morning."

"If I get the job," I say not wanting to get my hopes up.

"When you-" There's a knock at the door, more like a banging.

I look at Charice confused and the banging continues suddenly a man speaks in another language, gets the attention of everyone in the room. I recognize the language as Divinum based on the rudimentary lessons Emerson had provided.

Gavin walks wearily to the door and responds, opening the door slightly. Suddenly two men wearing suits burst in one holding a paper in his hands as the other walks over with handcuffs, over

Charice stands in front of me raising her hand in response to another man's question.

The one before me asks another question and Anthony steps forward, pointing to Charice, then me and finally himself last. What I would pay right now to understand what they were saying, especially since it seemed to concern me directly.

The man further away asks another question and I'm able to analyze them with this moment of absence. They were both really tall, broad shoulders and over-muscled bodies. They looked as if they were in some sort of force like the Army or something. Though I didn't understand what they said their voices carried authority, perhaps too much.

Suddenly everyone's gaze landed on me and the man closest took another step forward. Charice covered my body with hers but was easily brushed to the side as the man slapped the pair of handcuffs around my wrist.

"Wait for what?" I panic and look at Charice who is red-faced angry her body transforming just a bit as her eyes glowed, "Charice what's happening?"

"They're going to take you to our law enforcement headquarters, Emerson will be there to get you out in a second don't worry." Chance says between his teeth, also pissed, his ears growing pointed.

"Wait, law enforcement? What did I do?" I beg to pull away from the man who was pulling me to the door.

"Nothing," Cody barks, "These idiots are just-"

"I'd watch my tone if I were you," the one further away steps toward Cody.

"I'd watch your attitude if I were-" He advances and Cody takes on the challenge.

"We got the girl," The one holding me barks, "Let's go."

"Wait I don't under-" I begin to panic. Where was I going? What did I do?

"Just wait," Gavin encourages, "don't worry we'll be there in a split second."

"Ma'am we have to go."

I don't say much and I'm dragged out of the house and to a van that waited outside. Off to where? Emerson's world? To jail? Both? Who knew.


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Baby F - I"ll definitely try my hardest to post more often. What do you think about the story so far.

Miha - You give me so much life!!! Sometimes I want to stop writing and readers like you (And all those who comment) really provide me the motivation I need. Thank you!
Published: 5/30/2017
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