Not My Territory - Chapter 13

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Our journey took no more than 10 minutes. I was shivering by the time I got to the large black brick complex at least 4 stories tall with windows scattered all around. I looked around as people, regular looking people, shuffled back and forth going on with their scheduled lives as I sat in the van looking confused, cuffed at the wrists.

On the street, I noticed the signs at an intersection just beyond us Graham Avenue and 82nd Street.

Graham Avenue and 82nd Street.

The edges of my vision darken and outward figures become blurred as I focused on one person, on the person. The woman tightened her fur coat around her body as she pushed the stroller along the sidewalk. She looks down at her baby confirming that she is fast asleep. The mother's heart gets warm despite the wind picking up and she shuffles home making a quick left onto Graham Avenue.

I snap out of it.

One of the men walks over and opened the door pulling me out of another confusing sight. I look over at the street but I see no one. A pain climbs from the back to the middle of my head and lingers in that spot for a moment longer this time. The burning spreads to my ears and I almost cry out but squeezed my eyes shut for a second biting on the inside of my cheek. The men made no notice of my agony and proceeded to pull me toward the building.

The torment subsided and I took in my surroundings. It was just as cold here as back home and I wondered if I even entered a different world. We had taken the highway route and I was paying extra attention but never noticed any special portals or transformative entrances. I shivered in this man's grasp as we continued to the building that grew noisier and seemingly larger as proximity lessened.

Inside the pandemonium roared as people were pulled left and right, phones rang and papers flew all over. One of the men sighed and made a disgruntled comment before pulling me up the stairs and to a much more organized and ordered area. Almost everyone we passed looked up at us, mostly at me, as the men walked me over to a celled area to the back. He tossed me in then locked the doors I thought he would leave but instead he reaches out to me through the gaps in the bars. I jump fearfully a small yelp leaving my lips.

"I'm unlocking your cuffs," he speaks looking at me as if I were crazy for making a sound.

I give him my hands and he removed the metal cuffs, "Why am I here?" I asked him.

I tried with many failed attempts on the ride here that resulted in silence for the remainder of the trip. He walks away not answering me leaving me to pace in the empty space. A couple of minutes pass and another person was thrown in the area. His body bounces off the concrete wall like a ball and the thud which he landed with had some crunching aspect to it. Despite this damage, he laughs standing to his feet, sending a mocking salute to the officer.

I remained in my corner staring at the door, waiting for Emerson to walk through in the blinding fury I knew he would. But as I glanced the time each tick seemed to drive me nuts. He needs to hurry.


It's been an hour. The ticking became incessant and the cops grew to be gruesome sights to endure, no longer busy but rather lounging with their colleagues. My eyes darted from them to the clock and the door, the triangular route heightens my anxiety. Where were they? Why was I-

"Human huh?" The person who was tossed in here like a rag-doll asked. He had a French accent but his English was good. He wore a trench coat and other than the desperate need for a shave there was nothing aggressive about his persona. His hair was bouncy and black, carrying the bad-boy look easily not to mention he was fairly young, maybe 18. His wound from earlier was already healed and he even started to pick at the dried blood.

I nod at his question, "What are you in for?"

I think as to whether I should engage in conversation with this complete stranger. Amidst my deliberations, an anger festered inside me. I was in a world filled with shifters, shifters who didn't care whether or not I was mated. I didn't carry Emerson's scent so I was virtually a free grab for anyone, all against my will. And here I was locked up. Locked up! For what!?

"Rien!" Nothing! I yell in French, "Ils sont venus chez moi et m'a traîné ici! Dire absolument rien!"

I felt the guy's smile before I saw it, especially considering that my volume attracted the attention of most of the men's colleagues. I greeted them with a mocking smile, dimpled cheeks paired with the bouncy curls contrasted the blinding fury that filled the brown of my eyes.

"Les pets inutiles," The boy smiles. The useless pets he pitied at them speaking a bit easier now. "Tsk, tsk, tsk," he shakes his head in disappointment.

"C'est une chose de prendre moi mais dis-moi pourquoi je suis ici ! Un tel gaspillage d'autorité."

How could a police system be so obviously lacking as to drag a suspect to an entirely different world without mentioning allegations or anything of the sort beforehand?

The boy laughs loudly and speaks in Divinum at the men who were paying special attention to us since we started speaking. The men didn't seem to like what he said but he only laughed.

"I like your courage," the boy admired in French again. Little did he know that this replaced my previously ineffective defense of fear and inaction. I thanked him for the compliment and glanced at the clock yet again. One hour and fifteen minutes in this hellhole the boy began in French yet again, "They're not used to their culprits being women, much less human ones. If you look close enough you can see the bewilderment in their eyes when they gaze this way."

I laugh lightly at his joke, thinking over the information I'd just been given. I guess having hu-

My airways were suddenly constricted and after the tears fell from the immediate pain I was able to see the man who still held me by the throat, it was one of the cops. The French guy yelled in panic at the man and his colleagues as he attempts to pull my body away. I gasped for air but nothing was able to pass through.

His co-workers begin to pull him away and along with the efforts from the guy pulling me, I am freed from the man's grasp. I fall landing next to the guy I had befriended and would have thanked him had I not been coughing my lungs out. French guy jumps up yelling at the man in Divinum but I grab him by the arm. The cop advances but sensibly his co-workers block his path so he settles for a snarl directed at me as I am helped to my feet.

I cough a couple of more times, lightly rubbing my now aching neck with a shaky hand. I hope I didn't bruise.

"The pup's ego gets hurt so quickly," the boy taunts in French with two loud clicks of his tongue, "Are you okay?"

Before I can answer the door bangs open with a fury that can only come from, "Emerson," the sigh leaves my aching throat partly a cough before I look over at him.

Victor marches in behind him, with as much wrath in his demeanor as his son's, Chance shuffles in behind them both. The tension in the room escalates and the workers all stand to their feet hands behind their back respectfully waiting - Victor had mentioned he served a powerful role here. He addresses the two men who pulled me here, each word he spoke acting a burn to the skin. I walk over to the bars still rubbing gently at my neck just when Emerson's gaze lands on me.

His blazing outrage was spelled out on the surface of his irises but it seemed to simmer when they met mine.

He snapped harshly at the men and all eyes landed on me. A disgruntled individual walked over and opened the cage, gesturing for me to walk out. I look back at the guy I managed to befriend and he smiles at me cheerfully.

"Quel est votre nom?" I asked for his name.

"Jasper," he smiles.

"Ainsi, Jasper, je vous remercie pour votre entreprise. Espère que tout va bien," I thanked him and wished him well as I exited.

"I doubt it considering I was caught kissing that tight ass's daughter," he nods at the man who initially flung him in the room.

I laugh but make a face. The officer who had his hands around my neck made a comment to Victor who's eyes widened and instantly his voice raised to the loudest I've ever heard it. The room trembled at his words and without even understanding, I knew his threat wasn't something to take lightly.

"Are you okay Adira?" He asks in English, analyzing me from head-to-toe as a father would his child.

Before I can even mention it Chance notices my neck, "What happened to your throat?"

I don't say anything but rather looked over at the assailant whose face had lost all color from just moments ago. Emerson was the first to pick up on what my gesture meant storming at the man as he rolled up his sleeves. Had it not been for Chance blocking his path, Emerson surely would have destroyed him. He growls behind Chance so loudly that the tables nearest to him rattled, the officer begins to back away.

Victor only watches this scene happen and once Emerson has relaxed, he delivers another 10-second speech and we all begin to leave. Emerson takes hold of my and kissing the top and staring into my eyes. I smile at him tipping to rest my forehead on his and despite the circumstances, he gives a small smile.

Just then Jasper yells something in Divinum laughter flooding his voice. Emerson smiles a little but we continue out nonetheless. I spot his car before we had exited the building and bolted for it, hoping for warmth. Now that the sun had gone down the temperature followed suit and I still only had on a long-sleeved shirt and jeans.

For a moment we all sat in silence and Victor mumbles angrily in Divinum. He runs his hand up and down his face a couple of times. He turns in his seat to face me at the back, "Adira are you sure you're okay?"

I nod, "I am, I promise." My smile soothes his spirits just a bit. He buckles himself up and backs out of his spot.

Chance speaks now, "Did they take any photos or fingerprints?"

"No, they just locked me in there." The irritation couldn't mask itself in my tone, even though I was trembling.

Emerson picks up on my shivering and reaches back for a blanket, "We use it for camping," he explains the question I was about to ask. I smile as he wrapped me up like a burrito, putting his arms around to help with the heating process.

"What did they say when they locked you up?" Victor asks wearily, almost as if he knew what my answer was.

"Nothing," I mention my consistent questioning the ride here and when I was in the cell. Victor gives another disgruntled noise refocusing on the road.

"Okay and what about your throat?" Chance asks also getting riled up.

"So I kinda snapped," I admit to the surprise of them all, "Because they dragged me there with no information, I didn't know if I had done anything and they weren't answering any questions so Jasper and I began-"

"Jasper?" Emerson questions.

"The guy who was with me in the cell." I clarify and he nods, "He speaks French so we began communicating and the cop got upset." I rolled my eyes, "Like they were speaking Divinum the entire ride there and I didn't choke anyone. It took the combined effort of his co-workers and Jasper to get me from his hold."

"Jasper mentioned you had quite the mouth," Emerson smiles.

"Because they were being idiots and I was put in possible danger for nothing." I sigh frustrated.

"I'm happy you recognize that." Víctor smiles, "You did nothing."

"Do we know why I was taken?" I ask now.

"Someone tipped off the cops and told them that a human was being harbored on werewolf property." Chance spits the words out, "When they got there because no adult was on the property who was directly related to Victor and Chelsea, the owners of the property, they had to take you in."

"Charice was there," I say confused, "She's 17." Emerson sighs, "Not a legal adult till the age of 18 and because she and Anthony haven't been officially mated he couldn't do much either."

"Oh," I wondered who would tell the police that.

"The good thing is that you're safe now." Emerson pulls me closer

I smile and nod at him, "How was work?" I ask hoping to venture to a more normal topic

"Frustratingly long mainly because you weren't there." He rolls his eyes dramatically and I laugh, I see Victor shaking his head with a smile as he makes another turn.

"I have an interview at the Bookstore just down the block from you." I tell him, "So if I get it-"

"I'll be getting a new book every day for the rest of your time there." He finishes excitedly. I giggle and snuggled deeper into the bundle of the blanket. Our eyes meet again and he leans forward so our forehead touch, noses less than an inch apart, "You look beautiful today."

"Do I?"

He nods and kisses me tenderly, "I missed you." I admit my eyes remaining close

"Ditto," he leans in for another kiss when I pull away laughing.

"I thought you were going to kill him, but I had a bratty attitude about it."

"Bratty attitude?" His smile reaches his eyes.

"Yeah, in my head I was like, 'My boyfriend will beat you to a pulp,'" I cover my mouth as soon as the words leave, laughter swelling through me, "Geez I'm awful."

"You were just frustrated," he sympathizes with an approving gaze, "And I should've hurt him, even just a little, but that's a federal offense and then I'd be locked up and blah, blah, blah."

I smile and snuggle in his embrace just as Victor pulls into the driveway and parks. I dash from the van and inside instantly because even though my body had begun to thaw I was still frigid. I open the door and rubbed my hands together as I settled in front of the fireplace.

"Oh, Sweetie! You're okay!" Chelsea cheers walking over to me just to take me in her embrace.

"I'm fine, just cold and a little hungry," I admit.

"I made spaghetti and meatballs," she kneels beside me smoothing out my hair before kissing my forehead lovingly.

Victor Chance and Emerson walk in and I head over to Victor taking him in a tight embrace.

"What's this for?" He hugs back nonetheless.

"For being awesome and yelling at the cops." I say before hugging Chance, "you too,"

"I didn't yell at any cops," he says hugging me.

"But you helped to stop Emerson from killing one."

"I'd have killed him," Cody grumbled, "Was it that dumb looking one?"

"Well thankfully Adira is okay and we can move forward from this," Chelsea says changing the course of the conversation, "Were they able to tell you who did it?"

"No," Victor sighs running his hand through his hair, "But it's obvious she's mated so I don't understand why-" he stops himself, "maybe."

"Maybe what?" Emerson asks.

"I need to do some research," Victor begins to head up the stairs.

"After dinner." Chelsea stops him and he agrees.

"What time is your interview tomorrow?" Emerson asks laying next to me now.

"12:30, wanna treat me to lunch?" I cheese looking away from the textbook I had in my lap.

"I'd be honored to." He smiled and hugged me close, the book almost falling.

"Stop I'm reading," My scolding was supposed to ward him off but he stalks closer as I re-position my book.

"Can you stop reading so we can," his request finishes with a tender kiss.

"That reminds me, I've been meaning to ask you something," I break the developing romantic scene in half.

"Mhm," he persists kissing my neck as I try not to smile, "you always have questions, I'm surprised you've managed to hold out for so long."

I roll my eyes at him before a tingling sensation builds in my chest, "How long do scents last?"

"Well, it depends on your response or the action itself."

"How so?" He removes the book from my lap, his hand grazing my upper thigh. The sensation flows to that spot.

"Well more emotionally engaging interactions tend to cause lasting scents," he quickly climbs above me, the sensation forms a lump in my throat. His hands fall on either side of my waist staring in my eyes with determination, "let's say I make out with you, like a simple 6-minute thing that will cause a scent that lasts about 15 minutes mainly because that didn't involve much engagement.

"Cranking up the level a bit let's say I do something that engages your body in a way that making out doesn't by provoking a reaction that is more involved," he bites his lip before kissing the base of my neck, "Well that might last 1-2 hours. Now let's say we savor in the intimacy of sex," he nibbles on my ear and I giggle falling further into the pillow, "That can last up to a day depending on your reaction of course." l

"Why does it depend on my reaction or engagement?"

"Well you responding to the pleasure I aim to provide comes with a level of acceptance of me and who I am, my wolf and that part of my life included. So the more involved you are in that process, the more potent my scent."

"That makes sense."

"How long would you like my scent to last now?" He kisses my neck again and my head falls back with a smile.

"2 seconds," he laughs taking my lips between his.

That morning Emerson kissed me on his way out affirming our plans for lunch and I got an early start on my day. I did a bit of pre-interview research as I sipped my coffee and bit into my bagel. Suddenly my mind wanders to yesterday's events, being brought to another world, being accused and arrested for the first time in my life. There was so much room for flashbacks, back to when my father would get arrested for possession, and when I'd have to clean out my savings to get him out. So much room, but nothing happened.

I smile at peace with myself, taking another sip of my coffee. My mind wanders back to the corporate building I'd been dragged to by those officers. The street just beyond it held some familiarity, in a sense. Not to mention that... vision... thing happened again. I'd bring it up to Emerson today at lunch. Which reminds me of my interview. 10:32 I should start getting ready.

After a soothing shower, I threw on my pre-decided outfit which was a black and white grid patterned collared top, with black skinny ankle dress pants which fit perfectly when I had first bought them but now required a belt to stay in place. Had they gotten larger somehow? I question as I slip into my 3-inch booties. I wore a cream coat and brought the only handbag I owned which had my resume and other necessities. I wore my hair in a professional bun and wore light but enough make-up.

"Ready girlie?" Charice pops her head in my room, "It's a 20-minute drive."

I look at the clock 12:00 and nodded pulling on my coat and grabbing my bag.

The car ride was filled with laughter and constant chatter that is expected with Charice. We stopped at a red light now officially in the city.

"Nervous?" Charice asks as the light changes.

"No, not really," I say confidently.

"Look at you," she smiles, "Alrighty here we are, break a leg," She cheers.

I thank her and head out to my interview. I walked into the calming environment to a mass of people quietly looking around. A worker noticed me and soon another employee walked over to greet me with an outstretched hand.

"Thank you for your time!" I say shaking his hand.

"And you Ms. Chesterfield, I'll send the work schedule and all the necessary documentation via email in the next 24 hours. Welcome to the team!"

I thank him again and headed over to Emerson's building. It towered several floors up and had the most intimidating aura a building has ever given me. I took a breath and walked inside to see the high-tech modern chic style it carried. My heels echoed loudly as I approached the smiling blonde secretary.

"Hello welcome to Hunt Incorporated, how can I help?"

"Hi," I smile, "I have a meeting with Emerson Hunt."

"Oh, just take the elevator up to the 32nd floor and someone will be able to assist you there," I smile and she lets me through the security gate. When I step out of the elevator to the 32nd floor I see glass-walled separators for individual offices and seminar rooms.

"Hello welcome to Hunt Incorporated," another blonde. Is this a trend?

"Hello, my name is Adira Chesterfield I have a meeting with Emerson Hunt," I say with a smile.

"Sure I'll just double che-"

"Did you just say Adira?" A younger man with smooth brown and grass green eyes paired with a charming smile walks over. I nod and he holds his hand out, "I'm Kevin Blade, Emerson's business partner, and a family friend. I'm happy I'm finally able to meet the famous Adira,"

"Famous?" I laugh and he leads me down a hallway.

"Yes the coveted girl that has tied down Hunt from his feast," he laughs at his joke as we continue past some more meeting rooms, "But I can understand why he's been hiding you away," He says again with a chuckle, "You are gorgeous."

I get a bit uncomfortable, "Oh thank you."

"And speaking of your charming mate," I was startled by his use of the word but didn't have much time to process considering that the room we had entered was a filled with people Emerson at the head of the large mahogany table. Everyone was dressed in professional wear and were keenly listening to another individual speak.

All eyes land on us, or rather me and I stand there motionless for a minute, mentally freaking out.

"This must be a cue for my lunch break," Emerson's voice is deep and carries authority and professionalism, everyone begins to pack up their documents chattering here and there but most eyes remained on me.

I nervously tucked some hair behind my ear with my free hand, why did he walk me straight here. I was about to ask him to direct me to Emerson's office when my gaze landed on him. Sitting comfortably in the head chair of a table that seated around 30 people, his gaze drank me up. I scold him with my eyes and his smile radiates the room as he takes his things and walks over to me.

His black suit was tailored for his body, with a freshly ironed white shirt underneath, with black pants and brown shoes. I had watched him getting dressed, just this morning but seeing him outside the dim lighting of our bedroom made it all come to life. With one hand in his pocket and the other holding his briefcase as he heads to me.

"Hello," The kiss I receive on my cheek is filled with as much love as if we were in private. I blush at the tingling that develops on my skin even after he steps away and holds the door open for me, "How'd the interview go?"

"I got the job," my excitement peaks now that we were alone, heading swiftly to his office.

"That's great," His eyes shine with genuine happiness as we continue down the carpeted floors, passing glass-walled offices down to the end of the hallway.

All heads popped up at us, but Emerson barely took note f any of it. When we finally arrived I took in the breadth of his workplace, the modern office styled with wooden furnishing that brought a contemporary look to a traditional style. The desk and bookshelf towards the back of the room were lined with alternating strips of obsidian, metal, and charcoal, adding a hint of style. There was a comfortable looking chair behind his desk where neatly organized stacks of paper were placed to the right of the keyboard, which faced a desktop screen delicately elevated off the desk.

Turning to the window, the view seems to drag me to spectacle what was on the other side- my breath was taken away as the city seems to unfold in all its rugged splendor before me. Skyscrapers were now eye-level, still towering above but with less distance to go. The faint hum of the ambulance with a driver who's road rage was probably worse than anyone else's. The sound of a stray cat screeching followed by the laughter of mischievous children. But my eyes went back up yet again, at the dominance of the skyscrapers - with their prominence they easily looked down on their patrons, concealing the vile crimes with a distracting beauty that would awe anyone in passing. Like a beautiful mother protecting her child- it gives what it can offer for the sake of those who have made her into a mother- her children.

"This view is phenomenal," the words are a fraction of what I thought, but as I said them an unknown satisfaction seemed to fill my bones.

"It is," I feel the smile in his voice and turned from one stunning sight to another as I gazed at him heading over to me.

His hands effortlessly glide around the familiar territory of my waist, as our eyes connect I feel the pull that he always has on me forcing me to step closer. He rests his head on my shoulder, nuzzling my neck, plant the most gentle of kisses to my bare skin, before his voice rumbles, "Ready for lunch?".

My skin filled with goosebumps and a familiar feeling of tender lightness washes over my body. I give a gentle smile and nodded at my mate. He returns the favor grabbing his jacket from the closet ensuring it had his wallet before taking my hand in his.

"The weirdest thing happened this morning," I chirp excitedly after our waitress left with our orders. Emerson had picked out a small Italian restaurant and though we- Emerson- caught the eyes of almost every individual around it was a cozy spot.

"Do tell," he gives me his full attention, expectation, and humor flooding his gaze.

"Well I was getting dressed for my interview."

"I love this story already," his wink causes me to blush lightly but I roll my eyes and continue with my story.

"Anyways," he laughs, "I was getting dressed and slipped into these brand new pants."

"Mhm," he bites his lip with what I hoped was a mocking excitement.

"Shut up I'm trying to be serious," My laughter counters the sobriety of my tone.

"Okay go,"

"So I was putting them on and realized they were big, like I had to put on a belt." I hung my mouth open in surprise but was greeted by his unchanged expression, "I think I may have lost weight," My face goes straight at his lack of excitement.

"Hm, have you been trying to?" He asks the question nibbling on a piece of bread-stick. We discussed this previously, not letting my shattered self-esteem drive to do anything crazy with my body, no ridiculous body alterations, no self-shaming, none of that. But this didn't feel like that I was happy.

"Nope. I haven't changed anything in my diet." I shrug grabbing some of the bread-sticks that he was just about to pop in his mouth.

He ignores the otherwise playful gesture, probably worried now, "Stress? You're not still having nightmares are you?" I smile at his concern.

"Not since I started staying in your room," he hands me another piece of the bread-stick, "Or should I say our room," My obnoxious emphasis on the word 'our' pulls a smile from him and he reaches forward to take my hands, "Do you not like how I look now? Without the weight I mean?"

"Woah," his eyes jump up to mine, "No, baby, I love how you look, I always will, you know that. I just want to make sure it's not anything bad. As long as you're happy I'm happy."

"I'm happy but you're not," I feel my lips pushing outward in a stubborn pout.

He laughs gently, "Want me to go around and tell everybody in this restaurant?" He begins to stand but I pull him back to his seat. Our hushed laughter seems to fill the restaurant and he lifts my hand kissing the top, "I love how you look, always have. But I still think we should lightly monitor the weight loss to ensure it's not anything drastic fair?"

"Yes sir," I salute him and he shakes his head at my silly behavior. I bite into another piece of bread thinking back on last night, being brought to his world, so much happened and I feel as though I have loads of questions about what I experienced, "How is it that I was able to go to your world yesterday and see everything and remember things too?"

He smiles, expecting these questions as he always does. "The cops granted you access, and you can remember because you weren't being accused of doing anything wrong so you're perceived as the victim."

I nod and the waitress walks over with our food. We thank her and I nervously pick at it for a second. I think about mentioning the Deja Vu at the precinct, and on the porch but maybe that's me crossing the line between 'sane but curious mate' over to 'bat-shit crazy'. I almost convince myself not to speak about it when he asks, "What's up?" Nothing can really pass him.

"I have to tell you something but I'm positive I'm going to sound crazy," I sip my lemonade lightly.

"Crazier than the fact that I'm half wolf?"

"Not really," I smile biting into my chicken before just ripping the bandage off, "I keep having these moments of Deja vu...but they are only triggered when I'm around you in your wolf state or like yesterday when I was actually there- in your world."

"Deja vu? Like you've been there before?" He presses gently.

I nod, "At first it was a wolf interacting with this baby who was trying to walk. Then it was a woman pushing the child in a stroller down the street as they headed home, at the intersection where precinct was."

"Were those the only ones you've had?" Not questioning the legitimacy of it. My heart swelled as I felt the need to open everything up to him.

"Yeah," I eat more of my chicken pasta, "D-do you think it means anything? Maybe it's linked to why I remember crossing over that one time?"

"Could be," He places a meatball on my plate and I light up as I bite into it, "We'll bring it up to Chance later, see what our possibilities are."

I bite again into the meatball gift and he smiles over at me, wiping at the corner of my mouth loving, "Thanks for not thinking I'm crazy," I smile genuinely at him.

"Always," he winks and blows a kiss before eating more of his spaghetti.

"So Kevin, your co-worker, told me that I put a pause on your feast." I send him a humored glare just as his face goes white. I bit my tongue to stop the laughter from leaving my lips, "Care to explain what he meant by that?"

"Hmmm well actually.... It's a metaphor because you know....Hunt.... and feast.... after y-you.... hunt.." I wasn't buying his flimsy explanations, "I love you?"

"Mhm," I smile putting another piece in my mouth, "At least it's an end now huh?"

"That's true," He takes my free hand, "And this way I'll have eternal happiness."

I roll my eyes at his corniness, "Don't lay it on too thick."

He laughs and we move the conversation over to his and Anthony's latest antics. The restaurant got more packed as the lunch rush came in and with the growth in population, came more eyes directed at us. Emerson didn't seem to mind it, so neither did I. Our conversations floated effortlessly, some comfortable gaps of silence also present.

"I'm full," I stare down at my empty bowl.

"Good," He gestures to the waitress.

"Thank you for lunch." I reach for my purse, and jacket, sliding my arms through as I get ready to leave.

"My pleasure," He hands over his credit card with the check, "How are you getting back?"

"I'm going to call Charice and if she can't I'll just hop on the bus," I say as I text Charice.

"Just wait till the end of my work day around 4 and we'll go home together," Emerson suggests.


"You can stay in my office do some reading while I finish up. I only have one more meeting, that will last about 30 minutes max and otherwise, I'll be there with you."

"And what reading material are you assuming I have?" I taunt leaning forward

He gives me a look as the waitress returns with his check and I laugh knowing I had a journal tucked in my bag with notes that I had yet to study, "You can even use my computer which is connected to get were-world and things of that nature."

"Ou tempting, would I get anything else?" I mock reach for his hand just as the waiter returns his card.

"You're rude," he scolds with a twinkle in his eyes. I laugh standing to my feet my head now reaching over his shoulders courtesy of these booties. He notices the change and looks down at my shoes, "Aren't those uncomfortable?"

"No they're good," I smile, "But tonight I'd appreciate a foot massage," I cheese at him as he laces our fingers kissing the top of my hand.

"My neck has some pretty bad knots actually," she rotates his head, "Runs down my back."

"Trade? Back massage for a foot massage?"

"Deal," he kissed my lips quickly as we stepped onto the sidewalk.

"Just admit that it was impressive," He says as the doors open before us, presenting his workplace. His. Sometimes it's hard to remember that Emmerain holds such a major position in the family business- especially when things like what just happened do happen.

I try to be serious as we walk down the hallway, "You using your 'I'm the boss card' to get the elevator to only go to the 32nd floor so we could make out isn't impressive," even as I say it I can't stop the laughter from leaving my lips. I notice the pink lipstick on the corner of his mouth and waited till we arrived in his office to wipe it.

"Such a hard woman to please," he sighs allowing me to clean his face before shedding his jacket easily from his shoulders.

I throw him a cheesy smile and put my jacket in a closet next to his. I slide the door shut and it blends in easily as a part of the wallpaper.

"Okay," he says to no one in particular as he got ready to enter into the world of business. Settling in his chair behind the desk, he types quickly on the keyboard before focusing on the screen. I never saw him in this element before and it was as if I were meeting an entirely new person.

Putting my admiration to the side I decide to do some work on my own and pulled out my journal with notes that I began taking just the day before. The table was angled higher than the seat, putting me in an uncomfortable position if I were to rely on it for support, so I settled for my lap instead - I wasn't doing much writing anyways.

I start reviewing what I had written on the development of werewolves inside the womb. The process was virtually the same as human pregnancy except for the notable superhuman qualities that would cause some different developmental processes, especially in humans. Human mothers have a tendency to take on were-like qualities, such as increased senses and metabolic processes. These are used as a benefit for both mother and child considering that the child is already significantly more powerful than their carrier and so mothers must develop in order to survive.

"Can I borrow a highlighter please?" I ask Emerson easily. He looks away from the screen and reaches into a drawer below him. I try to take it but it doesn't budge, "Hm?" I give him my attention.

"My meeting is in 10 minutes. It's with a group of our oldest partners and really nothing important, just updates and briefings. But news has been traveling about your appearance so don't be surprised if a couple introductions have to be made." I nod with a toothless smile, "How's studying?" He teases glancing down at my journal.

"Interesting," I glanced to the side, back at the mesmerizing view, "There's so much to know. Such little time,"

"What do you mean little time?" He stands, packing some papers into his briefcase- preparing to leave.

"Like before our official mating process and -"

"Woah, Woah, Woah," he chuckles lightly putting down all papers and briefcase, "when's our official mating?" Humor danced in his eyes.

"I don't know 2 to 3 years?"

"And what if I don't ask by then?" He laughs his head tilting back.

"You don't have to ask, we're doing it regardless," I say matter-of-factly.

He smiles and looks at his watch before grabbing his stuff, "Well it's a good thing I love you huh?" He kisses my cheek, "Use the computer if you need, the password is under the keyboard."

"Thanks," I smile and grab my stuff settling behind his desk instantly.

I think about what was most concerning to me, as a human mated to a were. The shadiness of my past and the circumstantial instances I've found myself in these past couple of days. The memories, remembering traveling to the were world, being arrested... Without much further though my body seemed to take control of itself not needing my brain to make such an easy decision. My wrists tremble as the I tap on each key, my palms sweating in anxiety. This was the only thing that would make sense right?

Do you think Adira could be part wolf?
Yeah! It's obvious!
Um... Maybe? I need more information.
No, all those things that she experienced are just part of mating with a were wolf.
Absolutely not!
Published: 6/19/2017
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