Not My Territory - Chapter 6

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I waited until I was sure everyone was asleep and glanced over at the clock. 2:13AM. Anthony was the last to go to sleep, I watched him shuffle into Charice's room. Their room. I shake away any side-tracking as my blood is replaced with nothing but pure adrenaline despite the pounding that was in my skull. It's been that way since 10 ish when I came up to my room, but I wouldn't let anything get in the way of me finding out whose eyes those were. I needed to see them again, breathe them in, let their silky gold soak my skin.

I smile to myself now at the thought of it all. I wait a few more minutes, not even yawning. As if all the slumber in the house was activated at once a stillness seemed to wash over me. I smile again, jumping softly to my feet. I wore socks this time. I'd be warm this way! I quietly opened my door and closed it just as stealthily being careful to not wake Chester. I tiptoe down the stairs and out the back like this morning. Excited, I take a deep breath as I sink my feet in the left over steps from earlier.

I walk up to exactly the same spot at the fence looking out and around to see if I'd be able to spot those eyes again. Maybe even their owner this time. Anxious I look all around, up in the trees and down in the forest, behind some bushes and over the twists and turns of what was around me. I heard a twig snap in front of me and there they are! Those luminescent eyes! I hear myself sigh, moaning almost. They pull me forward, wanting me to go toward them and though I wanted to with every ounce of my being I couldn't.

Despite the fact that I hadn't moved I saw the eyes come closer, and that's when I realized they weren't....normal. The closer they came to the fence the larger they grew, I became scared but had no voice, nothing to scream with. So I slowly retreat, that action however only seems to give reason for the eyes to come toward me quicker. At this distance I was able to notice the convoluted mania in the irises as they became less beautiful and more cynical, a smile grew beneath these daggered eyes and I also gasp. My eyes widened in fear. Those teeth, they were humongous, canines larger than the length of my hand, from fingertip to wrist, eyes the size of my fist and a growl that caused my bones to shake.

What was this?! It's smile remained and I saw the fire in its eyes. I fell backwards into the snow, still attempting to crawl away from this beast. It's head shook and as it crawled from the shadowed blanket of the woods and into the moonlight of the backyard, just beyond the fence. It had to be 7 feet tall, it's fur had the thickness of any animal I'd ever laid eyes on. Behind me in the house I heard Chester's barking but couldn't, wouldn't take my eyes off the monster before me.

My breathing became labored, my wrist shook beneath my body, in fact... my whole body shook, and it wasn't because it was cold out. I hear the back door open and slam close as feet rush across the snow, some to me other's..... to that animal! Why would they run toward it!? I look up at Emerson, his hands on the fence ready to jump over as he got in the animal's face. Luckily Victor and Cody managed to pull him back as the animal growled but jogged away. It's giant paws leaving large marks on the untouched snow around.

"Come on sweetie," I hear Chelsea's voice behind me, holding my trembling body.

"I got her," Emerson's voice sings, He stoops down to face me, and though I expect anger, I see nothing but concern, I see love, and fear. After only seeing the mania in those lustful, huge, dreadful massive fireball eyes, I was relieved. So much so that my body began to react to what my mind was still failing to process. Soon, I see the danger I was in, and I lose myself.

My body pushed forward into his embrace and he holds onto me as tightly as I hold him. I feel the tears fall down my face and sink into the fabrics of his cotton shirt.

"It's okay," Emerson soothes me but I can't open my eyes, I can't relax. I can't breathe. Soon I'm lifted off my feet and Emerson carries me inside. I'm still crying hysterically in the crook of his neck when we walk into the warmth of the house and even beginning up the stairs.

"What are you going to do?" I hear Victor's voice ring behind us. Emerson turns sideways to face him and I feel their eyes on me, but the tears won't stop, the images won't leave. The eyes were even scarier than my father's. And that's saying something. That wasn't a regular wolf or snow animal. What was that? And how did it find me? What was it going to do? My body shakes with a tremor, I squeeze my eyes shut trying to block out the images that seem to have already sewn themselves into my memory.

"Adira?" Emerson calls. I must've missed something he said, I was overthinking, hyperventilating at the least, "You're okay with me being in your room?"

I nod softly, tears still rushing down my cheeks to escape the darkness of my thoughts, my bottom lip quivering. I must've looked weak and though my body still ached, especially while being held like this for so long, I never wanted him to let go. I was petrified and shameless. I wasn't concerned about if he was still upset about our argument the night before, or even my encounter this morning. No I was truly and solely terrified at what it was that I saw. By now I was emotionally and physically drained. What was that? Emerson's gaze lands on me with such sadness that I almost stopped so he wouldn't have that look anymore.

"Yeah, so I'll stay until she falls asleep." Emerson responds.

I look up at him horrified. He can't leave me! Why would he do that?! What if- "I'm sorry," He notices my panicking, "I'll stay as long as you want."

My wrist continues to shake and I hear Chance's sigh as he mumbles something along the lines of, "They're going to pay." Anthony taps his back supporting whatever it was that he said.

I couldn't believe what I just saw. What was that...that creature?! Were we safe in the house knowing it was out there?! What if there was more of them?! What then?!

Victor walks over me and touches my forehead lovingly, and I almost gasp at the sudden contact. He sighs sadly then places a curl behind my ear and gives me an encouraging smile, "It's okay. You're fine now."

I nod, still crying. My eyes are heated and my chest hurts from all this stress. I squeeze my hands as tightly as I possibly could to calm this shaking but it only seems to intensify. Emerson mentions something else to those around him before holding me closer and proceeding up the stairs and to my room. He opens the door and the darkness of my room takes me back to the forest where that, beast was. I grip Emerson's shirt tightly, terror rushing through my veins. He notices and flips the switch on immediately. I'm more relieved but still find myself looking around to see if anything was there, in the shadows of the door or curtains. He walks over and carefully lays me on my bed, and though I miss the comfort of his arms my aching body feels relieved, especially my hips. He peels my icy wet socks off my feet, rubbing them with his hands slightly and despite it all I smile. This makes him happy.

He walks over to the closet and pulls out a heater plugging it into the wall, then a pair of fuzzy socks which he lovingly slides on my feet.. He proceeds by pulling the blankets back then helping me climb underneath. He walks back over to turn the light off, but I panick, sitting up in the bed immediately.

"I'm not leaving, I'm just going to flip these off then sit right next to you until you fall asleep."

I relax a bit and watches him as he flips the light off allowing the moonlight to reveal itself. I panic. But not for long considering Emerson was sitting in a chair next to my bed within the next second. His hand found mine easily and he brought it up to his lips, pecking it lightly.

I gaze up at him and despite the darkness in the room, I can see him perfectly, but not just his physical self, rather I see him, his caring personality and loving nature. It was kind of poetic if you think about it, despite the darkness that seems to loams over me and all the memories I have, I can still see Emerson and he can see me. Both entirely for who we really are. I continue to gaze and I see him. All that perfection that I pushed away, and hurt and refused to explain myself to. I see the love he has for his family and friends, I see the protective and territorial things too. All this in the dark as I gaze up at him I see it all. I see myself, cuddled up deep within the remnants of his heart. I see it pulsing and feel myself let go of his hand.

He gazes at me confused and worried for a second, probably thinking I'd push him away again. But what else can I do? I can't stay here. Right? Well my father hasn't some looking and knowing him after the first night I bet he'd just hope I was dead. Not that I blamed him. Maybe staying here would be the best option, especially knowing that those.....creatures were out there I wouldn't want to leave at all.

And like Victor and Chelsea said they'd help me, maybe with their help I could find a way to repay them sometime in the future.

"Adira?" Emerson was whispering now.

I look up at him and reach out for his hand and he takes hold of it softly, "Are you okay?"

I nod, "Tired?"

I was too terrified to sleep so I shook my head. He nods and stands to flip the light back on.He grabs my small whiteboard and markers and sits in front of me in my bed, "Let's talk."

"What about?" I write quickly wanting to discuss anything but what I'd just experienced. Maybe clearing my mind would help me deal with it all.

He shrugs, "Tell me things about you." He seemed genuinely interested.

"I....don't know what to say" I write the first thing that comes to mind.

He smiles, "Do you prefer waffles or pancakes? Are you a morning person? What side of the bed do you like best? What's your favorite season of the year? Everything."

I blush intensely at the rush of his questions, "Waffles, blueberry to be exact, I am a morning person, I prefer the side closer to the window, and autumn." I answer all his questions in one sweep, "What about you?"

"I prefer pancakes," He smiles, " I am also a morning person, I like whichever side, and winter." I smile at his answers and before I can say anything else he scoops some of my hair behind my ear gently. He looks me in the eyes and whispers, "Tell me about your ideal date."

A guy has never asked me that before. I blushed intensely and he soaks it all up with a beautiful smile, "I don't think I have one date in particular that I'd find ideal but I do like things some girls would find...less ideal," I begin, "I enjoy using make up and getting all dressed up and stuff but I'd rather watch a movie at home than go out on a fancy date."

"Why's that?" He moves a bit closer to me.

"I don't know. I guess to me it's the smaller things that matter," I think about this part and write all the words that come to mind, " It's not what everyone else can see but rather what I see, when I'm with you." I then realized my implication, "I mean you as in-" He takes the board from my grasp.

"Don't cover it up Adira," He says softly, "You meant me."

I blush and nod, yawning a bit with my answer, doubling my embarrassment, " I really do care about you," He takes my hands in his much larger ones, and strokes them with his thumbs, "And because of my feelings for you, I have to take care of you."

I painfully release his hands and pick the board back up and to write,"I don't like taking hand-outs. I hate it actually, because I feel so obligated to repay it. I don't want to ruin your lives here. You're all so happy."

"How could you ruin my life?" He asks honestly, "You're everything I've ever wanted and will ever need. You're the reason I'm so happy."

I'm taken aback by the boldness of his statements and he notices, "Just stay with us please. You can't see it yet, but if you left it would cause more harm than good."

"But what if I can't repay you all for these things?" I write fearfully, "I don't like the idea of owing you all."

"Repayment isn't necessary, you know that mom and dad would never take money from you for anything." He says this with utmost confidence.

I nod, "I still want to repay them somehow." I say stubbornly.

"I'll take what I can get." He smiles, "We can do this. Just stay with me and we'll be okay." He rests his forehead on mine.

I pull away to write something, "I'm not sure if I'm good at relationships, like I always end up doing something-"

He takes the marker from my grasp and places it along with the whiteboard on the nightstand next to us, "Just take it a step at a time with me. I'll go by your pace and you meet me at mine. That's all I ask, sound fair?"

I was relieved and smiled at him with a nod.

We continue speaking for another half hour or so before I yawn again slightly, "You need to try to get some sleep." He flips the light off and I feel my anxiety returning before he rushes back to my side. I'm getting ready to fall asleep when I make the fatal mistake of eye contact. I get lost in the sea of his hazel eyes, they weren't the fire like those other eyes I'd seen, the ones that lured me in then horrified me a minute later. Then I hear him repeat my thought as he says to me"Gosh you're beautiful."

I blush intensely looking away, "Hey, you have to keep looking at me when I say stuff like that." He laughs directing my chin to face him again.

I blush but keep this eye contact that seems to provide me with fresh air and a lightness like none other.

"You should go to bed," He says staring down at my lips. I nod unashamedly mesmerized at his, "You must be tired." He leans forward as I nod at his statement, "With all that's happened this past... week" His nose is touching mine and I can taste him, his atmosphere holds me in, it's embrace. His hand reaches up to hold my cheek and I feel my eyes flutter close.

"What are you doing to me Adira?" He asks me a question I can't answer. Was I doing anything to him at all? I wasn't sure. After all the pain I've put him through I wouldn't think he'd think much about me anymore. My thoughts would've roamed further had I not felt his lips graze over mine slightly, but just like that my body was aflame. Minimal to no contact and my nerve endings were on fire, I thought I would explode and he comes closer. Deepening the kiss was an effortless action, that was readily welcomed when-

The door opens and the light from the hallway spills into the room. Like deer at the headlight Emerson and I freeze. "Oh!" I hear Charice's gasp and I could almost feel the squeal radiating through her pores, "Sorry guys Chester kept whining to come in," I see a tired Chester jog in before falling to the ground with a thump, "Have a good night, not that was an issue-"

"Out," Emerson growls. I hear Charice's giggle beyond the door.

I smile at him now, glancing over at Chester to see if he was okay. I look back at Emerson and all the blood rushes to my cheeks. He smiles at me and leans forward so we could hopefully finish what we started but Chase begins to whine. At first I'm able to ignore it but it only becomes louder in my ears.

Emerson sighs sadly and rests his head on my shoulder. I smile and stroke the back of his neck gently.

I glance at the clock and it says 3:48. Emerson pulls away slightly and kisses my forehead before directing me to climb under my covers and get some sleep. Though my lips burn as if they were still recovering from an electric shock, I was in a state of bliss, I soon find myself asleep.

The eyes were following me now, I was running down the road as fast as I could go, but nothing seemed fast enough. There was fire on either side of the path so I couldn't escape, the fire was always there. They were catching up to me I knew it. I could feel its breath at the back of my neck near the accumulation of sweat despite the cold around me. My hand hit something and a crash sounded beyond me. I ignored it and kept running and running but the growl was loud and caused my knees to shake. I fell back, refusing to look up but having no other choice. I saw the beast before me standing tall with that hideous grin on its face, it was circling me now basically analyzing its prey. I was weak and defenseless, suddenly however the most heinous thing happened the giant wolf's head transformed into my father's. It's sharp teeth was replaced by the yellow of his and they held a similar grin and dominating stance.

"Look who thought she got away." He said tauntingly, I began crawling backwards my wrist shaking beneath me. He laughed, "Still just as weak as I left you. Well don't worry honey, daddy's gonna find you soon enough." I began shaking my head, "And when I do, you're gonna wish you never left!" He then pounced!

"Adira." I heard my voice being said but couldn't focus on it considering the pulsing in my neck. Was it all a nightmare?

"Adira, I need you to focus on my voice." Chance said now.

I looked up searching for his eyes but saw a sea of golden eyes! Fire! No no no! I spring from the bed despite the pain in my lower body. I wouldn't let him take me back! He can't!

"Adira!" Suddenly someone had me in his grip, I tried to squirm away but their grip was too strong. Quickly I forced by elbow into their midsection as hard as I could. He groaned and I took the opportunity to free myself and dash toward the door.

"Wait!" A voice beyond me called, suddenly the light was flipped on and I was able to evaluate my surroundings. I was in the room in Emerson's house, by the door. Looking behind me I saw Emerson wiping his now bloody nose and Anthony groaning on the ground. Did I do that to them? Oh Gosh!

I gasped forgetting my injuries for a minute. I regret it instantly, gripping my throat I begin to fall to my knees as the pain there worsens by the second. I hear the thumping of my heart in my ears, my limbs weaken and my brain goes to jelly. Behind me, the person at the door reaches forward grabbing me by the waist as my body swayed forward in exhaust.

"What's going on? What happened?" the voice asks.

"Adira kicked Anthony and Emerson's asses." Charice jokes beyond me.

I can't focus or react for that matter because it was if my body was giving in, giving up. Kind of like that night on Stone Death Cliff. Except now I have more reason to live, right? Was anything really any different? It's only been a week and I'm sure, despite what they say, my life isn't worth this much to them. If I were gone they may mourn but they would get over it eventually.My body is failing me but I don't panic. I let it happen. Just like that night on Stone Death Cliff, except this time I hoped to open my eyes again. Maybe I just need some sleep.

When I wake, my body is at peace and for a slight second I thought I was dead. It was kind of a relief. I look ahead of me confirming that in fact I was alive. The lights are off and I panic, I'm about to get out of bed when a figure by the closed window catches my eye. I can only see the silhouette of a woman but by the looks of it, that wasn't Chelsea or Charice. She seemed smaller somehow yet held so much authority in her shoulders her stance, ready to protect and to pounce. I wasn't afraid of her and for a full five minutes we just stared at each other. The softness of her brown hair and the calm stillness in the hard eyes reminded me of... myself. I see her hesitation to walk toward me, into the moonlight so I could see her features but I knew deep down that wouldn't happen. Within me I feel something shift.

Suddenly the door knob begins to turn, my head shot in that direction for nothing more than a second. I glance back toward the spot by the window only to see the soft wind from outside pushing the curtains slightly. She was gone, and as soon as she left, a crippling fear reentered my mind. What if that- that thing from earlier was able to come in? Or worse, my father? The tears started to stream down my face.

"Sweetie?" Chelsea's voice filled the emptiness of the room. I looked up toward her, my face stained with tears and it was as if I saw her motherly instincts kick in. She rushes to my side and takes hold of my hand before pulling me into her chest where I cried a bit harder. My chest aches and I make a pained groan, "Take it easy honey, Chance said you shouldn't stress too much."

She pulls me away and wipes my tears with her thumbs, "It's okay, you're safe." She smiles.

I reach forward for my mini-whiteboard and marker, but she hands them to me carefully. I take them in my hands and begin to write feverishly, "Can we go downstairs please?" I don't know why the words found themselves on the board, in fact I didn't remember writing much of it. I was only sure of two things, one was that I was scared and confused and in pain and the second was that nothing good seemed to happen to me whenever I'm alone in this room.

"Okay let me go ask Chance if-" She began to leave but I take hold of her hand terrified, "It'll only be a second sweetie I promise." I shook my head feverishly, I knew I must've looked like a spoiled scared child, but I couldn't help it. I was petrified. "I really shouldn't take you out of bed, Chance said-"

I hold her hand again looking in her eyes will all the pleading my body could muster, she smiles and sighs calmly, "Okay honey, let's go." Carefully she threw my arm over her shoulder and surprisingly held my body up with enough support for me to exert minimal to no energy. We walked through the dimly lit hallway and down the stairs.

"Did you check up on her?" Chance asks Chelsea not yet seeing my body.

"Woah! I thought she was supposed to stay in bed?" Anthony exclaims from the couch.

"I couldn't help it!" Chelsea defends herself, "She really wanted to leave the room."

Victor walks over and helps to carry me to the couch next to where Charice was sitting. I rested my head on the pillow behind me, feeling exhausted for no reason.

"Why didn't you call for me?" Chance asked, "I really think she should stay in bed."

"Have you ever seen her pout?" Chelsea begins, "It's like saying no to a little innocent pup." I smile to myself, taking slow breaths through my nostrils.

"How you feeling?" Charice asks rubbing my arm gently.

I look to Charice wondering if I should sign or write, "you can sign sweetheart." Chelsea assures me

So, with trembling hand I begin, "I'm okay." Chelsea says for me before adding, "No she's not."

"We should probably consider getting her placed in another room." Victor contemplates looking at Chelsea for her input.

"I agree, but where should we-"

I then begin to sign, "It's really no trouble. I'll be okay there's no need to make extra accommodations."

Chelsea was the only one who understood me, "it's not a problem Adira, trust me. We have more than enough space to-"

"But honestly, it's okay I don't mind staying there." I refuse immediately.

"She can stay in my room till she feels more comfortable to move back in hers," Emerson offers up now.

"I'm sure you'd love that." Anthony teases making Chance and Charice laugh a bit.

"Especially considering the promising positions I found you two in earlier." Charice feels the need to add. I glare at her and she laughs softly.

"Would that be okay with you Adira?" Victor asks ignoring everyone's childish behavior, with a smile.

I think about it slightly and look over at Emerson, before nodding.

"I really recommend you go back to sleep," Chance states worried.

"I can't." Chelsea says for me. I wonder if mentioning that giant thing was the best thing to do right now but it was killing me.

"Maybe some time in the piano room or basement painting might get your mind off things?" Victor mentioned.

"Guys seriously, " Chance was getting frustrated, "Any exertion of energy could leave her worse off than just not having a voice temporarily. We're talking about permanent damage. She needs rest."

His point caught my attention. Permanent damage?! No no no! I started freaking out.

"Good job Chance now you scared her!" Charice snaps holding on to me. Chance glares at her about to make a snappy comment when Chelsea steps in.

"Okay everyone relax!" She sighs, "A lot has happened in the past 24 hours and I'm sure Adira is having some difficulty processing it. As a family it is our duty to help her during this time. Considering Chance is a medical professional we must take his advice seriously, and that is to get Adira to bed."

"I'll carry her." Emerson offers up.

"How's our nose?" Victor asks him softly.

"Good," Emerson assure him. Victor nods patting his back and Emerson lifts me in his arms bridal style. Despite the circumstances (and pain) I can't help but blush.

"And remember what Chance said," Charice begins speaking, "Any exertion of energy could-"

"Shut up!" Emerson sings walking up the stairs.

We get to Emerson's room and I take a minute to soak in what it's like. There's a poster of some band on the wall that I have no idea about. It smells like pinecones and is very neatly organized. He lays me in his bed and pulls up a bean bag chair next to where I lay. Despite this he sat in front of me in the bed, and for a second I think about holding back all the fears that still crippled my soul, I thought about not expressing my fear of being found by my father, but then I saw it in his eyes. I saw it. He was preparing for me to cover it all up, he was disappointed but wouldn't dare say anything about, he wouldn't want to push me. He cared. So I cried.

He held my body in his arms protecting me from dangers unseen. I felt my body and wrist shaking from some fear inside. I wasn't just crying because of what I saw earlier. No. I was crying because of my life, or rather my lack of one.

"Adira, please don't cry anymore." Emerson begged me but I couldn't stop. The tears kept flowing, the memories came along with them.

He lifted me in his lap and rested against the headboard of his bed. I cried harder holding him close to me. He held my body softer than I held his. I was desperate and he was my life source, he was saving me by allowing me to drown. He ran his hands down my back comfortingly and I couldn't help as my body shook around his.

"Adira," He pulled my red puffy face away from his body, looking in my slightly swollen eyes, "Please, you're killing me."

I knelt down to face him, straddling his lap. The hurt on his face was palpable. But I couldn't stop. I wouldn't. My arms fell around his neck and he hugged my waist tenderly considering the bruises there and along my sides. I cried harder and harder for as long as I could remember.

"Hey is she asleep?" There was a crack in the door as Anthony stepped inside.

My crying had dimmed down but the tears still fell as I rested my head on his shoulder with my arms loosely around his neck.

"Oh gosh," He says dismayed, "How long has she been crying?"

"An hour and a half now." Emerson states.

Anthony growls and says something beneath his breath. Something I can't decipher, but didn't care for much. They began speaking and I found myself tightening my hold around his neck and pulling my body closer, burying my face in his neck. He straightened up a bit to ensure I was comfortable.

"Aw man, that must be torturous for so many reasons," Anthony said for him.

Emerson merely smiled and stroked my hair gently. My tangled, messy jungle of hair. Anthony left, and I sat there in his lap still sniffling but not crying as hard as before.

"Feel better?" He asks trying to get a glimpse of my face. But by now I was embarrassed, too embarrassed to face him, "Adira? Look at me please?"

I shake my head on his shoulder, "Please?"

I decide to back away and faced him with my head hung, he lifted my chin with his finger but I turned away, "You're still beautiful, with your puffy eyes, and red nose. So please just look at me."

I look up at him, with my hands still resting on my lap. I met his gaze and saw my pain reflected in his eyes. My body went cold, my mind was still and my heart went racing. He was so breath-taking. So so so breath-taking. I forgot to do regular things when he looks at me the way he does right now. His hands reached for my face and I close my eyes as contact is made. He strokes my cheeks.

"What did he do to you?" Though the question is directed toward me, I felt as if he didn't want a verbal answer, not that I could give one anyway, "He broke you."

I folded my lips knowing he was speaking of my father, more tears drained down my face, he wiped them and held my face up, "You're not going back." He says to me, "Okay?" I nod in his hold.

I can't allow myself to be hurt by that heinous being anymore, this was my life and I had to claim it somehow. Right?

"If he comes back, he better get ready for a fight," He whispers holding my face close to his. Our foreheads were touching and his eyes were closed, as he thought deeply. He took a quick breath and finally opened his eyes meeting my gaze, "This will be the last night you stay up crying. I will make it my personal duty to ensure you never feel as much, fear and pain as you've felt these past 24 hours and 18 years. I will show you how beautiful and strong you are. I promise you that."

I can't understand his words fully and I think he knows that. Something in his eyes tell me that in time I'd understand the full extent of his confession and his promise. I hold him close and he squeezes my body.

"You're okay." He kisses the side of my head, "Ready to get some sleep?"

I pull away and face him mouthing my words carefully, "I want to sleep, but I have nightmares."

"Okay, how about this," He begins to negotiate, "We leave the lights on and I'll stay awake until you fall asleep, and even when you do fall asleep we can communicate there to ensure there are no nightmares. Sounds good?"

I smile softly nodding. He pulls the covers down and I climb beneath, He follows my lead and pulls me close to his body. It was as if all physical barriers had broken over the past couple hours. With that promise came so much more. And I felt ready for it all. I was comfortable in his embrace, it felt right to be there. He held my body close and kissed my forehead and finally just next to my lips.

I closed my eyes and for the first time that night I felt no fear.


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