Not My Territory - Chapter 7

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"You're okay?" I was dreaming now and saw Emerson just a bit beyond me.

"Yeah," I speak softly.

"I mean it you know," he then walks up to me taking hold of my waist, pulling me into his atmosphere, "I promise I will fix this honey."

"You don't have to fix anything, you're not obligated to." I say now that I can think clearly.

"I am. You're hurt and you're mine," he leans down to my lips planting a quick but toe-curling kiss there, "and to see you not achieve your full potential because of past experiences makes me upset."

I smile, dropping it. I needed to learn to accept help. And Emerson was more than willing to help me, "Okay." He smiles relieved, "What happened to your nose earlier?"

He laughed, "Well apparently while we were sleeping you had a nightmare and punched me in your sleep."

My eyes widen and I gasp covering my mouth, "Are you serious?"

He laughed a bit nodding. I knew I hurt Anthony but had no idea about Emerson. That was probably the crash I heard during my dream. "I'm so sorry." I say feeling guilty.

"Hey don't worry about it, didn't cause much damage. It's actually a good thing knowing my girl can defend herself."

"Your girl?" I can't help but ask.

"Too quick?" He teases taking a step closer, "Should I say baby? Honey? Sweetie?" He leans down to my lips, tilting my chin upward so our lips could meet, "You're mine Adira, doesn't really matter what I call you."

"I don't remember agreeing to that." I joke on his lips.

"Ha, ha, ha. Funny." He jokes making me laugh as my hands find themselves around his neck.

"Get some sleep baby," he encourages, "It's late."

I nod and slowly drift away.

"Well aren't we happy." Someone's voice rings beyond, maybe Cody's, I plan on ignoring it, so I try to go back to sleep, "We searched all night, and Justine and I think we might've gotten something." At the sound of her name I open my eyes and I see the sunshine spilling through the window behind me.

I stretch a bit but my muscles ache instantly, I reach forward to grab hold of Emerson but he isn't there. I open my eyes fully and look in the bed, it's empty.

"I'm right here," he climbs back in his spot and I wrap my arms around him again. My leg is thrown over his and he laughs softly covering my body with the blanket entirely.

"Okay I'll leave you guys to it." The voice sounded again, "I'll have Anthony send up the food once mom finishes up."

Maybe it was Chance.

Emerson nods settling next to me. I went back to sleep instantly and his arms resettled by my waist. When he moved again, by the smell, it was to take food from Anthony. I decided to give him his space to eat and so rolled over to my other side. I surprisingly went back to sleep and when I finally woke up I was facing Emerson, who had me wrapped in his embrace. I smile and snuggle further into his neck.

"Ready to get out of bed?" He teases.

I smile nodding. I stretch a bit, regretting it immediately but trying not to show it, "Charice brought some more clothes over. I put it in the bathroom and there's an extra towel and loofa and I brought over your toothbrush."

I nod, "Thank you," I mouth.

He helped me out of bed and I went to the bathroom to freshen up. After glancing at myself in the mirror, I almost screamed. I looked dreadful! Ignoring that I stripped down and stepped inside the shower I lathered and washed my hair. I definitely needed to get my hair products. I dried myself clean and slipped into the blue jeggings and white t-shirt with a gray cardigan. Pretty fancy honestly, I wonder why. I step out of the bathroom still drying my hair only to hear Emerson's whistle. I smile shaking my head at him.

"You look cute." He joins me by the door and carefully supports my body as we head downstairs.

We walk down to the scent of pancakes and bacon filling the room. My stomach growls and I'm reminded of the fact that I can't eat any of it. I'm greeted by happy smiles as I settle in the couch.

"I'll be right back," Emerson says to me. I smile blushing lightly as he makes sure I'm okay before rushing off.

"Good morning to you. Are you feeling better?" Charice asks.

I make a gesture with my hands that means so-so. "Good morning love!" Chelsea walks in with the biggest smile on her face. She kisses my forehead and ruffles Chance's hair as he heads toward me with the syringe.

"Why are you in such a good mood?" Anthony asks Chelsea.

"Well if you must know, while you guys go do your stuff Charice, Adira and I are going to some shopping! I'm so excited!"

That explained the clothes. It made sense now, Chance sat in front of me and after greeting me checked my eyesight with a small light. After that he took the liquid from a small bottle into the syringe. I search for Emerson, in a small panic.

"Ready?" Chance asked. Charice was already by my side, holding my hand gently.

"Wait." Emerson rushed in at last minute and sat by my other side. He interlocked our fingers and kissed my hand, "Okay we're ready."

My heart melted a bit. I glanced up at him and he winked at me. I almost laughed but shook my head instead, just then Chance inserted the needle and though it hurt severely and I was still reminded of my horrible father only a tear fell down my face. I squeeze my eyes shut as I feel the liquid pushed into my veins. Soon Chance carefully slides the needle out and wipes away any residual blood.

"You're okay?" Emerson looks in my eyes pushing a curl to the side. I nod and he smiles, "I'll see you later then. Have fun shopping." He kisses the side of my head softly and basically frolics off.

I give Charice a questioning look, and she shrugs, "They always get this giddy. Like little kids at a candy store."

"Okay," Chance returned with a pair of crutches, "So you'll be able to walk around without wearing anyone out."

I smile and after a few instruction I get the hang of it, being sure to use my stronger hip to support my body. It would get tiring over time but Charice confirmed that we'd be home by then. I smiled and Chelsea skipped with the keys and her bag in hand.

"And don't you dare worry about the prices of anything missy," She said speaking to me, "If you'll be staying here for some time you need all the necessary materials. And I don't plan on returning to your home to get them so everything must be replaced!"

"I haven't seen mom this excited in months," Chance laughs at Victor.

"Don't buy a house!" Victor yells as we leave.

Chelsea merely laughs as we walk down the porch steps. Just then Justine pulls up in her car, "What's everyone doing?" She asks Charice.

"Us gals are going shopping if you'd like to join." Chelsea chimed.

"Is Emerson here?" My body tenses. Is she serious?! Am I not right here? I felt myself... getting... getting... territorial. Emerson was mine. She had no right to-

Suddenly a voice ran through my head, "Don't worry. She won't do anything." It was Emerson. I looked back to see him leaning against the door frame. He winks and I smile, "I'm here. What's up?"

"Nothing. I'll be staying, then."

I glared at Justine and I hope it pierces her soul but she merely smiles still looking at Emerson behind us. I continue to Chelsea's fancy looking car. I carefully hop in and we begin our day of fun.

5 hours later...

I smile trying my hardest not to laugh at the story I was being told. We were sitting in the food court at a really fancy mall. It was one I'd always glance at on my way to work but knew I'd never be able to afford going into.

"So anyway after I separated Emerson and the little boy, he had a bloody nose and the reddest face!" Chelsea continues with a slight giggle.

"And that was the last boy to ever talk to me until Anthony." Charice whines.

I smile happily and look around at all the bags we had. I found all my hair products, which were my main concern honestly. I bought some clothes and a winter coat, seeing this winter was becoming brutal. I also got some spring dresses and shorts for those spontaneously great days. We were catching a breath now before heading back home.

"How are you feeling my dear?" Chelsea asks rubbing my back gently.

I smile nodding and resting my head on her shoulder, "Are you sure there isn't anything else we can get you?" I smile shaking my head.

I was ready to leave my arms were starting to get tired and sore. I also felt bad for all this money we spent but I dared not mention it to Chelsea. She picked up on the fact that I was looking for the cheapest items and scolded me grandly.

"Okay are you both ready? The guys should be home by now." Chelsea mentions.

I nod and so does Charice. She helps me to my feet and we head back to the parking lot.

"I can't wait to see dad's face after he sees all we bought." Charice smiles.

I smile as well, nodding at her comment.

"Your father will be more than satisfied, considering-"

"Adira Chesterfield?!" I heard the voice and swore every blood cell in body chilled. I froze for a minute and my wrist began to shake.

I continued to walk, in fact at a faster pace, "Adira! It's me Jenna!"

I knew who she was. She caught up to Charice, Chelsea and I just was we arrived at the van. She took hold of my shoulder and came in front of me. I saw her strawberry blonde hair and radiant smile first. Then her perfect teeth and dimpled cheeks under her blue as sky eyes. I hated it all.

"Oh my gosh! I haven't seen you in the longest!" She pulls me in for a hug despite my injuries and I almost yelp.

"Excuse me," Charice steps in, "She's injured you can't just-"

"Anyway," Jenna continued despite Charice's voice, "How've you been? What are you doing here?!" Her giggle fills the parking lot and my gut seems to melt to mush.

"As I was saying Ms. Chesterfield has a meeting to attend and considering her injuries we need as much time as we can get to board the plane." Charice says shocking both Jenna and I, though I try to hide my surprise and humor more.

"Plane?" Jenna asks finally acknowledging Charice.

Charice loads the back of the van with Chelsea, "Yes, her private jet. Now you're taking up unwanted time, so if you'd like to speak to Ms. Chesterfield, please schedule an appointment online. Thank you!" Suddenly I'm being moved to the inside of the car.

Chelsea then begins to speak, "The representatives from Beijing are on the line waiting for updates. We need to move."

I carefully settle and buckle up. Charice walks to the front and hops in as well.

"Oh...well we'll catch up another time then." Jenna says still stunned. Chelsea backs up and drives off. Once on the highway nothing could mask the laughter in my heart. Charice and Chelsea laughed out loud though.

"I can't believe you did that," I signed to her.

Chelsea translated and Charice turned in her chair to face me, "I could smell the bitch just oozing out of her pores." Chelsea laughed instead of scolding her like I expected, "And not to mention you tensed up like a deer at the headlights as soon as you heard her voice. Who is she anyway?"

"We were once best friends, but now she just finds opportunities to make fun of my upbringing and my dad." I summed up for them.

"She is a bitch." Chelsea says making me want to burst out into laughter. I smile and continue to look out of the window jamming to music as we returned home. Home.

As the drive goes on I can't help but find my mind drifting off to Emerson. I missed him. It had only been a couple hours but I missed his touch his look, his everything.

"I told you not to buy the entire house!" Victor yells from the porch, now. There all the guys were sitting relaxed. I look for Emerson and am relieved to see him heading over to the van.

"Damn bro, she only left for a couple of hours." Cody jokes at him. Emerson throw him the finger and continues to head my way.

I begin to unbuckle my seat belt excitedly, and glance up to meet Chelsea's eyes. I blush out of embarrassment but she only smiles and gives me a wink before sliding out of the car.

Emerson then opens my door and despite my urge to pounce him with every ounce of energy that I have left, I wave to him slightly.

"That's all I get? A wave?" He jokes.

I smile as he leans in for a kiss, "Thank you," He says after pulling away slightly. He carefully helps me to my feet.

"Did you enjoy shopping?" Victor asks.

I nod enthusiastically and Anthony goes down to help with the bags, "And boy do we have a story for you!" I hear Charice's voice as we step inside.

"Ready for your shot?" Chance asks as I sit in the couch. I nod excited, wanting to soothe the horrible hunger that was raging my insides.

"How are you feeling other than hungry?" Chance asks as he heads to get the medicine, "Light headed, weak?"

I nodded at both, resting my head on Emerson's shoulder, exhaling softly. He kisses my forehead gently and rubs his thumb across my knuckles gently. Chance returns with the needle and asks for me to sit upward, I follow what he asks though it takes more effort than I thought it would've.

He flicks the needle and I feel the memories of the past beginning to return, my wrist starts to shake. I look over at Emerson and he places his forehead on mine and kisses my nose. My brain goes clear, all the fog is clean and my mind and body are both put to ease.

I don't even feel when Chance puts the needle in.

"I like the taste of your lips gloss." Emerson whispers and my face goes red, "What's that flavor?" He thinks mockingly, "Cherry?" He leans in and gives me a quick peck.

"Nope. Hm... maybe it's Strawberry." His voice was low and deep. He leans in again and gives me another quick kiss and I feel my toes curling in my sneakers.

I looked over Chance and hoped he wasn't feeling uncomfortable. There wasn't even a hint of that. He smiled at us and left to pack away all his instruments. Emerson led my face back to his and I looked around for a minute. There wasn't anyone inside so my comfort builds itself.

"Not into PDA?" He asks me and I'm pulled forward.

I shake my head, "Good thing there isn't anyone around then huh," He leans in and kisses my lips gently. I move forward a bit but he backs away slightly. I look up at him confused and he nods toward the door, people were coming in. I felt like groaning disappointedly.

He notices my mood and smiles, leaning in to my ear, "We'll have more time tonight," He growls before kissing my neck in such a way that makes my legs go weak, I pull my lips in and smile at his comment.

I hear someone whistle beyond us and Emerson growls angrily in response but pulls away anyway. I crossed my legs at the ankles and rubbed the spot on my arm that Chance had just injected, still severely red faced from what Emerson had said.

"So did you ladies get a lot of shopping done?" Victor asks with a smirk still glancing over at Emerson and I.

We all nodded, "Adira has a whole new wardrobe now and hair products etc." Charice informed us as Anthony carried bags upstairs.

"And we bumped into one of her old friends," Chelsea mentions with a smirk. We all smile and I can't help the tiny giggle that escapes. It didn't hurt as much. I hope that means I'm healing.

Chelsea replayed the entire story, in great detail.

"Then we drove off," Charice finishes for her.

"That's great!" Anthony smiles, "I had no idea you had such a distinguished lifestyle." He jokes.

"Exactly! Are we even worthy?" Cody adds.

"I doubt Emerson's even worthy to be your mate." Gavin adds just as I glance out the window with a large smile on my face.

My body freezes, my palms get sweaty and my vision blurs for a second as the room spins around me. A giant figure jumped into the nearby bushes. My heart rate escalates beyond normal ranges and my wrist begins to shake. Was that animal still there?! What if it brought more?! Wolves travel in packs don't they?! I begin to freak out.

"Adira?" Emerson takes hold of my shoulders and turns my face to look at him, "Baby relax."

I make eye contact and my heart seems to relax for a moment.

"Now Adira," Victor begins smoothly, "Don't worry about-"

Suddenly I hear the most terrifying sound I've ever heard. A growl so loud, it causes my bones to rattle in my body, it is followed by a loud howl that was so deathly my vision blurred for a full minute. I hear Victor make a sharp comment to someone and a person rushes out the door.

Charice walks over to my right side and takes hold of my shoulder. Though Emerson was right in front of me I can barely see him, the room is spinning and I feel as if I'm losing my grip on reality. I try not to panic but how can I not.

Victor yells again in the background but my depressive anxiety is already kicking in. My wrist trembles though, I'm gripping onto Emerson's shoulder for dear life, my vision has blurred too much and for now all I see is darkness. Much like my childhood. I'm fearful in this embrace of anxious stillness that I begin to panic. I can never have peace within myself because I can never trust anyone or anything, especially not my own thoughts.

I heard a growling behind me, though I'm alone I shiver in fear. I'm weak and as much as Emerson might try he can't save me from who I am and always will be. Which is a fat, ugly, undeserving piece of scum. I feel a need to release this anger that's harboring within me but I never could before what makes a difference now?

So I sat down, in the darkness of my thoughts and allowed myself to marinate in the 18 years of waste of time and space that embodies my life. I feel myself stopping to breathe. A light appears. I follow it.


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