Not My Territory - Chapter 9

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"What do you mean?" Emerson asks for me.

"Follow me," Chance walks down the stairs, "I was looking over your recent x-rays and saw that all your bones are perfectly aligned. You should be able to speak now."

We get to the living room and down the hall to the medical room where he explained the results of the x-rays.

"So what do we do now?" Emerson asks for me.

"Well, she just...speaks." Chance smiles my way. Emerson also looks down at me and soon Charice and Chelsea are also here.

"Maybe we should go to a bigger room, more airy," Chance suggest. I agree instantly considering it was as if I were becoming claustrophobic.

We sit in the living room and Victor, Anthony, Cody and Gavin also join us. They all looked at me expectantly but I couldn’t find it in myself to speak. I opened my mouth but nothing came out. I was scared. I looked over at Emerson and he smiles and rubbed my hand gently.

"Take your time sweetie," Chelsea smiles.

"Yeah, don’t stress yourself about it," Anthony encourages.

I smile at their encouragement and look up at Emerson, he smiles.

I take a deep breath and I feel no pain, "Hi," I say stupidly. My body jumps awake at the sound of my own voice in the air. Everyone smiles around me relieved. I continue, "Thank you all for being such amazing and supportive people."

There’s a loud applause and I receive hugs from all around.

"This is great! We should celebrate!" Victor yells happily.

"You’re absolutely right! Let’s all go out to lunch and-"

"Wait." I say louder than I thought as I rush over to Chance, "Can I eat?" I ask excitedly.

Chance laughs, "I don’t see why not," I jump excitedly hugging him tightly.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!" I kiss his cheek and rush to the kitchen. I almost open the fridge but then I remembered my manners, "Chelsea, can I have some ice cream please?"

"Of course honey! Go crazy!" I almost scream as I take the tub of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Chip cookie dough ice cream. I serve myself a couple hearty spoonfuls in a bowl and return the tub to the freezer.

I take a huge spoonful and shove it in my mouth. I moan at the taste. My taste buds tingled in delight basically jumping from my tongue as a flavor tsunami rushed through my mouth. I took another spoon full and closed my eyes in bliss.

"Happy?" I hear Emerson ask.

I just nod enthusiastically, he laughs and walks over to taste some of my ice cream but I pull it away.

"Woah! Not sharing?" He smiles.

"Nope not this time." I giggle. He nods and walks over to me giving me a look of happiness that I’d only seen this morning, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

He shrugs, "Just happy to see you smile."

I blush and take another mouthful of my ice cream, He walks over to me and kisses my neck softly, "This way I can hear you moans clearly-"

Someone then clears their throat. Oh Gosh I hope they didn’t hear that! I think embarrassed now.

I look behind Emerson, while taking another spoonful to my mouth, to find Anthony

"Am I interrupting something?" Anthony smirks.

"As if that’s anything new," Emerson jokes.

I giggle, "So we’re gonna go to Casa del sol for lunch," Anthony fills us in.

"Where’s that?" I ask.

"About an hour away," Emerson says, "It’s a really great restaurant."

"Are we dressing up?" I ask a bit quietly.

"Aw no," Anthony thinks, "I don’t think so at least. Anything you wear will be fine I’m sure."

Boys are never really much help with that question. I’ll ask Charice. I leave the boys in the kitchen and head to the living room where she’s talking to Chelsea. She sees me and rushes over for a hug. I’m not a fan of sudden close contact but I grab her with my free arm.

"Thank you for being a sister I’ve always wanted," I whisper so only she hears. She tightens her grip and I’m reminded that though my voice is back the rest of my body isn’t fully healed. I wince a bit and she jumps back.

"I’m so sorry," She apologizes with her hands over her mouth.

I smile, "It’s fine." I take another scoop of ice-cream happily, "So what type of clothes should I wear for this place we’re going?"

"Nothing too fancy," Chelsea fills me in.

"Oh! You should wear that cute burgundy sweater top-"

"Ou!" Chelsea chimed in, "With the black skinny jeans-"

"And leather boots!" I add.

We all laugh and enjoy each other's company. I must say I’ve been waiting for this for the longest, to actually speak with them and connect on another level. On a level that the language barrier seemed to interfere with.

"I never noticed that you have dimples," Cody jokes joining conversation.

I give him a corny smile and everyone laughs.

"Okay ladies and gents we will be leaving in another hour and a half." Chelsea then announces.

That gives me the perfect amount of time to try to finish unpacking. I take another spoonful of my ice-cream and start looking around for Emerson. For a second I forget that I can speak, and I look for Chelsea to translate. But then it hits me.

"Emerson?" I call from my seat in the couch.

"You realize I’m never gonna get sick of hearing that right?" He jokes walking over to me. Victor and Anthony laugh and Gavin shakes his head, "How may I help?"

"Can you bring me to my room please?" I cheese as usual.

"Sure," he agrees, "let’s go." He lifts me without a grunt or struggle and proceeds up the stairs.

"You know that even after I heal I’ll still want you to do this right?" I joke as we go up.

He laughs, "And I’d do it just as willingly."

We walk to my door and he carefully lowers me, my hands run down his chest as I land gently on my feet, and I’m made more aware of our proximity. His hands roam down my back and even lower. I blush into his chest, folding my lips inward as my smile widens.

"Nuh uh, uh," Emerson taunts as he lifts my chin up so our eyes connected. "Still need my help unpacking?"

"Uh...I- Uh…" Great now I can’t talk. Smooth.

He smiles and my chest melts. His hazel eyes shimmered as his sparkling smile filled my universe.

"You’re cute when you’re nervous," He feels the need to mention.

I roll my eyes and he laughs a bit. He begins to gently lead me backwards and soon I feel the wall against my back. I smile and look up at him, running my hands up past his chest and to the base of his neck. His eyes close and I feel… powerful?

The feeling simmers away as he leans down to take my lips. The kiss is soft and gentle, deliciously sweet in the most dangerous of ways. I tippy toe further into him but he pulls away slightly, "People are coming up the stairs," he whispers.

"I don’t care," I say honestly.

He growls with a smile on my lips and I giggle. A couple of seconds later I hear footsteps a bit beyond us along with mumbling. I don’t pay much attention as Emerson takes my bottom lip between his. I feel my eyes roll to the back of my head and his hands grip my waist even tighter. I try to find pleasure in the pain but it becomes too much. I wiggle underneath his touch and he immediately releases.

"Sorry," He whispers on my lips.

"It’s okay," I say softly, "Can you help me unpack?"

"Only if we get to talk the entire time," He says pecking my nose.

I turn to unlock my door when I spot Cody and Anthony at the end of the hallway with smirks on their faces. I blush and proceed into my room and Emerson follows. We start unpacking and talking and soon developed a system, where he’d remove things from their bag and toss them to me, then I’d sort them. We were a good team.

"Wait so you broke your toe?!" I ask laughing a bit.

"Hey!" He scolds, "It’s a serious injury. 10-year-old me was a trooper for having survived such a life-threatening circumstance."

I roll my eyes laughing as he tosses the burgundy shirt I planned on wearing today. Instead of placing that in the closet I threw it on the bed, where he was resting.

"What’s wrong with that shirt?" He asks.

"Nothing. I’m wearing it to lunch today." I fill him in.

"Can’t wait to see that," he flirts.

"Just throw me the next thing," I dodge his compliment with a smile.

"Well lucky for you ma’am we only have three more things left," He fills me in.

"Really?!" I smile, "That was great time, we still have like 45 minutes left."

"Meaning," He jumps to his feet, "We can do a little something before we go out for lunch."

I laugh, "Just give me the rest." He does and we throw out the bags and other trash, soon my room is clean and fully stocked. My room. I smile at all our hard work.

"Well thanks to your foot-dragging now we only have 35 minutes worth of making out to do." He complains.

I laugh, "I have to get dressed, and do my hair, and put on makeup."

He groans, "Ten minutes. Come on I’m begging here."

I laugh, "Five."

He sits on the end of the bed and I walk over to him. As I get closer, I feel that sense of power that I had noticed before. He sat there waiting for me, looking up at me and with a lick, then bite, of his lip, I knew I had him where I wanted him. I joined him by kneeling on either side of his body. He groaned and pulled me down to him, crushing our lips together. He laid back and dragged me back with him. I laugh on his lips and he smiles.

Soon he was above me, kissing my neck, his hands moving up my shirt. I hear myself sigh and feel my fingers tighten on his back. His pelvis begins to move and I gasp arching my back. He kisses further down my neck to my chest and as my eyes roll back, I glimpse the clock.

"Babe," I groan, "I need to start getting ready."

He ignores me and moves further down my body. My body reacts as expected but my brain knows better.

"Emerson," I try to say sternly. He moves further down tugging on the elastic of my pajama pants. My body tells him to do it but my eyes say otherwise. We make eye contact and he reads them. He sighs a bit disappointed but understands.

"Fine," He says, but proceeds to kiss my hips, "I’ll stop being selfish."

I smile, blushing a bit embarrassed now. He climbs above me still between my legs, kissing his way to my lips. I drown in him again, this time his hand slides into my pants. I moan and feel my pelvis jump forward.

It was too late, my back arches and I squeeze my eyes shut as fireworks go off around me. I couldn’t believe this was a feeling, I wasn’t even sure if I were still on planet earth. I felt weak and enlightened all at once, the tips of my toes felt tingly and my midsection was mushy as my legs shook.

"Now, you can get ready," He mocks, kissing my lips again.

"I don’t even think I can walk," I blurt stupidly.

He bites his lip and jumps up to his feet and basically frolics out of the room. I lay there for another second before jumping to my feet. I felt a pain in my legs, but that was more because of my injuries rather than the soreness developing between them. I blush and close my door and slide into my clothes. I spray some perfume on and start on my make up. I apply the basics- foundation, eyeliner, mascara and some lip gloss.

I attack my hair last. I look in the mirror and see myself in a slightly different light. I was happy, my eyes seemed to shine in contrast to my cocoa brown skin. I liked it. I smiled and assess my hair. I decided to embrace the messy curly-ness of its nature. So I wet it a bit and applied a bit of the hair product but left it to coil around in the way it does best and airdry.

I looked at the clock outside my door . Shit! I was supposed to be downstairs 2 minutes ago. I finished my hair. Put on my socks and boots before heading out. I get to the top of the stairs and grip on to the railings as I take the first step down. It doesn’t hurt as much as it did the first time so I approach the next step with confidence. I keep going until I’m halfway there and Emerson is jogging up the stairs.
"There you are." He smiles, "Let’s get you down-"

"Actually," I interrupt, "There are only a couple left. Can I try it on my own?"

He’s shocked in the best of ways, smiling softly before nodding, "Of course."

I take a quick breath and continue down, eventually making it to the base of the stairs. A sense of accomplishment filled my bones, despite the fact that I was tired, I felt useful, proud of myself.

"Aw dear you look just gorgeous," Chelsea walks over, "Where’s Emerson? I thought he went to get you."

"I’m right here."

"Everyone here?" Victor then asks walking from the kitchen with Anthony, Gavin and Chance.

"Yup," Chelsea says exiting the bathroom.

Cody and Justine come through the front door and a sense of hatred seems to flood my bones.

"Alrightie then." Chelsea smiles, "So there are two vehicles and each can hold up to 5 people comfortably. So just split into 5’s. Victor is driving one vehicle and Gavin the other."

With that we all separate, Charice, Anthony, Emerson and I go with Victor and everyone else went with Chance and Chelsea.

We head off to the restaurant and though the commute is an hour, it felt much shorter, as Charice and I spoke endlessly. Anthony sat in the back with us and spoke with Emerson and Victor in the front seat.

We pull into the parking lot of the fancy looking restaurant and Emerson exits the car to open my door for me. I thank him with a smile and he nods boyishly. I turn back to Charice to continue the conversation we were having.

"Right… because that makes sense." I comment to Charice now.

She laughs and walks closer to me, "All I’m saying is that sex is a very important contributor that influences the further development of the population." her whisper is venomous.

We both break out in laughter as we approach the wooden stair leading to the inside of the restaurant. It’s frigid out, but the sun shines brightly, I didn’t remember gloves so my hands are stuffed in my jacket’s pockets as I try to contain my laughter.

"What’s so funny?" Victor asks.

I can’t answer him as the laughter seems to pour out even more. Charice is already a few steps behind trying to contain her laughter and tears were quickly building up at the corners of my eyes.

"Are you crying?" Gavin asks me, making Charice laugh even harder. I look away in order to take a breath.

Justine rolls her eyes and Victor smiles at us, "Okay ladies let’s go."

Charice catches up to me and links our arms as we walk in together. I liked this. We sat next to each other at the table that was set up for us all. It seems like they called to make reservations because at least 3 tables had to be pushed together to fit us all.

Emerson sat to my right and Charice was at my left. The waitress came over and was stunned at everyone at the table. Probably because they all looked like gods and goddesses in human form, while I was sitting here looking like a mess, out of place I’m sure.

When she got her breath she recited the day’s specials while handing out menus and giving us time to decide what we wanted.

"So you two seem to be getting along really well," Chelsea mentions to Charice and I.

"It’s like they decided to catch up on all the talking they couldn’t do for the past 12 days." Anthony jokes.

Everyone smiles, except Justine who was sitting quietly at the other end of the table. Her posture was perfect as was every other external feature she had.

"Basically," Charice says next to me.

I smile her way and upon making eye contact am reminded of her joke earlier and we both start laughing again. I lean back in my chair into Emerson’s embrace, taking a deep breath, containing my laughter. My head rolls on Emerson’s neck and I feel the stark contrast in temperature.

"Why are you so cold?" He asks shocked.

"I was just outside and it’s really cold," I say still smiling from Charice’s joke. He smiles.

"That was like 10 minutes ago, You feel as though you’re still outside." He takes hold of my hands and rubs them between his, "why are you so cold?’ He repeats laughing.

I let him warm me up, "I’m anemic," I say calmly, "it takes some time for me to reheat." I joke.

"I didn’t know that," He says in a serious tone.

"Oh it’s not that bad in my case. It came about when I first started my cycle and it’s not uncommon for anemia to develop as a result." I explained.

"Interesting," Chance says softly, "Remind me to get you iron pills when we get home."

I nod and salute him and he smiles. Emerson continues to rub up and down my arm with one hand while the other plays with mine. We keep this up during conversation, whether with each other or with other people. Soon the waitress returns and asks for our orders.

I was the last to place my order when Emerson added, "And we’ll also take a small chicken noodle soup, thank you."

"Soup?" I asked him.

"Adira you’re frigid." He gives me a look that tells me that arguing won’t help. I nod at the waitress and she takes our menus.

"Coming up in about 10 minutes guys." She says to all of us.

"I don’t want soup." I say to Emerson.

He leans in and whispers, "You didn’t want me to stay those extra 5 minutes but look at how that turned out."

I feel my face turn red and my eyes widen. I couldn’t respond because he was right and he knew this.

"So Adira, since you can speak now maybe you’d like to tell us about yourself a bit more," Victor says with a smile, "I mean I know we’ve known each other for a while now, but fill us in on things we might not know."

I’m taken a bit off guard by the question and as expected my mind goes blank, "I have no idea what to say." I smile gently, "You can ask questions and I’ll answer?" I suggest.

"Ou anything?" Gavin asks cynically.

I laugh and nod, "The least I owe you all is honesty for being so welcoming."

"Do you speak any other languages?" Chance asks.

"I’m fluent in French and mediocre in Spanish," I say honestly.

Emerson’s hand falls on my thigh casually and strokes the top of it gently. My skin shivers a bit.

"That’s really impressive." Chelsea smiles.

"How do you feel about dogs?" Charice asks honestly.

"I love them! Humans don’t deserve them," I say honestly.


"No, not even a little bit. They’re so giving and sweet and protective." I really did love dogs.

The waitress comes by with everyone’s appetizers and places a bowl of chicken soup in front of Emerson and I.

I look over at him, showing I don’t want to drink this. "Don’t give me that look," He says sternly, "You’re hands are still just as frigid as 15 minutes ago. You’re drinking it."

"I don’t want to," I whine playing with the soup.

"Yeah, yeah," He brushes my whining to the side, "You’re drinking it."

"Meanie," I mumble as I take a spoonful. It was pretty good.

I drink half of the bowl and look over at Emerson, "Fine, that’s good enough."

I glare at him, "I don’t like you anymore."

"Girl same," Charice agrees next to me.

I laugh with her and Emerson shakes his head at us both.

"When are you going to serenade me?" Charice jokes.

"Oh right! You play," Victor remembers.

"Whenever you want," I joke at Charice. I look over at Victor, "How long have you been playing?"

"Oh gosh, here comes the story," Anthony groans.

Everyone seemed annoyed by what was about to happen, "Ignore them," Victor smiles at me, "And I’ll tell you the story of how I almost became the piano virtuosos of the century."

I laugh but listen politely. Soon I realized that though his story was interesting it was a long one and after hearing it once, I didn’t really want to hear it again. To sum it all up, he began playing piano with his father when he was just 3 years old and never truly stopped, until one concert where there was a major talent scout and he was sabotaged by his competitor and left the world of the performing arts all together.

"That was a bit of an over-dramatic conclusion don’t you think?" I ask laughing.

"He took my pride my dear," He explains to me and I smile, "But it all worked out for the better because when I moved to the field of business I met the love of my life and that’s better than anything other outcome I could think of." He ogles over Chelsea and she smile at him and pecks his cheek. It was beautiful.

"How long have you guys been married?" I ask interested.

They both look at each other thinking deeply and it made me laugh, "I want to say 25 years. Because we had Emmerson after 4 years."

My eyes bulged out at them, "That’s amazing!"

"How long have your folks been married?" Justine asks me not looking up.

"My mother left when I was younger and I never really asked my dad about it." I say honestly. I told them I would be honest to them all and I was going to stick by it.

"Oh! I have a question!" Charice gleams next to me. She leans in and whispers, "Sex freak or sex nun?"

I almost choke on my food laughing, "I’m not answering that. So inappropriate." I laugh as the waitress took our appetizers out of the way and handed us our main dishes. I had ordered the grilled chicken penne and looked over at Emerson’s steak and got hungry. Charice and I continued conversation as did everyone else around the table.

I reached over and took a small piece of Emerson’s steak, he moves the plate closer me, encouraging me to take more but I stuck with the small one I took. His hand fell to my thigh again moving further up my leg this time. I shivered and I’m sure he could feel the goosebumps underneath my jeans.

He grabbed my thigh and pulled on it a bit, I tried to focus on chewing my food. He leans in a bit to say something and I shiver as soon as he comes close.

"When we get home, I should pick up where I left off, what do you think?" His hand crawls further up my leg expertly sliding between them.

I gasp from shock and my fork slips from my hands and eventually everyone looks over to me. I go red faced and Emerson pulls away from my atmosphere a huge smile on his face.

"I hate you," I growl at him.

He laughs, "Sure you do," he winks.

This was definitely the most fun I’ve had these past couple weeks. It was crazy to think that I went from suicidal to achieving the happiest moments of my life in almost 3 weeks. Emerson opened the car door for me as we all filled in to head back home.

We begin the drive and Emerson holds my hand gently as I speak with Charice. I smile and I’m about to turn to face him when the van suddenly jolts to a stop. Emerson has me in his arms before I can process what’s happened. I hit my head against the chair in front of me and I feel my head heat up. Blood?

Voices begin to sound around me.


Is that a growl?! Is there a wolf nearby?! What’s going on?


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