Not My Territory - Update

(Years Later!) An explanation, an apology, a request.
Hello all,

I know I’ve been MIA for a while and truthfully I just didn’t think my stories were worth reading. Someone recently reached out to me and reminded me of otherwise and I thought why not? I’m not on any other platforms right now and I don’t really plan on it so this is where all my original content will be. If you’re interested in reading my stuff again or not please vote below. My writing style has changed so most of my writings if they are continuations will involve tweaking the plot for smoother character development. Sorry for the inconvenience but I’ll make it worthwhile ;).

I’ll check the votes in a couple of days and based on the results and comments I’ll update you all later this week!

Thank you!

And I’m sorry again for the disappearing act.
Should I continue?
Nah, I’m good.
Published: 7/29/2019
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