Not My Territory - Update 2

A New Start.
Hello amazing people,

Thank you all for the votes and positive feedback. I will restart this series and would like to warn everyone that because iBuzzle doesn't really allow me to delete articles, I'll be updating the already existing chapters, but they'll show up as new. I'm thinking of titling each Chapter to make it easier for you all. So instead of "Not my Territory Chapter 1" It will say "Not my Territory: The Trauma" so on so forth. I'll be sure to edit the already existing chapters with a warning so you don't get confused.

Now as it pertains to content, please be aware that though the names and relationships that existed in the previous edition will remain the plot may be entirely different. Some things will be constant - it's still a werewolf themed work - but generally speaking, the way I portray this will change significantly from the past. So please read with an open mind and if you'd like to, comment some scenes, or instances that you'd like me to keep :).

Thanks for all your input, I'll be updating this Thursday!
Published: 8/20/2019
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