Not The End

The year is almost done, so I decided to write a poem about it...
The months have faded,
And the year has now gone,
Let me sing you a ballad,
And a few of my songs.

It sings a few tales of a boat,
With no sails and a compass,
Who can’t make its point.

It sings of two mirrors,
Who looked at each other,
And thought they had forever to live.

It sings of a girl,
With a year above her age,
And a boy whose head was his own steel cage.
He chased his shadow,
While she ran from her own,
Towards the stars in the sky,
That he’d never been shown.

It sings of some stories bright,
Of the flitter flattery,
And of soft fairy lights.

It sings of some stories dark,
Of winter days and broken hearts.

It sings of life and of love lost,
It sings of a strength gained at a cost.

It sings of hopes and dreams,
To be made real,
It sings of stone hearts,
That have started feel.

It sings of joy,
And it sings of strife,
It sings of a year’s end,
But not the end of a life.
What do you think?
Published: 11/2/2012
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