Note From the Author of 'It's Life'

Please Read!
Hey everybody!

If you've read 'It's Life' and are wondering why on earth I'm taking forever to post, continue reading!

I'm insanely sorry that I haven't posted in months! I got into some bad things this summer and then I moved to Texas to get away from everything.

So! Now, I'm in Texas and I'm back on track but I struggled through some major writer's block. Thankfully I think the worst of it is over, and I'm working hard on coming up with new ideas.

And to Briana, thank you so much for commenting on that last chapter and telling me to stop slacking. Hahaha, I really appreciated that comment.

I promise you, I am working my butt off now to overcome the rest of my writer's block and get something good for you all.

Thanks so much!
Published: 11/21/2012
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