Note from the Author of 'Pretty: That's What I Am'

Thank you to all my readers for waiting and the support. I will talk about my plans on my stories and what has been going on in my life.
Hello Everyone,

I apologize for the 8 year wait. I started my college experience when I first started writing this story, "Pretty. That’s what I am". Writing has always been a huge passion of mine. Unfortunately, studies and work of going into adult life had consumed me. I tried to multitask but I couldn’t keep up. I hate to disappoint, so I tried to make a chapter in between but I couldn’t keep up. Also started dating and, etc, I started this story when I was around 18-19 when I didn’t experience much and I’m 27 now! How old are you guys now? When did you start reading?

Anyway, I’m about to get my Masters, but I’ve always checked to see if iBuzzle still had my story or if the site went down. Luckily, it never did and it’s still there and I can save it because I lost my story on my last computer. Today I read a comment from this year, 2018 from someone saying they wish I would finish the story. I was shocked to see a recent comment on my story, I love you guys so much truly.

You never gave up on my story and I won’t give up on you guys. I will finish the story like I promised. Thank you so much for the love and support truly. My Instagram is Jengetsherway or Jen.galore I change it back and forth sometimes. I’m not posting for followers but for you guys to ask me any questions or want to know more about my personal life. I also have a photography page jenmcphotography. Just letting you guys know I’m here and alive and well and will finish the story. Thank you so much for no giving up on it. Love Jenaira.
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Published: 8/14/2018
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