Have you ever found yourself demoralized because all your hopes and dreams among to nothing?
I have the notion to escape,
To leave, to flee, to run away,
To pour some adventure on my ego,
And to be rid of this monotony.
Working for the man night and day,
Is demoralizing my soul,

Killing my sense of adventure,
Leaving me lonely and cold.
Unfulfilled and empty of ideas,
I seem to trudge along endlessly,
Walking the tight wire of despair,

Feeling devoid of all dignity.
Emotionally melancholy,
I long to return to past decisions,
To change direction at the crossroads,
And accept the Devil's invitation,
His offer of temptation granted.

Maybe I should have shook on the deal,
Should have thrown caution to the wind,
And found a happiness that's real.
But I have nothing happy to say,
Quotations of misery are all I have left,
Thoughts written down on paper,

Sombre, calculated thoughts of death,
The ultimate escape,
My ultimate goal,
The termination of all conformity,
The only real way to free the soul.
Free from this fundamentalist reality.

You may call me a coward if your wish,
But I find it so easy to accept,
That I can't carry on like this.
I hope that some day soon I'll find out,
If there is another way,
Until then, the noose will get tighter,

With every passing day.
With every demoralizing thought,
With every bleak idea.
Every subliminal passing day,
Increases my deepening fears,
The downward spiral of depression,

Pulling me ever closer,
Unable to escape the gravity,
Of the black hole for losers.
There are no benefits where I am going,
Nothing to win or gain,
Unless you can count escape,

From this boredom, so mundane.
Such run of the mill morbidity,
Acutely perceived doom.
Nothing ever really changes.
Nothing can disperse the gloom.

Published: 6/17/2010
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