Nowhere Left For Us (To Go)

The heartache of a break up.
All the tears that you've been crying,
Have wasted your time, my love,
Just walk away and don't look back,
It's not you, I'm thinking of,
And I may come across as heartless,
By making you yesterday's news,
But time moves on, I'm dulling the pain,
Erasing all thoughts of you.

It's not an easy task, love,
There are so many memories,
But one by one I cast them aside,
To burn away the history,
Of all those years we spent together,
The happiness and the pain,
They're washed out to sea on a river of tears,
Never to return again.

I know that you'll get over me,
Just as I will get over you,
A broken romance can test your resolve,
But I know that you'll make it through,
The bitterness of break up,
Resulting in angry words,
Recedes with the storm as time passes on,
And calm descends with new love.

I wish you the very best, love,
Although I can't give myself,
You know that it's true, I still love you enough,
To wish you find someone else,
And although we can't be lovers,
Maybe we can still be friends,
Don't torture yourself, let go or be dragged,
All the way to the bitter end.

It is time for separation,
We've come to that one crossroads,
Where our paths divide, the passage of time,
Must take a forward roll,
We can't live in the past, love,
We must move along life's cold road,
So with heavy heart I say my goodbyes,
There's nowhere left for us to go.
Published: 6/30/2012
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