The numbness of deep loss.
Caught in a blank stare,
Piercing eyes crawling through my mind,
Probing what's in there,
Searching for any signs of life,
That may still linger,
A fruitless search, there's nothing to find,
There's nothing left in here,
I'm comatose with thoughts of love,
That mean nothing to me,
They're no more than a dream,
That's going nowhere.

Numb is the feeling,
Pins and needles prick my skin,
Leave my mind reeling,
A strange replay of silent film,
Gray in its telling,
Stuck inside the fantasy realm
Of memory recalling,
A time long past when my world revolved
Around your love for me,
But that can no longer be,
We're going nowhere.

A cold wind is blowing,
Vapor breaths of worthless words,
Silently spoken,
Mindless thoughts that remain unheard,
Void of emotion,
No sense made of the tune you aired,
It lacked the devotion,
Your music of love is a psalm to the dead,
It does nothing for me,
Sinking silent and deep,
Into nowhere.

Darkness is weaving,
It's shroud of black into my mind,
Stunting my breathing,
I take comfort from the heavy sigh,
That's dulling the feeling,
Of shivers creeping up my spine,
The cold is relieving,
The burning pain of a love in the grave,
That is still haunting me,
In a stationary dream,
Going nowhere.
Published: 9/28/2011
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