Is political correctness a tool used by governments to curb the democratic right to free speech?
And why should Torquemada claim the right to opine,
His hatred of the heretic who disagrees with his line?
Is it not democratic to say what's on your mind?
Or is it too much to ask such a freedom?

It's your right to remain silent, to be seen but unheard,
To bottle up your feelings, to utter not a word,
But should uncommon reason provide you with the urge,
You can say what you feel, within reason.

Be careful with your tongue and don't dare to joke,
Lest you be offensive to other ethnic folk,
It's getting plain disrespectful to talk ordinary talk,
Whilst the zealots demand your attention.

With their own stainless values, they're perfectly polite,
And there's no need to argue, 'cause they'll always be right,
So keep your mouth shut and don't taint what they write,
It's their mandate to your comprehension.

Is this political agenda the usurpation of sense?
For it seems if you're truthful then you may cause offense,
As your unsavory comments disturb their pretense,
That the world is a cloister of virtue.

And are we so harmonious with their permanent smiles,
That we've given them the right to play Gods for a while,
From their pantheon palaces, all grandeur in style?
Just remember that it's not our issue.

This measured correctness of absolute bliss,
Is neither harmonious nor sealed with a kiss,
It's a totalitarian held iron fist,
Designed to split and encumber.

So divide us and conquer and we won't cause a fuss,
After all, we're just common, it's your right to enslave us,
But remember that some of us can see through your ruse,
And we're counting your days that are numbered!
Published: 11/26/2014
Bouquets and Brickbats