Nursing Life In Kuwait

This is a true story of the life of a nurse. This photo was taken by Leve.
I have known Leve for more than two years now, and if I am going to share his life story to everyone, I would be happy to do so. But then, I will only be discussing here what he does for his family.

Leve is a responsible nurse who has a full-time job with a good income in Kuwait. Like thousands of Filipino nurses around the world, he has worries about his future. Although, he is grateful that Ministry Of Health (MOH) is providing almost everything to him such as free transportation, accommodation, better pay, exposure to sophisticated equipment and one full month paid leave, most of his earnings go to people whom he loves most. For instance, he is helping his sister who is planning to work in Norway, parents who need daily allowances for their medicines, and wife who is expected to have a labor this year. Leve told me that he is working hard for them. However, he has some concerns. He further said that he has big plans for his family, and that he doesn't want to end up paying off his loans for the rest of his life. But I ask myself, how can he save enough money if most of his income goes to his loved ones in the Philippines?

I don't know if I could make what Leve is doing for his family right now. But one thing I know that if a problem or difficult situation arises like this, one is able to do anything for his family, no matter what circumstances life throws your way. Also, I know that everyone who works abroad has their own life story to tell in a different way. But they have one thing in common, and that is, to give their family a better life. Given the complexity that we live in today, supporting our family might be the best way to show how much we care and love them.

I truly admire the courage of Leve. Even though he is experiencing now a difficult situation, he never gives up on his dreams for his family. A dream that one day he would be able to pay all his debts and live a normal life with his wife and children, and that there is nothing to worry about. Yes, it is his faith in the Lord that keeps him going. Without it, I don't think he has the courage to go on. He has enormous faith in Jesus. Even though he had bumps in the road before, but still, he managed to survive.

Now, I realize that life is not that hard at all, especially if you have faith in yourself and a true believer in God Almighty. If You don't succeed, try, try again until you get what you really want in life.

Thanks to my friend Leve!
Published: 8/27/2013
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