Nutritional Value of Watermelon

The nutrition content of watermelons is something that health enthusiasts swear by. So, to know all about the exact nutritional values and health benefits of this fruit, scroll down.
Native to Southern Africa, and believed to be wild in its growing nature, watermelon today is one of the most widely cultivated fruits in the world. Considered the best summer fruit, this sweet and watery fruit can not only quench thirst, but also load our body with lots of nutrition. There are many variations of how the watermelon was introduced in the United States of America; some say it was first introduced to North America in 1500, while some credit the European colonists and African slaves for spreading watermelons around the world. Well, whatever and whoever got these yummies to America, just added a whole lot of sweetness to health! Following are some nutrition facts about watermelon.

Nutritional Value of...

Member of the Cucurbitaceae family, the watermelon is related to squash, cantaloupe, etc. and like its cousins, grows on vines on the ground. There are a variety of types of watermelons one can choose from.

...A 100g of Raw Watermelon Fruit Contains

Nutrients Nutritional Value
Water 91.45 g
Carbohydrates 7.55 g
Phosphorus 11 mg
Magnesium 10 mg
Potassium 112 mg
Calcium 7 mg
Iron 0.24 mg
Sodium 1 mg
Folate 3 mcg
Vitamin A 569 IU
Vitamin C 8.1 mg
Calories 30. 0 calories

...Watermelon Seeds

The seeds of watermelon are eaten in many parts of the world, some eat them raw and dried, while some prefer them roasted. Many add them to their soups and salad, to increase their foods nutritional quotient. Watermelon is high in proteins; essential and non-essential amino acids,and dietary fiber. Besides that, it is a rich source of many nutrients like calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, phosphorous, etc. Also, preserving watermelon seeds is easy. As you consume the fleshy fruit, remove all the seeds with a small teaspoon and wash them well under running water. Dry them and store them in an air tight container.

...Watermelon Juice

Watermelon juice is extremely refreshing and hydrating. One glass of watermelon juice per day will keep the body well hydrated, as just 100 ml of it contains; 93% water, 8% sugar, and approximately 50 calories! Full of cancer fighting anti-oxidants, and vital minerals and vitamins, watermelon juice will always ensure good health for you and your kids!

Health Benefits of Watermelon

Carotenoids: Watermelon is a concentrated source of carotenoids; lycopene, lutein, phytofluene, phytoene, beta-carotene and neurosporene, with lycopene present in maximum quantity. Carotenoids are antioxidants in nature, which is essential for controlling free radicals. Unchecked free radicals can cause diseases such as cancer, and increases the risks of various cardiovascular diseases.

Bone Health: As watermelon is high on calcium, it helps build up strong bones. Watermelon also contains vitamin C and beta-carotene, which helps in the production of collagen, a substance that holds together muscles and bones. Together, these nutrients not only help alleviate the symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, but prevent its occurrence too.

Heart Health: The antioxidant properties of watermelon strengthen and boost the immune system, and help the body in fighting off various infections. Medical studies also indicate that watermelon nutritional value is unchallenged when it comes to reducing the risk of heart attack, and other coronary diseases.

Hydration: Watermelon is not called the queen of fruits during summer time for nothing. With 93% of its weight being water, this fruit can not only quench thirst but provide the body with adequate amount of hydration and internal lubrication, thus saving the body from ill effects of dehydration.

Potassium: Adequate potassium in the body inhibits an unprecedented rise in blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk for hypertension, stroke and occurrence of kidney stones, and promoting smooth functioning of the heart and kidneys.

Weight Watcher: Low on calories and high on all other nutrients, watermelons are a weight watcher's favored food. Eating it regularly in your diet, as a midday snack, or as part of the main meal gives a feeling of fullness, with the right mix of health!

The benefits of watermelon is an undisputed health fact that everyone swears by. So go out there and safely eat all the watermelons you want, knowing full well that you're on the right side of health!
By Loveleena Rajeev
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