Obama Credit Card Debt Relief

In the following article the much anticipated Obama credit card debt relief has been discussed. To know more about President Barack Obama's economic policies and the efforts and initiatives of Congress to curb debt problems of the consumers, read on...
The United States economy saw an all time low growth rate and negative graph patterns during the recessionary cycle that hit the economy in the time period of 2007 to 2010. During this period the scenario of loans, credit and debts, that have been observed, are not at all nice and change in this sector has become a dying need of the day. In the following article, the efforts of President Barack Obama to kill the recessionary cycle have been discussed. However, before we move on to the Obama credit card debt relief, we need to understated some facts and concepts.

United States and the Economic Recession

'Recession' or an 'economic bubble' is a financial cycle affecting the banking sector, employment rate and the consumer industry. The United States economic crisis was a recessionary cycle that hit the economy of the United States in the years between 2007 to early 2010. Though, as of date, the recessionary cycle is receding, thanks to the Obama administration and the economic policy of the government. Fair winds of change are already blowing over the nation rekindling the hope of the American citizens.

The major problem arose when economic conditions and negative transactions started forcing companies to carry out merciless lay offs. Millions lost their jobs in the process and further more, lack of sufficient funds resulted in the reduction of new job opportunities. The result was that the consumers had already borrowed from banks and credit card companies, and defaulted their payments. The banks and credit card companies eventually racked up a loss and were forced to declare bankruptcy. Overall, the situation turned ugly and began to fall apart like a pack of cards. When President Obama stepped in, the United States government began to initiate a set of legislation to reform and revive the economy efficiently.

Obama Credit Card Debt Relief

Obama credit card debt relief, an initiative of the Obama administration, which is spread across two legislations, namely the Credit Card Reform Act of 2009 and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

President Obama has called up upon the legislatures to make a drastic effort in order to relieve the consumers of debt that had originated in the recession period. The initiative to reform the credit card concepts is principally two fold. The first step is the Obama Credit Card Debt Relief program is a stimulus bill. In accordance with the bill, debt reduction of credit card bills on certain conditions. According to the Obama Debt Relief Initiative, debt bearers who have more than $10,000 unsecured debt, can write off or settle up to 60% of their debt without affecting their credit reports and ratings. The write off is also valid for people who chose to file for bankruptcy.

The second part of the reform of the credit sector and its industry is, of course, the credit card reform act. In accordance with this act lending and financial institutions which are involved in credit creation as well as all the credit card companies, will be subject to certain compliance. These compliance principally relate to public accountability during the billing process. Apart from that changes in APR (Annual Percentage Rate) and interest changes plus the late payments and service charges are being largely governed by the act. The consumers thus, would principally know what they are paying for.

Irrespective of the merits of the Obama credit card debt relief initiatives and the reform of the procedures, there has been certain controversy regarding the reforms. Student community is also benefiting from the Obama debt relief. Apart from Obama debt relief plan, Obama grants for small business is a similar initiative. I hope that the Obama credit card debt relief initiative and reform procedures bear sweet fruits. Good luck.
By Scholasticus K
Published: 7/27/2010
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