Demonic love...
Did you know that I carved your name into every corpse?
Into every stone
Into everything that I came in contact with
The doctor's told me I was obsessed
But I knew the truth
I was addicted
Once I tasted your blood
As I watched it spill across the floor
And let it run down my throat
I knew my first taste; couldn't be my last
I became addicted, addicted you
And to the pain I could carve
I started following you every day and every night
Killing every girl who smiled or flirted your way
I was your angel, yet I seemed like the devil
I knew I was curse to your life
But once the spell can be cast
I couldn't escape nor speak the words
So I smiled and knew you saw me for the creature I was
You knew you were mine
You felt those bones ache
I felt your heart in my hearts
I tasted more than your tears
You can't be dead
Because I have tasted you, consumed you
Flesh to flesh
Heart to heart
Blood calls to blood
We are one.
Published: 9/20/2009
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