Oblivion's Offering

The sanctuary of death.
Let us burn the flames within our hearts
To cast shadows of our dancing souls
As we watch the sunset bleed on the horizon,
And welcome the nocturnal majesty home.

We will glisten in the moon beam,
And twinkle with the stars in the glorious rebirth
Of night in all its darkened glory,
Where our cooled spirits can soar above the earth
In defiance of gravity,
Lighter than air,
We can float on the cold northern winds,
Sent by the ancient Gods to carry us
To the ancestral home of our kin.

Take the hand of Death
And follow my last breath
To the other side,
The ferryman awaits our arrival,
To cross the frozen lake,
To go beyond the realms of time.

Only a silver slither of moonlight
Can penetrate the blackened depths,
We must catch the beam and sail across,
Forever journeying west,
Away from the eastern sunrise,
Away from the light of day,
Away from the living world,
On and on alone the ever winding road
To oblivion's quarter,
The graveyard of lost souls.

Beyond the gates,
Beyond the tears,
Beyond the pain and suffering,
To the ecstasy of perfect peace,
The eternal bliss of nothingness,
To accept oblivion's offering.
Published: 4/6/2011
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