Whenever we fall in love with someone, he/she becomes our thought, the reason for our thinking. Without them, our minds are empty.
Across my little heart is your name,
Encrypted with pearl, never to fade,
Inside my dark and aging eyes,
Is your portrait, I so much delight,
Buried deeply in my heart and mind,
Is a memory of you, immune to time.

You are the only weakness I love to bear,
The only yoke I hold with care and flair,
When I'm low and left with no choice,
What calms me is the magic in your voice,
When you are far, though not long gone,
I sit among mates, yet I don't get along.

When I see those snowy teeth in your smile,
I tell myself, you're the love of my life,
You are my dream that I want to pursue,
Whatever happens, I'll always choose you,
My eyes won't stop staring the beauty in you,
My heart won't stop following you.
Published: 1/10/2014
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