Obsessed (1)

Careful. A decision you make in a split second can impact you for the rest of your life.

It was just one small kiss.

One stupid, drunk, pathetic kiss that barely lasted for two seconds.

How the fuck was I supposed to know that one kiss would ruin my life?



I used to be the biggest fan of Ashley Dennis.

Growing up, I watched her on the American kids show, My Strange Life. Then after the show ended, Vanilla, a record label signed her up and she released her first album, Enticed, which I bought without no hesitation. Quickly, she became my favorite popstar. One day, I hoped to be like her. I wanted to release songs like her. To sing live in concerts full of thousands of cheering fans. I hoped to become so successful that Ashley would collaborate with me.

So, I took singing lessons and perfected my vocals. I would perform in my school band and everyone told me that I looked and sounded like Ashley Dennis - like I could be her British twin! I didn't know if they were teasing me because they knew I idolized her, or if they were actually serious. I mean, we both did have long, blonde hair, blue eyes and similar facial structures. But Ashley was so unbelievably beautiful and I felt like a Tesco (ahem, Walmart) version of her.

Soon, I produced my very first song called 'Distant Lovers,' which explores the struggles of long-distance relationships - but that love is so powerful it can overcome the oceans separating lovers. To this day, it's still a piece that I hold dear to my heart.

One of the most happiest moments of my life was when Ashley Dennis announced she was coming to England to host a meet-and-greet in my city. MY little city, of all places! Finally, I would be meeting her face-to-face. This was a dream come true for my sixteen-year-old self.

I couldn't wait.



At first, I thought she was a cool girl.

She was socially awkward in an endearing way. Funny in an effortless way. Kinda reminded me of myself, actually.

She told me that I was her inspiration and I thought that was cute. Then she handed me a tape and told me to listen to it when I got the chance. Later that week, I finally got around to it.

That one line in her song, 'No matter, the distance, you will always be close in my heart,' brought tears to my eyes. It made me think of my mom who passed away.

I thought this girl had talent. Such a sweet voice. Seemed like she sung from the heart too. I wanted to help her out. She deserved to gain more recognition.

So, I took her under my wing. Big mistake.

That's the last time I'm doing something nice for anyone.

Okay, that's a bit dramatic. I guess I'll just be more careful with whom I trust next time.
Published: 1/30/2019
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