Ode Poems

Ode poems are verses written in praise of someone or something. If you write a poem dedicated to someone who inspires you, you are actually writing an ode. Here is our collection of ode poems where you'll find poems about life, poems for friends and more. On reading these, you will come to know how to write them too.
The Art of Poetry
I switched up my style. Note: 'free flow' is in reference to free verse poetry.
You Inspire Me
This article is dedicated to my cousin Josephine Akulang Abalang. You're my inspiration and I love you so much.
An Ode To Whisky
Can anyone put a folk tune to this one, a jig or reel perhaps?
An Ode To World Peace
In light of the tragic events in Paris, this is a call to world peace.
Queen With A Cane (In My Eyes)
This is a regal poem, written as a token of gratitude for a neighbor's kindness.
My Cup of Tea
It's about you.
A Song for You!
So I wrote a song for you! Dedicated to every single person. You should know you're special!
Go Figure
Deep secrets, unknown truths, unsaid words. Unspoken responses, undying Promises. Go figure!
Quoth The Raven
A poem influenced by and a tribute to, one Mr. Edgar Allen Poe.
I've been trying out poetry lately... please tell me what you think and what you got from the poem. All comments, suggestions, or criticisms are appreciated.
You, My Life, My All
You are my dream, my life, my all!
An Ode to the Skeleton
A poem about the skeleton.
The Melody of Innocence
Try and guess the melody....
Dear Poetry...
A small, descriptive poem on poetry. Thanks for reading and enjoy!
Ode to Needy Me
This ode describes conflict within ourselves as to why we seek love.
Take Me By The Hand
What a woman expects from a Godly relationship?
An Ode To Sleep
Ah for the comfort of one's bed!
Those Moments I Will Always Cherish
God created a lovely relationship between a child and a mother, and lots of lovely moments to cherish...
Grace personified...
Bright Red Balloon
Ode to Innocence...
An Ode To Mrs. Tomori
An ode to the wife of the Redeemer's University's Vice Chancellor as at May, 2011 during the closing of her tenure at the University.
An ode to the eternal cosmic reality - Death.
To Women
Dedicated to all women in my life. . .
Ode of the Lonely
I received an e-mail from a woman who'd read some of my poems. She asked me to write a poem about missing people, "one that will stand for missing adults as well as children." I hope you find your brother, Paula.
An Ode To Parents
A tribute in prose to my folks.
Michael: The Legend
This poem is about Michael Jackson - a legend, who made a mark in this world with his songs and dance style.
Girl I Met Again!
Continuing the poem I wrote before, about the Girl whom I wanted to know more and helped me score.
Girl I Met!
This is a poem for the lovers at first sight. Who may think of their crush and love tonight.
The Poet
Just a few lines penned down, appreciating all those great poets out there....
Pet Companions
Pets add so much quality to our lives. I know...mine taught me lessons in patience and will. This one is for you Champ...
Ode To An Omelet
Fluffy, light and yellow...