Ode to My Dear Father

Every person needs a caring hand that protects him or her for the lifetime. I want to thank my dear father who accompanied me as a child in every small endeavor and taught me to dream and fulfill other accomplishments in life. This poem is dedicated to my father.
Do you remember your childhood days?
Caring parents, friendly siblings,
We played together with cute puppies,
Enjoyed a lot yummy cakes and chocolates,
A childhood innocent mind want to go back again....

My dad is the world's best father,
He is the universal father of every child,
As a teacher head and social worker,
Caring in his strict way and restrictions.

I used to wake up early in the morning,
And go out to the garden,
Full of newly bloomed flowers,
Smiling and dwelling all together,
I swang and flew like a bird in a garden,
It was more than an hour I spend...
A fatherly figure took me suddenly in his lap,
And cleaned my muddy feet,
And kissed my forehead.

He smiled and asked me dearly,
"Why didn't you tell me to join?
And we both could have enjoyed greenery and dawn,
You sweetie, wander alone in the bright sun,
I knew how curious you were,
To see these beautiful flowers!"

I was so excited and replied,
"Dad, these flowers are yellow and red,
I like this white lily the most,
Isn't it lovely and innocent?"

"I seemed worried more about my innocent flower,
She appeared nattily and so little,
Her jolly cheeks turned pink,
Her feet are now pained,
Still she will water the flowers,
And banter playfully,
To see each newly grown blossom."

"I am very lucky to see you both,
Delicate flower and my innocent baby together,
One in my lap and others are in the shelter of nature,
Both are chirping happily,
They smile and make the whole world smile."

That moment I realized my mistake,
I promised him that I would not go alone,
But also asked him to come with me,
From that day mama also joined us,
And we created an ever growing bond of love,
Along with a holy dwelling home of flowers.
By Vaishali Satwase
Last Updated: 9/26/2011
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