Of A Nation Divided Into Trinity

Advice to my country.
Should I rather start with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. I am not willing to narrate a biblical story as you may presume, rather I've been pressed and particularly concerned about the present 'break-or-burst', make or Mar situation of our dear country, Nigeria.

Many a young generation don't quite have a full grasp of history, but a cyclic tradition of hear-say or hear believe. Unfortunately, this has been a terrorizing enemy militating against the hard-fought unity by patriotic patriarchs.

What shall it profit a nation if it divides and lose its unity? Have we suddenly forgotten the concluding lyrics of the first stanza in the national anthem.... "One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity".

Apparently the Igbos are clamoring for Biafra, the Hausa's, Arewa Nation, and the Yorubas, Oduduwa Republic. Towing lines of history trod by the people of the Soviet Union in carving out nations of which Russia is a part is not the best of decisions, but a disaster.

Emphatically, I can sound it loud in higher octaves that no tribe can survive as a loner. Years of profuse hustling and hard Labor will be in jeopardy, should this clamor get realized.

To the goddesses of the Ogun, Osun, and Niger rivers, we shall continue to tow your bridges and transit into states of the federation with ease. To the irunmoles of Zuma rock and Okija shrines you shall retain your stay on the Nigerian map.

Let the words Trinity remain biblical and separation, an English grammar.
Published: 7/5/2017
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