Oh! If Only I Could...

If we all get a second chance, we shall surely make things right, even if we are offered seconds. I hope you will enjoy this. Please read and comment.
If only I could walk that path again,
My only companion would be the snail,
In gentility and sobriety shall we trod,
Meandering through, avoiding a fall.

If only I could talk to them once more,
I would be in the stead of Solomon,
In humility and brevity would I talk,
Without prejudice, I'd lay my thoughts.

If only I could see her pass by this time,
I would not hide and satisfy my eye,
In valor and courtesy would I move,
Without stammering, I'd start to woo.

If only I could walk back to my history,
I would avoid all who have caused my misery,
In prayer and fasting would I live,
Removing stumbling blocks, to gain relief.

Oh! If only I could grab that chance again,
I would make sure my labor is not in vain,
With concrete and bricks would I seal the hole,
Holding you always, making you my own.
Published: 1/10/2014
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