Oh! My Revered Father!!

A personal moment in my life when I spent a few days with my father in Calcutta, my birth place, back in 2003. He was 77 then.
Oh! my revered Father !!
There was a time when those gray, expressionless eyes

Used to emit thunders,

The much wrinkled face of yours

Were crease-less and glowing;

The back-brushed salt and pepper hair

Still reminds me of your long-lost youth....

My revered father !

How..., slowly..., all those have changed

Haven't I had noticed !!

On your struggling, with tea-cup

In your trembling hands,

I feel a lump in my chest...

( I ) Realize ...... even this much of yours

Won't be there for too long,

As nothing in this world is eternal!

Defeated, I shall have to come to terms

With this reality!

What after ?......

Another old man will occupy that chair in the balcony,

Struggling with his tea-cup and newspaper...

In the playful light and shade of another morning !

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Published: 11/18/2010
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