Oh, to Feel the Wind Blowing Through My Soul

There is a time and place for everything. When we do not heed to that, we pay the price.
"A watch is a thing of beauty," Tim chortled. "Yesterday, Myrtle came to me in my dream and gave me one." Bedford Ilsham Timothy was in love and he was telling his friend Fred about it. Fredrick Bodswick was not taken in. "You need to concentrate on the job at hand man," he admonished Tim. Tim was driving the car.

The curly-haired couple were on their way to a fair on the other side of town. It was a glorious morning with the sky clear and blue. Fred had lined-up a lot of things that he wanted to buy. Tim was curious. "What did you say about the pearls?" "What, girls?" The wind was up and they could not hear much above the sound.

Tim carried on with the pearls. "You know the one you told me about by the window last night."
There were times when Fred wished he had learned to drive. "Oh, the girls in that show are all right indeed." Tim was weaving back and forth whether intentionally or whether in his dreams, Fred did not know.

They were nearing the fair. "So, how did you get the curly hair?" Fred asked Tim. He had got it from his mother. His father had straight hair. "Well, you wanted to go the fair," said Tim, "So, I thought I would get some nice gift for the wife." They pulled up to a stop.
Fred asked, "Now, why would you want rice?"

There was a huge discussion after that in which a lot of girls figured. Anyway, they stopped talking to each other. And Tim does not wear a watch anymore.
Have you ever taken a ride in a car?
Yes, but there was no wind.
No, I am afraid of car travel.
Several times, and once the top was down and I could feel the wind.
Published: 1/22/2013
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