Olive Oil for Hair and Skin

The dove knew what it was bringing back to Noah after the big Flood, a little olive branch, that promised a beaming hope for life and a whole new beginning. And, olive oil is no different with its healing and restoratively nourishing properties, for your hair and skin. Read this article to know about the wonders of olive oil for hair and skin.
Your nicely lax and lazy, sun-soaked holiday, brimmed smilingly with the sea and shimmering sands, can be quite harsh on your hair and skin, by the end of it. Cosmetic products become slight and of a value more insignificant when compared to the wonders of what the famously healthy olive oil can do for your hair and skin. Whether your body takes it in by way of a nice salad drizzled with some magical, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, or whether it is by way of external application, olive oil is deliciously healthy, and your skin and hair are in no absolute discord with your taste buds about this sublime, kitchen-cupboard remedy. A naturally therapeutic gift straight out of nature's wondrous bounty, olive oil is a certainty for healthful living and keeping it that way. Olive oil, like wine, has the bouquet of the land it grows upon. Here is what the magic of olive oil can do for your hair and skin in the lines below.

The Distinct, Healthful Magic That Came From The Greek Hills

The essential fatty acids in olive oil protect the skin from UV damage caused by harsh sunlight and also soothe sunburns. The high content of oleic acid present in olive oil imparts it the quality of being a skin cell regenerator and assisting in the repair of damaged ones. And a rejuvenating olive oil hair massage creates miracles for your hair.

Increases Blood Circulation, Nourishes Hair
Dry hair is a result of prolonged periods of dehydration, malnutrition and excessive use of chemical shampoos. Resist your temptation to wash your hair too often with commercial, chemical shampoos devoid of mercy on your tresses. And it's always good to massage your scalp and hair with olive oil, it being an added advantage to the increased blood circulation after a good light, relaxing massage. Your hair will lap it up in a way that it gets the nourishment that most conditioners can't give. Then, your hair won't grouch in the state of a parched, frizzy mess. Olive oil also helps get rid of the most embarrassing conditions of dandruff and deeply conditions your hair, making it stronger and giving it a healthful sheen.

Helps Fight Degenerative Diseases
Extra virgin oil is just not meant to be cooked, as heat can potentially damage the polyphenols which are natural antioxidants that heal your system by fighting off the big fish responsible for degenerative diseases.

Delays Aging
Though aging can't be quite so sympathetically reversed, it can certainly be delayed when you're eating your daily salads doused in generous amounts of olive oil. And also massaging it in your face, keeps it looking smooth.

Cleanses Your Body
There are some bacteria in the stomach that can survive even when your stomach gets uncomfortably acidic. Acidity can be an underlying cause of hair loss. Extra virgin olive oil has a very good and effective anti-bacterial effect, cleansing your system and getting rid of these bacteria too, promoting hair growth.

Shields Your Skin, Cures Skin Problems
The polyphenols present in olive oil reduce and neutralize free radicals and repair damaged cell-membranes caused by smoking, pollution, alcohol and the sun. Chlorophyll, that imparts extra virgin olive oil its emerald color, even though present in a minuscule quantity, is a natural anti-aging substance that also heals wounds and other skin conditions. It is best to dampen your skin a bit before you apply olive oil as it would get rid of the feeling of any excess greasiness. If you want to get rid of your heavy mascara or any other eye make up, olive oil is great. It removes the most stubborn make up, whilst doing the overly sensitive skin around the eye a favor by soothingly nourishing it and smoothing out wrinkles. Being a richly abundant source of many nutrients like vitamins A, E and minerals, olive oil is a natural collagen and helps keep your skin supple and firm. Make sure that you're buying cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. There are some labels that claim to be extra virgin but are thoughtlessly adulterated. Olive oil is also quite effective for the treatment of scars and stretch marks and has anti-inflammatory properties. Brittle nails can be strengthened if you soak them in a bowl of warm olive oil and lemon juice, and then wearing soft gloves through the night.

Stimulates Metabolism
It is always internal problems such as digestive problems or the liver and the like that lead to your hair looking dry and unhealthy and your skin losing its natural exuberant suppleness. Olive oil stimulates metabolism, speeding up digestion and can relieve an upset stomach. It's great for your gastrointestinal health and is capable of cleansing your bowels, which in turn keep your hair and skin looking vibrant and youthful. You can also use olive oil for hair growth.

Cold pressed olive oil is best as it retains the phytochemicals that would've been lost had it been refined. Generously, and in a wholesome way, olive oil is delicious as well as medicinal, made out of the fruit of the olive tree that needs nothing else but 'sun, stone, drought, silence and solitude' to grow and thrive. And, this 'liquid gold', which is the throbbing heart of the Mediterranean diet, has been known to Greeks, along with its immortal magic, since times ancient. So whether olive oil is drizzled some over some pale, robust fish, or squid, or salads drenched in it daily and religiously, or even if it daintily sits next to your vanity mirror, this elixir, with all its fruitiness and deep, quiet lingering taste, is most certainly the Greek goddess Athena's gift, not just to Greece, but to the entire world; especially for health and beauty of undeniable gleam, inside and out.
By Madhura Panse
Published: 3/15/2011
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