On A Glamorous Halloween Night

Three endearing teenage girls, pose lavishly in Disney princess costumes...
Their eyes light up,
As they glanced into the mirror,
In their distinguished and fashionable costumes,
Awaiting to attend the first annual magical competition,
And their face glowed, upon departing their private rooms.

On a glamorous Halloween night,
When three endearing teenage girls,
Played Jasmine, Cinderella, and Belle,
They dressed in extravagant fairy tale gowns,
As they held on a prestigious lobby rail,
And their heart stood still, as they walked down the stairs, in a fine hotel.

When guest sighed and applaud,
Into a standing ovation,
While the princess' streamed upon the platform,
In their lovely long dresses,
Posing lavishly, in distinctive and vibrant colors,
And in amazement, they came to a halt, in an exquisite form.

When three young male ushers,
Gently, reached out their hand,
Slowly proceeding with their Disney queens,
Guiding them to the dance floor,
And soon their wishes,
Became quite a reality, like a dream.

But before the clock struck to 12:00,
The girls quickly ran towards the door,
When one of Cinderella's shoes, slipped off her foot,
And was unable to stop,
Since a curfew was set at home,
And there, it sadly stood.
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Published: 10/27/2014
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