On Mother's Day

Every day of my life has been a mother's day...
I realized every day of my life,
Is a gift of my mother,
I remember myself sharing,
My every little problem with her.

And I also remember her,
Hiding every difficulty she faced from me,
I remember how she healed,
My deep wounds with her warm soft blows.

And in my illness,
How she sat beside my bed,
Awakened till the rays of sun of the next morning,
Would bring my health back.

And I remember,
How I forget to notice her tears,
While I was indulged in my ambitions,
I remember, she said, ''Don't shed the tears outward my child,
Rather let them soaked inside the heart,
To make it strong and mild.''

I remember since I was born,
Every day of my life,
Has been a mother's day,
For I haven't yet learned to live without her love...
Published: 5/15/2013
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