On Their Trail

For her beauty, the honorable men of the ancients fell. Why can't I also.....
The first man woke from his long sleep,
Breathed heavily, seeing the body before him.

The doors of heaven were closed to the sons of God.
And yet did not bother dwelling among men, though they looked odd.

The only friend of God had to tell a lie.
And save his head, lest he lost his life.

The only man to have wrestled with the creator,
Was so weak to wrestle with his fellow man, for the sake of his lover.

Oooh! The strongest man had to forsake his parent,
And be mocked and reduced to an object of entertainment.

Can you imagine how the man so dear to God's heart,
Could look left and right, so he could satisfy his evil heart?

The man so blessed with all the knowledge of the earth,
Lacked the knowledge of control from birth.

Because of her, they acted that way,
I'm I lost, to be on their their trail?
Published: 4/21/2014
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