On this Day - Your Birthday!

For Mr. Babatope Makun (Tmak), a dear personality, on his birthday, November 24, 2016.
This day comes like a flowing natural spring,
Sounding to the soul like a sweet melody to sing,
Reminding the world of nature's valuable creation,
Who, like the umbrella-sky, shades every nation.

This day comes like the cluttering of fork and knife,
Aiming at the choicest on the dining table of life,
Reminding friends and folks of the jollies it brings,
When plates of rice and chicken adorn the table's wings.

This day comes like the clinging of wine-glasses,
Cheering the festive atmosphere as the day passes,
Reminding one and all the tasty gulp of life's wine,
That satisfies the desires sloping through the throat's line.

This day comes as a fountain of creative pages,
Supplying exclusive elegiac ink without wages,
Promising charitable drops of dazzling dew,
To chill the gentle breeze and refresh just you.

This day sweeps in the ocean of my heartfelt prayers,
Like a sea of thoughts soaring up the heavenly wires,
Wishing for sweet peace, much joy, and boundless happiness,
To spray your birthday with precious fragrance of gracefulness.
Published: 11/23/2016
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