Once Upon a Bloody Time - Chapter 2

The story of Anne, a Witch during the Witch hunt in England.
Anne closed her diary with trembling hands. Tears slid down her cheeks as her childhood memories flooded back. "James… my poor James…" Her weak body slowly sank down on against the stone wall of the cold prison cell.

"Well my dear sister… Your diary is basically a confession to the crimes of your family. Now all you need to do is, well, nothing! I have all the evidence I require to hang you, right here." The caped, thin man snickered as he took Anne’s diary from her.

"Give it back to me! It belongs to me, for mine eyes only!" Anne jumped with a sudden burst of strength, and her hands snatched at the collection of yellowing paper. "How could you do this? To your own brother? We are family! You killed him in cold blood…" Even though her voice was bold in defiance, it contained such sadness and despair.

"I killed him? You killed him! You lured him with you blasphemous magic, your dirty love potions; he never loved you, but you just had to have him, didn’t you?" You turned him against me, his own blood!" Anger was exuding from his expressions as he screamed at Anne, and then his mouth twisted into a cruel smile. His words were softly said as he carefully pronounced them for Anne to hear. "So you see, dear sister, you killed James. You only have yourself to blame."

Upon hearing this, Anne closed her eyes with pain, refusing to allow the sinister man standing in front of her a look into her eyes, a look that will reveal how vulnerable she really feels, especially now that James is no longer by her side.

"I will be back tomorrow to deliver your death sentence. Witch." He spat on the floor, at Anne's feet, then left the cell in triumph.
Published: 12/1/2011
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