Once Upon a Bloody Time - Chapter 3

Continuation of Anne's story.
Anne embraced herself tightly, holding her parchment close to her heart. "I didn't hurt James." She repeated as she rocked back and forth, "All I ever did was- love him." Anne knew that she did not fear death because she had nothing left to live for; wicked, heartless, and loathsome witch hunters had killed her entire family one by one, until all whom she ever loved suffered and died. Her sentence meant nothing to her, but Matthew's words pierced her heart with such a force, that her heart shattered. She could not bear knowing that she took any part in hurting James, whom she loved selflessly. Old memories crossed her mind, and at such a time of despair, of madness, of tragedies, she relaxed and smiled softly indulging in the last piece of treasure she possessed. She closed her eyes and narrated the delightful and amorous past to herself.

When I first set my eyes on James, God forgive me, but I could not stop myself from smiling at his unsuitable clothing, which did not match his handsome visage in the least! His even more clumsy footsteps made me want to laugh, but I knew I had to be polite since I was the host.

"Pleased to make your acquaintance," he quickly offered his hand to hold mine to kiss, and all the while his face blushed incredibly into a red tomato. How could I refuse such an adorable boy? Grinning evermore brilliantly, I extended my hand to his. Swiftly, he kissed it, and swiftly, he withdrew his hand and stepped back. He was not the boy I imagined at all. He was adorned with a faint halo, and acted politely, unlike those other arrogant, narcissistic ones who looked at my bodily features first before deciding how to treat me. He was a shy, yet true gentleman. Father might have chosen the right boy this time. I may accept this arrangement if I learn more of him.

Anne's broken heart seemed to heal itself with these thoughts. She felt warm and happy once again, a long time since she'd being thrown into this damp and dirty cell. Colors returned to her frozen cheeks at the thought of James.
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Published: 3/5/2013
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