Once Upon a Bloody Time - Chapter 4

The tale of Anne Saxon, a witch during the witch trials.
Anne's mind is filled with loving memories from her past now, with each image flashing in front of her watery dark brown eyes.

"Annie..." the commanding yet loving voice of her father called out to her. "Our guests have arrived. Prepare some refreshments, won't you?"

So he didn't intend to have me meet him right away. A sigh of relief escaped Anne's rosy lips. She immediately went into the kitchen and busied herself with helping her mother arrange sweetmeats and ale for the guests.

"Annie? Dear daughter, do get dressed!" Heather called out to her, "you can't meet your fiance like this-"

Anne smiled weakly, remembering the lovely family she once had possessed, and treasured.

I was so very nervous and afraid to meet him then, wasn't I? I even contemplated on ignoring my mother, which would have been such a terrible thing to do. Yet all that melted away when I saw the adorable boy he was. Even Matthew was pleasant then, a dear boy with bright blue eyes that shone with curiosity. He had been hiding behind the shy James, staring at me intensely without a wee clue of what to do. He was clearly relieved when I asked them to come in instead of offering my hand to be kissed again. He was even more joyful when I led them to my beautiful mother... to have some of her delicious homemade sweetmeats and pastries. They were such an interesting pair...

Anne felt a wave of sadness... to know the monster Matthew has become.


Dear Sophie,

Sorry for the enormous gap between each chapters. I used to write... based on sudden inspirations, which means I am terrible at continuing the beginnings. I will try to stop being lazy and post more often.
Published: 6/12/2013
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