Once Upon a Bloody Time - Chapter 5

The story of Anne Saxon, a witch during the witch trial era, continues into the past.
March 22, Year of Our Lord - 1640

These past two days have been the most joyful I've had in months. After the brothers arrived, Father decided to have a celebration and invited Aunt Laura's family to join our feast. It was a very entertaining evening; after supper, we all had some more ale and danced until nightfall, then we all settled down around Uncle William for his captivating stories.

Uncle William is the best storyteller within six miles of our village cluster. He knows just when to pause to let the suspense sink, to whisper when the situation is grave, to stare at every listener with a perfect intensity. In fact, anyone simply talking with him will not be able to look away unless he willed you to. Uncle said this was his specialty, the ability to entrance anyone with his eyes and voice. I think it makes perfect sense then for Cousin Evangeline to be able to charm lads with just a smile with her rosy lips or blink of her pretty eyes. She adores this power and uses it very often to lure lads into doing things for her, but I would much rather Aunt Laura's ability.

The brothers stayed the night at our house because they live at the village over the hills past the Gillian forest, and it is too dangerous to travel the forest under the moonlight. It was very interesting how Evangeline's power was slightly lost on them; for even though their wide eyes stared with amazement the first time they saw her, with their face blushing ever so obviously, they tried to look away from her the rest of the night as if they knew she was using her specialty.

Today we all went to the Sparkling Stream downhill from our settlement. It was a brilliant day, with the gentle sun warming the grassland beneath us. I couldn't help it, but to take off my sandals and run freely, enjoying the humid breeze that swiftly brushed past my face. Libertas maximus. Feeling a magnificent wave of energy flow through me, I placed my hand on my bosom, pointed to James, and whispered those words. I saw his watery eyes widen with surprise, then a gradual happiness and wonder. His mouth curved to a peaceful smile of pleasure; it was as if he connected to what I was feeling, that tranquil yet breathtaking freedom. He looked very handsome.

Syllables of words unknown appear in my mind more often nowadays, and I am compelled to remember them firmly until I release them once. Intuitively, I know their meaning and what they can cause, but I do not know truly what they are meant for. And even though I am extremely curious to see how effective they are, I am reluctant to perform them, to say them, because doing so evokes profound emotions from my heart. It is as if I have a pool of energy inside me that thrust forth when I speak those syllables and it accomplishes the tasks demanded by phrases, one that takes time to collect, yet is easily used. Until Father gave me these parchment papers I have been caging them in my head, performing only to relieve the crammed pain that engulfs my body. Now I write them down, each word and symbol into you, my Book of Shadows.

I hope I will accomplish great things with these phrases, to help people and give them joy, just like my beautiful Aunt Laura.
I should tell father about this soon; I think I have finally found my magical destiny.
Published: 6/20/2013
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