Once Upon a Time

Heartbreak really sucks.
Once upon a time,
There was a beautiful girl,
With eyes like daggers,
And a personality that makes you fall in love.

Then she plays you,
You cry yourself to sleep,
Wonder what you did wrong....
Get depressed.

Once you're finally over it,
She comes back,
More into than the first time,
And you fall again....

Deeper love,
Staying up till 7am talking about the world,
Ask her on a date, she says 'yes',
You're finally content.

The night before, she says she can't do it,
You're suddenly worse than ever,
You feel like you're in a movie,
Where you're ready to die,
Breakdown and all.

But you don't, something stops you,
But you distant yourself from the world,
Nothing matters anymore.

It's your birthday,
She comes back, but you're warned and distant,
But she knows where to get you,
And you slip....

Until she needs to leave, and you beg her not to,
Everything that happened was for fun.
You mean nothing to her,
It was all a lie.

Once upon a time, you were fine,
Before she ruined your life,
Before you cared about anything.

What if I told her I loved her?
Once upon a time, you didn't care....
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Published: 10/7/2013
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