Once Upon an Ending - Chapter 2

Continuation of chapter one.
The next day Kim woke up to the phone ringing. "Hello?" She said groggily.

"Hey Kim, how you're feelin'?" A kind voice said on the other end. "Mom?" Kim asked as she tried to clear her head.

"Yeah, honey. It's me." her mother said quietly. "Why are you callin' me so early?" Kim asked rubbing her eyes and trying to focus on the clock on the wall. "It's 10 o' clock, Kim." Her mother answered. Kim glanced down at her clothes and realized she was still in yesterday's outfit. Realization hit her and she covered her mouth to muffle to gasp. "Oh, shit!" Kim said suddenly. She felt her matted hair and, standing up, looked at herself in her full-length mirror. "God-damn it!" Kim said angrily.

"Kim? Are you okay?" her mother asked. "Oh, god. I thought it was a dream! Please tell me it was a dream, mom!" Kim said ignoring the small voice in her head telling her she was acting like a child.

"I'm sorry, Kim," her mother said quietly. Kim burst into yet another round of tears, as she realized she was actually living her worst nightmare. On the other end of the phone, Kim's mother cried too, as she realized this hurt she couldn't fix. "Oh, Kim. I'm so sorry."

Kim hung up the phone abruptly and fell on her bed again. She had no desire to move, all she wanted was to be with her beloved husband and daughter. She wanted to die.

Two hours later, Kim woke up stiff and hungry. Slowly she stood up only to find that she didn't have the energy to move. But she made her way slowly to the full-length mirror beside her husband's dresser. Disgust overtook her as she gazed at her tangled hair, tear/mascara streaked face and dirty clothes. Despite her low energy level, she made her way slowly up the carpeted stairs to the shower.

After a hot shower, Kim was feeling semi-better. She went to the kitchen to find something to eat, determined not to let her loss damper her usually bright demeanor. As she was eating, she turned on the TV to watch the news. After hearing about a teenage girl being missing, a toddler found dead in a neighbors' swimming pool, and a man arrested while on bath salts, the announcer said something about a car accident where a man and a 2-year-old girl were killed.

Kim turned the volume up, unsure of if it was what she thought it was. "A drunk driving accident resulted in the loss of two lives. 26-year-old Maria Saring was driving under the influence early Wednesday morning, when she hit a car head-on taking the lives of both the passengers inside: 24-year-old Chris Wetherby and 2-year-old Sarah Wetherby. They were pronounced dead at the scene..."

Kim sat in silence as she watched the tragedy project from her television screen. She didn't feel sad, in fact, she didn't feel much of anything. It was like the story was about someone else. Kim abruptly turned off the television and got up. Glancing at the clock, she realized that she could still go to her office and get some work done. She went upstairs with renewed strength and put on her office clothes. Leaving the house, she was determined, not realizing putting off grieving would hurt her in the future.
Published: 3/14/2012
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