Once Your Gone

Feelings I have about my mom battling cancer.
You're going to be gone
I can feel you slipping away
How am I supposed to make it
If you're not there at the end of the day

I know we didn't start off good
But I hope things can change
I'll suffer,
Suffer if everything stays the same

You weren't always there,
But deep in my heart you made me believe,
That you still cared.
Even though you're going to be in a better place

Imma cry
Cry for all the bad and good memories we faced.
No matter the problems;
You can never be replaced.

You gave me life,
You taught me wrong from right,
Somehow when it was dark and gloomy,
You appeared, with a bright light.

The best time for me when you leave,
Will be at night,
Where I can sleep in peace,
And reminisce the fights

The tears, the love, the drama
Always and forever you will be my mama.
God saved you twice,
But I'm so worried you're going to be gone,

Gone forever from my life.
For sure I will weaken,
Slow beats, my heart will be beating.
Even though I will be alive, I will feel dead,

You will be gone, but I will still hear your voice in my head.
The tears you drained, the hurt you feel,
The choiced you made, the love you had, and the blood you bled,
Will all be missed.

Simple wishes,
You fulfilled,
But once your face leaves this Earth,
The same old jazzie, will be killed.

Slaughtered, murdered, buried in the ground.
Cause in my heart, I always believed you would be around.
But in my mind, I know
Soon, it'll be time for you to go.

The warmth in my heart will slowly freeze.
And all the hope will eventually fade.
I forgive you for all the mistakes you made.
But I can never forget them, they scarred me.

Scarred me for life.
The fact your sick,
Cuts me like a knife.
Published: 3/2/2011
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